FIT Families

Fit Families Center for Children's Nutrition and Exercise (CCNE) Program's primary goal is to offer a family-centered approach to healthy eating and physical activity habits. Services are offered for children ages 2–18 years. Families obtain the skills necessary to promote a home and social environment that effectively deters excess weight gain.

The program structure was developed utilizing recent evidence-based guidelines and practices. Families work closely with a multi-disciplinary team of professionals including a pediatrician, a pediatric nutritionist, a clinical social worker, and exercise physiologist. Medical evaluation is focused on the overweight condition and addresses the co-morbid conditions of obesity. Education in regards to lifestyle changes and behavior modification is delivered via group sessions as well as individual counseling.

Areas of focus include nutrition, physical activity, and behavior. Families are offered the option of participating in an additional fitness class, which is led by SUNY Upstate Medical University pediatric residents and graduate students of Syracuse University.