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Volume 18, No. 1, January 2015

Happy New Year!

The Crier is pleased to start out the new year with all kinds of fun, games, winners and more opportunities to win! Enjoy!

Best Wishes, Leola

As most of you already know, our beloved Leola Rogers will be leaving the GCH to become director the Syracuse Community Health Center (see article in

Best wishes to Leola Rogers

In an exclusive interview with the Crier, Leola shared the following about her new adventures:

"Patty being the consummate reporter and never letting an opportunity pass her by asked for a few words on the new opportunity in my life...CEO at Syracuse Community Health Center. I was reminded upon a few days of reflection, reading the many emails and cards of well wishers, that my life has been filled with so many transitions which have led me to this place and time. A guidance counselor who saw more in me than I did myself. A mother who found ways to make it happen every semester when I needed money for books. A brother who moved me to four different cities in 20 years. The many role models I had formal and informal, but especially throughout my career the assistants who kept me organized and on the straight and narrow, the managers, supervisors and staff who believed in the wild ideas and dreams I had and especially the doctors, nurses, social workers, case managers, pharmacists and others who I learned so much from.

Syracuse Community Health Center will require all the skills and experience I have; but, even more important and critical is enabling and empowering the staff and providers to work together with the leadership and Board to continue to provide the best care and services in not only a momentous time in healthcare, but also a time where FQHC's can show the way and through partnerships make a difference in our communities. This is what Upstate, the Department of Pediatrics and everyone in the 17 counties served by the Upstate Golisano Children's Hospital has done and can be done at SCHC through its school-based health centers, health clinics and services at the Salvation Army and Rescue Mission and its relationship in training leaders of the future through its Americorps students. I thank Upstate and Pediatrics for the many opportunities, challenges but especially for the support they have given me."

We all wish Leola the very best!

Annual Pediatric Service Award Winner

Once again this year at the annual departmental holiday party, Dr. Welch announced the winner of the special departmental appreciation award. It was no surprise to those who were there when Bonnie Miner was awarded the honor for all of her efforts in patient safety and care. Bonnie told the Crier, "I was very surprised to receive the Service Award this year from the Department of Pediatrics. I feel that the work I do with the department is so valuable and we are very blessed to have an active approach to quality and patient safety." Congratulations Bonnie for a well-deserved honor.

Annual Housestaff/Faculty Holiday Contest Winner

And now, for the results you have all been waiting for. The annual housetaff/faculty holiday party once again included a holiday contest. This year the goal was to match faculty members with an artifact they submitted from their office (or otherwise). The contest included 26 pictures sent in by faculty members (as pictured below) and the competition was fierce.

But again this year, one winner rose to the top of the pile with the most correct answers. Congratulations to Beth Krieger for the winning entry! You can come and pick up your prize any time in the Pediatric Offices. Honorable mention goes to Sarah Marsh for the second highest individual entry.

Once again this year, two winners were also chosen to receive the highly acclaimed "Dr. Nancy Roizen I-Couldn't-Possibly-Have-Cheated" award for getting the most wrong answers. As the title indicates, it was obvious from their entries that they did not try to cheat or copy anyone else’s answers. They are our model citizens for honesty and fair play. Congratulations to Iman Naimi and Marie Jose Moubarak! There is a small prize for each of you, as well.

Finally, for those who are curious what the answers are, here is the answer sheet.

The 2014 W. Scott Carter Winner

Tara Wilhoit
"Congratulations to the W Scott Carter Award winners Yvonne Dolce, RN outpatient clinic services, and Diana Loveland, RN, inpatient services 11G! You two are amazing nurses and we are all so fortunate to work with you and you take wonderful care of our kids. The Pediatric Hematology/Oncology nurses were nominated exclusively by our families. They shared stories of how each nominee shows compassionate concern for the welfare of children, excellence in the technical aspects of nursing, and the ability to touch others with an infectious joy of life. The families listed the important difference the nurse made in their child's life. The qualities that these nurses exemplify noted by these families include: exceptional care, use of creativity to teach the patient/family, use of personal resources such as humor, empathy and compassion to help my family cope with the illness, helped reduce hospital stay and/or clinic visits and assist in meeting the special needs of my family."

The 2014 W. Scott Carter Award Winners

Yes You Can Step on the Butterflies

Sarah Irish reported the latest upgrade to the GCH. Out front of the Treehouse is a "custom manhole cover made from materials that never get hot so the little ones can touch. It's a steam hole cover so materials were key. Margaret and I worked with MacGuard and SU on this (we are tied into SU's steam system)." Make sure you check it out next time you go out the Treehouse exit. And, yes, you can step on the butterflies.

The GCH's new Treehouse custom-made manhole

A Baldrick's Grant Winner

The Center for Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders at the GCH has been awarded a one-year, $49,600 grant from the St. Baldrick’s Foundation for childhood cancer research. You can read all about it on Upstate Online. You may remember that a number of pediatric heads were shaved at the past several St. Baldrick’s premature balding events. This year, Upstate employees were among the more than 500 people to participate in the March fundraiser, raising more than $460,000 for childhood cancer research. It is wonderful that some of that money will be used by our own Upstate cancer researchers.

The GCH Goes Orange with Otto

On December 23rd SU’s mascot Otto paid a special visit to the GCH to read from his new book, Otto's ABCs, and also to provide autographed copies to GCH patients (thanks to the SU bookstore and the GCH Foundation) and also to shoot a few hoops. Thanks, Otto!

Otto Visits the GCH (pictured with Snowflake Central volunteer, Barb DeLaney)

Yule Log Winner

The Crier learned of another winner last month. Our very own Jana Shaw won first prize for her holiday baking. Below is the picture of her homemade Buche de Noel, which Jana tells the Crier is "otherwise known as French Xmas Cake or Yule log. I prepared the cake with my daughter Sophia, for Marcellus school Buche de Noel 2014 contest. It won a gold medal in a fierce competition under the scrupulous assessment of 3 different judges. Bon appetite! Jana". We are thinking that something like this should really be judged by our own independent panel of pediatric judges and have encouraged Dr. Shaw to bring it in some time for our review.

Dr. Jana Shaw's prize-winning Yule Log

Post-Holiday Shopping for El Salvador

It is not too late to make a donation (monetary or “stuff”) for the Annual El Salvador Medical Mission. This year, two residents, Caitlin Stiglmeier and Vanessa Orrego will be joining Dr. D. and they want to be able to take as many medical supplies with them as possible. Their El Salvador Wish List is online. Donations can be left with Patty Mondore or Caitlyn/Vanessa will do house calls.

Congratulations, Tri and Sicily

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs, Doctor and Doctor Tri Nguyen and Sicily Bradley were married in California on 11/8. Tri tells the Crier, "We got married on November 8th at a winery called V. Sattui. Because both of us had to go back to work we just spent several days driving down Highway 1, along the beautiful California Coast. Our honeymoon won’t be till May of 2015, and we will be going to FIJI. Other than that, we had a blast. We had a lot of upstate people there and was very glad that they were able to make it." We wish the new couple all odf the very best!

Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Tri Nguyen

It should be noted, somewhat cautiously, that the department of pediatrics was well(?) represented at Tri and Sicily's wedding.

Tri and Dr. Andrake enjoying a tyipcal California-style wedding reception

Making a List, Checking it Twice...

Looking back at the holiday season, we are reminded of all the pressure put on some people as they try to come up with their Christmas lists for Santa. Of course, this effects some more than others. Mabel Roane, in particular, is probably relieved that another season of list making is now behind us. You can see her, and other pre-Christmas list makers from Marcellus, on

Peds Pals

Upstate Online reported that 21 Upstate students have volunteered to be part of a program called "Peds Pals" that was set up to support some of our GCH cancer patients.

Mending a Broken Heart

For a very heart-warming story, you can read about how the GCH along with Haiti Cardiac Alliance has been making a life-saving difference in the lives of some young cardiac patients from Haiti. See Upstate Online for full story.

Photo Caption Contest

It has been a while since we have had a Crier photo caption contest. This picture was submitted by Dr. Gloria Kennedy. Note that she happens to be the person in the center of the photo. This was taken on her first day of vacation at the ski slope. Best caption gets a prize and your name listed in the February Crier.

Best caption for this picture of our Program Director wins a prize

1/2 Emad Awa
1/4 Bob Hingre
1/8 Danyal Thaver
1/13 John Andrake
1/15 Ishita Kharode
1/20 John Friedman, Iman Naimi
1/25 Nienke Dosa

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