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Volume 19, No. 6, June, 2016

An Exceptional Woman!

Congratulations to our very own Dr. Neinke Dosa who received the Exceptional Women of CNY Award on 5/21. Nienke was nominated by Dan Hurley who wrote, “Dr. Dosa is a nationally recognized expert in child development and a wonderful advocate for the developmentally disabled. In addition, she holds a master’s in public health and works an active research portfolio. We are very fortunate to have her as part of our faculty and our community.” Dr. Welch was informed by the office of Assembly member Pam Hunter (128th district) of Nienke’s award. Nienke was one of six women chosen for this honor. Assembly member Hunter presented the awards in person at the ceremony.

We are all very proud of Nienke and all she does for the kids in our community.

The President's Campus Leader Award

Congratulations to our very own Sherri Clarry who was informed that she is the recipient of the 2016 President's Employee Recognition Award for Campus Leader of the Year. A special ceremony will be held on June 16th at the Institute of Human Performance where all the winners will be recognized for the achievements and contributions to Upstate. Sherri is also being recognized at Employee Recognition Day for 40 years of service (and none of us even thought she was 40 years old!).

Sherri was quite surprised when the Presidentís team came to notify her of her award.

The Crier is pleased to share Sherri’s response to this award and her nominators:

I wanted to say thank you for your role in my nomination for the President's Award, it is truly humbling. It is working with folks like you who make me enjoy my job. Everyone keeps asking me "when are you going to retire?" I always say as long as I enjoy coming to work every day, I don't have any plans to do so. So, thank you for the part you play in my work life and for your kind words. The people are the best part of my job. Sherri

PAS Time

The Annual Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting was held in Baltimore from 4/30 – 5/3/16. The GCH was well represented, not only by current faculty and residents, but also by several former residents. Pictured are sightings of Fida Bacha (with Dr. Botash), Christian Hanna and Roopa Shankar (both with Dr. Nelsen). We know the list isn’t complete but other faculty included Drs. Welch, Domachowske, Suryadevara, Shaw, Olson, Berry, and PL3, Marie Jose Moubarak. Other former residents included Rana El Feghaly, Tristan Linberg, and Steve Hicks.

Familar faces at PAS

Waging War on Zika

The Upstate Update reported that Joe D, MD, who is the director of the new of the Global Maternal Child and Pediatric Health Program joined Sen. Chuck Schumer for a press conference recently held at Upstate to discusses the need for more funding for Zika virus research. Sen Schumer came to Upstate to pledge his support for the White House’s emergency funding request of $1.9 billion to prevent and treat the spread of the Zika virus.

Dr. D's Zika Press conference

DA's Special Recognition

Congratulations to Dr. Ann Botash who was honored with a Special Recognition Award from the District Attorney. She received a beautiful placque and was thanked for her contribution to criminal justice in Onondaga County. We got the inside scoop from Linda Markell who attended the event:

"Dr. Ann Botash received the 2016 District Attorney's Special Recognition Award at the 47th District Attorney's Advisory Council (DAAC) Annual Awards Luncheon on May 11. William Fitzpatrick, President of the National District Attorneys Association and Onondaga County's chief law enforcement officer, named Ann 'a national treasure' who was accidentally drawn to serving abused children when she noticed injuries that could not be reasonably explained. Among her many accomplishments, Fitzpatrick stated that the McMahon/Ryan Child Advocacy Center would not exist without her vision and tireless work. When she accepted the engraved crystal statue, she sincerely thanked the large audience for being the voices of children who need help. It was a proud moment for the CARE team who showed no fear in the room full of law enforcement officers."

Dr. Botash receiving her Special Recognition Award

Congrats and best wishes, Sarah

We were all sad to hear that our beloved Sarah Irish will no longer be operating as Mayor of the Children’s Hosipital. We received the following note of explanation: "With mixed emotions of sadness and excitement, I will be leaving my role as an Administrative Assistant in Pediatric Administration. I have accepted a position in the Pediatric Emergency Department as an RN in the pediatric RN residency program. Transition date is in the works, but likely sometime between June and August."


The Crier thought that Debbie Delaney's tribute to Sarah speaks for us all: "Sarah, It is truly mixed emotions of sadness for us (and Linda especially) that you are leaving your current role! Your dedication, quiet strength, amazing support, professionalism, dedication to working hard and always doing a great job will truly be missed! Yet the patients and families of Upstate are gaining a tremendously loving, caring and gifted person who will make an awesome RN!!! Being up close and personal with patient care is another place where you will shine and have so much to offer!!
So it is with great excitement and anticipation that I am excited for your next phase of your professional life! Remember the great philosopher WTP (Winnie The Pooh) says 'A Grand Adventure is Bound to Happen'."

We all wish Sarah the very best! And it is nice to know she isn't going very far!

More (Residents) is Better

The residency program was delighted to learn that they have been approved to add up to six new residency positions over the next three years. We have already signed two more PL1s, one PL2, and one PL3 all of whom will be starting on July 1st. Of note is the interesting fact that there will be a total of nine guys in the intern class this year which is a higher percentage than we have had in a very long time (any guesses as to when?). To learn more about our new residents’ deepest and darkest secrets, be sure to come to the luncheon in the GCH on 6/23.

Relay for Life

Jaclyn Siskind, M.D.
On Saturday, May 14, the team at Upstate Pediatrics participated in the third annual Relay for Life at Fayetteville-Manlius High School. We were delighted to also be joined by Winter Berry and her family, representing UPAC! Our team came in second place for fundraising, collecting over $5,300. The event raised over $61,000 for the American Cancer Society. We were joined by some young walkers too, including Ari and Eli Gnacik, Jennie and Hali Seidberg, Cora Hobart, Reese Gallant, Dusty Walser, and Jalen Robinson. We had a great time and are proud of what we were able to accomplish! We are looking forward to the event next year, and hope to have even more people join us!

Upstate Peds relaying for life

In The News:

The New Guy In Fulton

One of our roving reporters caught this story in the Oswego County paper.

Making Wheelchair History

A patient of Nienke Dosa recently made the news, and history. You will enjoy this heart-warming story.

Training at the Skaneateles Country Club

Our Department was well represented at the AAP training event held at the Skaneateles Country Club on May 20th. Dr. Teelin tells the Crier, “It was an intensive STD course offered by the AAP Chapter 1 in conjunction with the NYC STD/HIV Prevention Training Center.” Pictured are Drs. Saliba, Nead, Teelin, Sismondo and Smith. Dr. Joe D. and Karen Teelin were among the presenters. Drs. Len Weiner and Joe Nimeh also attended, along with Leigh Wilson, Ann Galloway, Nancy Jones, Sue Mahar, Nancy Mitchell, and Karen Dygert.

Training by the lake

Double Match!

Congratulations to Iman Naimi and Beth Krieger who both had a great Match Day on 5/25! Iman matched in Peds Cardiology at Seattle Children's, and Beth matched in Peds Heme/Onc at Virginia Commonwealth! We are very proud of both of them!

Upcoming Events:

  • 6/4- Paige’s Butterfly Run (see also
  • 6/15- Housestaff Appreciation Dinner
  • 6/22- New intern picnic & scavenger hunt
  • 6/23- Meet-the-new intern luncheon

6/3 Emy Abraham
6/4 Joyce Saliba
6/11 Joan Pellegrino
6/14 Jean Szkotak
6/21 Scott Schurman, Joe Nimeh
6/22 Whitney Vedella
6/23 Neal Seidberg
6/24 Prateek Wali
6/28 Kisha Beg
6/29 Tracy Gilgallon
6/30 Bill Hannan

Sarah meets her baby brother

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