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Volume 17, No. 9, September 2014

Welcome, Dr. Caruso-Brown

We are delighted to introduce two new faculty this month. Dr. Amy Caruso-Brown is a pediatric oncologist and bioethicist from Denver Children's Hospital who is dually appointed in the Department of Pediatrics and the Center for Bioethics and Humanities. She shared the following with the Crier:

"I grew up not far from Syracuse in New Hartford, NY and then attended the University of Virginia, where I dabbled in foreign affairs, Middle Eastern studies and cognitive science. Towards the end of my studies, I began to doubt whether a career in foreign service was really the right path: I wanted to be able to say, at the end of every day, "I helped someone today." So, after a brief period living in Copenhagen, I moved to Atlanta to study medicine at Emory University.

I have always been very interested in the social and political questions that arise from the practice of medicine. During medical school, I took a leave to complete a master's degree in medical anthropology at Oxford University, followed by an internship at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, and residency and fellowship in pediatric hematology/oncology at the Children's Hospital Colorado. During my fellowship, I studied the availability of pediatric palliative care in low- and middle-income countries and the impact of chickenpox during cancer therapy in Guatemala.

After five years of spectacular skiing and rock climbing in Denver, I still missed the East Coast (even the humidity!), so in July, I moved back to New Hartford, where my two-year-old son, Finn, will get to grow up in the house his grandfather built. I am very excited to be joining the Upstate community and looking forward to meeting everyone. I will be dividing my time between Pediatric Hematology/Oncology and the Center for Bioethics and Humanities, which is truly a dream come true for me, career-wise!

Dr. Amy Caruso-Brown and Finn

Welcome (Back!), Dr. Joe Resti

You may have been seeing a familiar face in the department lately. Our new Peds Anesthesiologist, Joe Resti, is a 2009 graduate of Upstate. He did his residency in anesthesia at the University of Pittsburgh and his fellowship in Peds Anesthesia at CHOP. And then he came back home. Dr. Resti gave the Crier an exclusive interview:

I grew up in Syracuse, only a few miles from Upstate. I attended Nottingham High School (where I met my wife Hillary), and stayed in Central New York for college (Ithaca College) and Medical School (at Upstate, class of 2009). We moved to Pittsburgh, PA for residency for four years (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center), and then fellowship in Philadelphia, PA (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia). After five years away, we were ready to move back home close to family and friends.

In my free time I like to hike (the picture attached is hiking with my son, Andrew), golf and run. In the winter, we usually go snowshoeing and cross country skiing. I'm very excited to back in Central New York to enjoy all of the outdoor activities the area has to offer.

Dr. Joe Resti and Andrew

I look forward to helping take care of the children here at Golisano Children Hospital!

ED Sim Day

The residents had their second annual Peds ED Simuluation day on August 21st at the EMSTAT Center. They were told to come prepared to get their hands dirty (with plaster, etc) as they traveled through six stations (trauma sim, shock cases, status sim, splinting procedures, suturing procedures, and vascular access procedures) in groups.

In gathering information about the SIM day, the Crier uncovered some rather unsettling information from Dr. Thabet when asking about the mannequins that are used. Dr. Thabet explained, "We work with 3 mannequins on the sim day (one adult, one peds, and one infant) for the two trauma sims and the status sim. We also have mannequin arms (for IV line placement practice), mannequin legs (for IO line placement practice), and if we ask nicely, mannequin heads (for scalp line placement practice).

One must ponder what the mannequin heads do if they are not asked nicely. But this year's SIM day was a huge success. Even the mannequins were pleased.

Pediatric SIM Day, 2014

The Advocacy Bus

On Aug 27th, the interns were taken on an Advocacy Bus Tour of Syracuse. The tourguide was none other than our own Dr. Blatt, and the bus driver moonlights as our associate program director.

The Advocacy Road Trip

In the News

Oswego County Today announced the arrival of Trust Pediatrics' new pediatrician.
After welcoming our very own former resident, Carla Overton, to the practice, the article goes on to state, "Dr. Trust received SUNY Upstate Medical University’s Pediatrician of the Year award in 2013, and he is the only physician who has received this award five times since it was established in 1973."

Hail to the Chiefs!

Whether you are a baseball afficionado or not, the kindness and support of the Syracuse Chiefs toward the GCH and our kids is enough to turn every one of us into fans!

As the GCH Facebook Page reported on August 12th, "Our friends at the Syracuse Chiefs hit a home run with our patients today. They read a book, signed autographs and were all around great sports to spend so much time with us. This marks the 47th consecutive visit players from our hometown team have made to our hospital and we love them for swinging by."
And as if that wasn't enough, the Chiefs also donated the proceeds from all of their 50/50 raffles held from August 7-13 to the GCH. Want to express your appreciation? Just take your friends, family, and fellow fans to a Chiefs game!

The Syracuse Chiefs visit the GCH


Congratulations to Sara Tarolli who is now sporting a diamond ring: "The rumors ARE true! We went to Montreal to a fireworks festival and I said yes!"

First Baby Born at the GCH!

Thanks to Regina McConnell for this news flash. The first baby (that we know of) has been born at the GCH. Regina writes, "He/she is on the 12th floor just outside the media room. I am told the parents are pigeons. I will continue to check on the little one and photograph his/her development".

The GCH's first onsite delivery

What he/she really needs is an appropriate name. The best suggestion gets a prize!

All's Fair

Upstate was once again well represented at the Great New York State Fair (note that the last day is September 1st). Our exhibit (located in the Science Building) included 800 free bicycle helmets for kids, that were given away on August 23rd, in addition to all kinds of fun and interesting activities. Friday, August 29th was GCH and Safe Kids day. A good (and healthy) time was had by all.

GCH goes to the Fair

Fair Play

The following picture was submitted by one of our many roving reporters (thanks, Dr. Smith!). Pictured, at the wine slushy stand, are Peds residents Evelyne, Hilliary, and one random Ortho resident (Ronnie happens to be married to Hilliary).

More Pediatric Fair-goers

Elsa and Elsie

Speaking of the Fair, we thought we would close with this adorable picture of Elsa Marsh at another county fair. She definitely has potential as a future lactation consultant.

Elsa and Elsie


For the most part, Pediatrics is considered a fairly nonviolent profession. But starting in late August, a large percentage of the residents participated in a game called "Assassin". The goal is to be able to place a post-it on the front of your secret victim. Once they are assassinated, they need to give you the name of their victim who becomes your next target. We were informed that, despite the name of the game, no pediatric residents will be harmed (much) in the process. The last man (or woman) standing, will win a prize and be announced in the October Crier. In the mean time, if you see any unusual activities going on among the residents, it is best to stand clear.

September Events:


Mark your calendars for the upcoming GCH Radiothon. This year, we will be broadcasting live from Upstate on September 10 and 11. It's not too late to volunteer to help. Or, call 315-464-KIDS to make a donation that will benefit the kids of CNY.

Fall Faculty Convocation

The Annual Fall Faculty Convocation and Presentation of Awards is Weds Sept 17 at 4 PM. Come support Ann Botash (President's Award for Excellence in Teaching) and Mary Lou Lake (Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Classified Service) as they receive their awards.

Chair Dunking

We close this issue of the Crier with a short movie clip taken at the August 27th "Caring Carnival" outside the GCH. Popular conservative radio show host, Rush Limbaugh, made an unannounced appearance just long enough to allow Dr. Welch to experience the ice-filled waters of the Dunk Tank. He was one of many who had the opportunity to take part in the Chair Dunking that afternoon. The festivities were in anticipation of the upcoming Pediatric Patient Experience Day on September 18th. Hopefully, Dr. Welch will be dried out by then.

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