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Volume 18, No. 3, March, 2015

Welcome Dr. Jennifer Stanger

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Jennifer Stanger to our department. She recently joined the Peds Surgery faculty after completing her fellowship in Canada. Dr. Stanger tells the Crier:

"I am excited to join the pediatric surgical team at Upstate! I am new to the Syracuse area having grown up on the farm outside of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I completed medical school and my surgery residency in Alberta, before moving to Vancouver to complete my pediatric surgery fellowship. In addition to pediatric surgery I am interested in international surgery. I have been fortunate to participate in a surgical program in Uganda that provides pediatric surgical care and education opportunities for local surgeons and residents (attached is a picture of me from 'bubble rounds' in Uganda).

Dr. Stanger at Bubble Rounds

I am enjoying life on the other side of the continent, and being closer to my family and friends who now live in the North East. When not at work I enjoy running, hiking, snow shoeing and am excited (and nervous) to begin training for my first Triathlon this summer!"

The New UPAC Salvation Army Healthcare

This just in: Our very own Drs. Winter Berry and Beth Nelsen are the co-directors of a new clinical collaboration between UPAC and the Salvation Army, called UPAC-Salvation Army Healthcare Services (or USA HCS for short). The Salvation Army approached the department for help. Children living with families in the homeless shelter need clearance within 72 hours of arrival, and children entering their daycare need clearance before they can attend. Many of these families do not have a primary care provider in the area, or have not seen one in a long time.

This new service has been established to provide medical care for these children. At the outset, Drs. Berry, Blatt, and Nelsen will be performing intake exams on the children. UPAC will become the medical home for them as a result. They will eventually transition the intake exams to senior residents once things get up and running. Dr. Nelsen tells the Crier, "We look to further strengthen this partnership by having interested residents engage with families in the shelter and the children in daycare at the Salvation Army facilities".

Drs. Blatt, Berry, Nelsen, and the Salvation Army

Mid-Winter Peds Resident Party

On Friday, February 27th, the pediatric housestaff and faculty had the opportunity to escape the winter blues for a night of fun, food, friendship, and dancing at the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que. This could only have happened thanks to the generosity of a number our faculty who were willing to sponsor the residents. Thank you again to all of you who helped to make this lovely evening possible! And thanks to our Assistant Chief, Angela Pericozzi, who personally handled all of the planning, finances, and arrangements. More pictures and more details will be coming next month.

Mid-Winter Party at the Dinosaur

Best Wishes, Richie and Irene

As most of you already know, Drs. Richie (Peds Heme/Onc) and Irene (Peds Endo) Sills will be retiring on April 1st. They will both be missed by their respective divisions and by the department as a whole. In asking them what their plans are, post-Upstate, the Crier got an exclusive interview with Irene:

Richie and I met in New York City when he had finished his first year of medical school and I was still in college. We met in a cardiovascular surgery lab at NYU experimenting with an artificial heart pump placed in dogs (which were soon dead dogs). When he drew a picture of the four chambers of the heart with valves, vessels, and pressures included, I knew immediately that this would be an interesting summer. After work we walked all over Manhattan – Central Park, Greenwich Village, Upper East Side – and each day ended with his accompanying me to Grand Central Station to take the train home. The boat ride around the island (The Circle Line Tour) was a highlight as was the boat ride up the Hudson for a picnic in Bear Mountain Park.

So that was 44 years ago! Now after living in all of the main cities along the NYS Thruway, we have decided to spend the final stage of our lives where it all began for us. Our plan is to live in two rooms on the Upper West Side (read “tiny house”). We will continue eating lunch at some of the best restaurants in the world - much less expensive than dinner but the same food. We will visit museums that attract visitors from around the world and exhibitions likewise (Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art, Museum of the City of New York, The New York Historical Society, Museum of Art and Design, Museum of Natural History, International Center for Photography, Brooklyn Museum and more). We will walk, walk, walk – a trek across the Brooklyn Bridge is one of the best urban sites to be seen. We will bike the west side bikeway from the southern tip of Manhattan to the George Washington Bridge. We will cross country ski in Central Park and kayak in the Hudson River.

But one aspect is my favorite. We hear dozens of languages spoken in parks, restaurants, museums and see people from places all over the globe. A ride on a subway is always a confirmation that New York City is a place where the world’s people get to know each other. A couple struggling to locate their position on a map is a chance to welcome a visitor and learn from where they come. Please come visit us (

Best wishes, Richie and Irene!

We wish them both the very best!

The 2015 Peds Gold Standard

Congratulations to our very own Dr. Brad Olson who was one of the winners of this year’s Gold Standard Awards. This award recognizes members of the faculty that have demonstrated dedication, passion, vision and commitment to their work and to Upstate. Dr. Olson will be honored at the 8th Annual Celebration of the Faculty on Thursday March 12th at 5 PM in the IHP Atrium.

El Salvador, 2015

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this year’s medical mission to El Salvador (which included the healthcare team of Dr. Domachowske, Caitlin Stiglmeier, Vanessa Orrego,and Brooke Fraser, along with 80 local high school kids with Young Life). The trip (Feb 12-20) was another great success thanks in part to your generosity. Stay tuned for the full story and pictures about this year's trip next month.

The 2015 El Salvador Dream Team

Welcome Holly Francis

Congratulations to former resident Carla Overton on the arrival of baby girl Holly Francis Walsh on 1/16/15 at 8 lbs, 9 oz. Carla tells the Crier, “She's sweet and laid back, and big sister Tess is like a little mama to her. We are all doing great! - Carla, Mike, Tess, Holly and Abby dog
PS: Mike is drowning in women now!”

Holly meets her new family

Future Geneticists

Several members of our pediatric faculty have volunteered to go and give career talks at the Syracuse Academy of Science. SAS ( is a local K-12 college-preparatory, tuition-free, public charter school. After Dr. Bob Lebel gave them a presentation on genetics, we received a note of thanks which included the following quote from Sarah Lescord at the Syracuse Academy of Science: "I also want you to know that he was WONDERFUL! He kept the students' attention the entire time! That is honestly hard to do. I think the kids really enjoyed his visit. Definitely sign him up again for us next year :)".

When asked what he did to captivate the crowd, Dr. Lebel replied, "I talked about the college, medical school, residency and fellowship (13 years) of training that go into being a clinical geneticist. I responded to many questions, and described the type of work I do with people who have or might have a genetic disorder. 'It never stops being interesting, challenging, and rewarding.'"

Dr. Lebel and his captivated audience at SAS

Adolescent Skip Day

The Crier received the following picture taken of Dr. Karen Teelin and her intern, Beth Krieger, hard at work on their adolescent rotation. When asked about this, Karen tells the Crier, "This was the First annual UPAC / Adolescent Lunch Ice Skating Field Trip. I think we got the idea from Ryan. We had a psychiatry resident who had never been ice skating, so we planned a lunch skate at Clinton Square for him. It turned out that he was unable to make it, but Beth and I had a great time. We were on the ice about 15 minutes after leaving UPAC, and easily had time for 20 minutes of skating during lunch. The cost is $1.50 admission, plus an additional $1.50 if you rent skates.

Drs. Teelin and Krieger on their adolescent field trip

By the way, we also had a slightly more academically oriented field trip this month to the Q-Center, for a tour and presentation by transgender adolescents and their parents."


Thanks to all of the SU students and those who sponsored them for the first SU dance marathon to raise money "For The Kids". From Saturday, February 28 at 6 pm through Sunday, March 1 at 6 am students danced for 12 hours straight to raise money for the GCH. You can read more about the event at And thanks to our embedded reporter/pediatrician, Dr. Beth Nelsen, we are able to share an insider's view of the event.

The First SU Dance Marathon "For the Kids"

March Events

  • New Faculty Reception – March 3rd (New faculty being recognized will include Drs. Amy Caruso Brown, KinKee Henry Chung, Nicole DeRosa, Katie Fry, Deborah Goldman, Dongmei Huang, Federico Nievas, Joseph Resti, and Jennfer Stanger.
  • St. Patrick's Day Parade – Sat. March 14th (featuring "Gael of the Year" Dr. Frank Smith)

    Dr. Gael Smith wearing his new Irish bonnet custom-designed by Dr. Gloria Kennedy

  • Match Day – Friday, March 20th
  • Heartwalk – Sat, March, 28th - OCC. It is not too late to sign up to participate or donate to the GCH team!

Pediatric Fine Arts

The Crier recently learned that our very own Jana Shaw has been creating and donating handmade ceramic bowls for a fundraising at the View Art Center in Old Forge. You can see the YouTube video of the big event. Jana tells the Crier, "This time my bowls made it to the narrow selection captured by the TV cameras. My bowls are the front ones in light blue and cream color. There are 5 bowls on the right side of the bowl group that are two-tone color, cream and blue with scalloped edges. Here is another picture from a different fire batch."

A sample of Jana's wares

Beautiful work, Jana!

And speaking of more fine arts from within the department, we end this final winter edition of the Crier with a beautiful photo by Lisa Blystone.

Mr. Red Cardinal taken by Lisa Blystone

3/8 Sarah Morse
3/10 Helena Gutierrez
3/15 Robert Kanter, Ben Prince
3/19 Nader Atallah
3/20 Maureen Butler
3/23 Bob Al Shareef
3/25 Ann Botash
3/31 Katie Lewinter

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