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Volume 17, No. 12, December 2014

Welcome, Dr. Dongmei Huang

The Department of Pediatrics warmly welcomes our new Pediatric Nephrologist, Dr. Dongmei Huang. She completed her residency in pediatrics at the Children's Hospital of New Jersey and her nephrology training at CS Mott Children's Hospital in Michigan. Dr. Huang will also be the director of our pediatric dialysis program. She shared the following with the Crier:

It is my pleasure to introduce myself as your new colleague! I grew up in China where I went to medical school. That's why I cannot have meals without rice beyond one day. It has been a long journey (yes, stories and legends) before I can practice my beloved medicine again after I moved to the states in 1999. Upon completion of my fellowship training in Michigan this summer, I was fortunate enough to be joining our pediatric nephrology team at Upstate. I have been married to Victor, a computer geek. In my free time, I have enjoyed spending time with my girls, Jenny and Angela, with their "best dad in the world". We go fishing and hiking a lot. I am very excited to be starting my new adventures, so is my family – we have a plan on a new addition – please don’t get me wrong, a puppy I meant. Look forward to working with all of you!

Dr. Dongmei Huang and Family

California Dreamin'

As most of you have heard, Dr. Ran Anbar will be retiring from Upstate on July 1, 2015. Dr. Zafer Soultan will be assuming his role as division chief of Peds Pulmonary. But Dr. Anbar has big plans already well underway for his next adventures. He shares the following:

It is with happiness and some disquiet that I recently announced I will be leaving Syracuse and my position as Director of the Pediatric Pulmonary and Cystic Fibrosis Center at the end of June, 2015.

Beginning in July, 2015, Dr. Christopher Fortner, our current Associate Director of the CF Center will become the CF Center Director, and Dr. Zafer Soultan will become the Director of the Pulmonary Center, while continuing as Director of the Sleep Center. We are recruiting a new pulmonologist who hopefully will be able to start in July, 2015.

Many of you know that I have been involved in hypnosis and counseling for the past 15 years, and that I believe strongly that such a service is integral to providing optimal health care for children. Kathie Contello, NP, and Courtney Amedro, NP, will be available to provide hypnosis instruction and counseling for patients at our Center after my departure.

It has been my privilege and pleasure to serve as Center Director here for the past 21 years. During this time our annual pulmonary out-patient visit volume grew from 600 to nearly 12,000 annually, our CF Center grew from 60 to 225 patients, we developed an adult CF Center, a pulmonary function on-site testing program, a bronchopulmonary dysplasia program, a High Technology clinic, a bronchoscopy program, a sleep program, a child life program, a hypnosis and counseling service, a special relationship with the Amish population of Central and Western New York, and grew from 2 half day clinics a week, to clinics every weekday, many Sundays, as well as during some evenings. Our Pulmonary and Cystic Fibrosis Center staff has grown from 4 to 30 people. Our staff has published almost 200 articles, abstracts, conference papers, letters, and chapters related to pulmonary issues in the international scientific literature.

I am thankful for and proud of our more than 200 patients with CF who have been involved in over 60 research studies over the past two decades including with now mainstay therapies for CF such as Pulmozyme, TOBI, Cayston, Zithromax, Kalydeco, and the Vest. I applaud our patients for helping to push the boundaries of CF Care, which has permitted life expectancy for CF to increase from 28 to 40 years over the past two decades!

My personal plans are taking my family to San Diego, California. There, I will be opening a full-time pediatric and adolescent medical hypnosis and counseling practice, Center Point Medicine. You are invited to check out the website for this practice at If you do, you will note that I will start seeing patients in San Diego in January, 2015, as I will be traveling to California for a week each month in order to initiate the practice. My dream is to grow this practice over the coming two decades so that mental health care for children in southern California will be improved substantially. Perhaps we will succeed in serving as a new model for delivery of mental health care for children on a national scale.

I will always cherish the relationships I have forged with my colleagues, patients and their families in Syracuse. I would very much welcome keeping in touch. My new e-mail address will be

Helena and Joyce at NASPGHAN

This past October, the Department of Pediatrics was well represented at the annual “Teaching and Tomorrow” Conference in Atlanta, GA from October 23-26, 2014. Second year residents Helena Gutierrez and Joyce Saliba participated in the 2014 Pediatric GI Teaching and Tomorrow Program of the North American Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (NASPGHAN). As part of this program they were able to attend the annual NASPGHAN meeting as well as the post-graduate course, but more importantly they attended specially arranged meetings for the 2014 members of the teaching and tomorrow program which involved discussions and one-on-one interactions with GI fellowship program directors and GI fellows. In addition, Helena had a poster presentation during the NASPGHAN meeting.


Pictured are Joyce, Drs. Beg and Karjoo, Helena, former resident Rima Fawaz, (Class of 2000) and Dr. Wali.

Looking for Peds To Parents Bloggers

From Mary Laverty
Hello Everyone,
A new peds to parents blog has been posted to the UGCH webpage.
My thanks to our guest blogger, Dietitian Stacey Messe for her informative and reader friendly post. If you would like suggest someone to be invited to be a guest blogger, let me know at 464-7115 or
Happy December,
Mary Laverty

The Patient Experience Days

The rescheduled Patient Experience event took place over a three day period from November 4-7 with lots of fun and games, skits, speakers, and, of course, the coveted PEA Award ceremony. Dr. Welch and McAleer presented the awards to 16 extremely worthy recipients (see full list).

Patient Experience Days

The Crier was informed that PL2 Ben Prince got a special Rockin' Resident award because he was nominated in so many categories! Congratulations to all of our winners!

The Rockin' Resident Recieves his PEA Award

Thanks to Mary Laverty and Sarah Irish for the photos.

Happily Ever After

Congratulations to Jen Nead and her husband Jason Hack who were married October 25. They had the ceremony at the First Presbyterian Church in Skaneateles and the reception at Emerson Park in Auburn. They then went to Maui for their honeymoon. We wish Jen and Jason the very best!

Congratulations Jason and Jen!

Trust Miss Syracuse

Congratulations to Dr. Stuart Trust who is the proud father of Miss Syracuse 2015. You can read all about it at

Anastasia is now eligible to compete in the Miss New York Pageant.

Welcome, Baby Ryzewski!

Congratulations to former resident Matt Ryzewski who sent us the following: “We welcome to the world Maria Josephine Ryzewski! Born on 10/31/14! 6lbs 4.8 oz 18 1/4 inches. She is adorable!” Yes, she is! Congratulations, Matt.

Maria Josephine Ryzewski

Tops is Tops!

A great big thank you to our local Tops Supermarkets who raised over $370,000 for the children’s hospital during their two-week campaign in November. Thanks, too, for all the “secret shoppers” in the Department who made a point to stop at Topps and thank them for their help!

December Events:

  • Dept Holiday Party – 12/9, 2-4PM
  • Resident Holiday lunch – 12/18 - Noon

A Future Pediatrician

I thought I would end this issue (and this year) with a picture submitted by Emily Smith of the next generation of Pediatricians already keeping up with the latest news.

Sarah, enjoying the latest issue of Pediatric News

12/1 Gloria Kennedy
12/5 Jeremy Steele
12/11 Christopher DeLaney
12/12 Emily Smith
12/14 Vicki Meguid
12/16 Kathie Contello, Christie Hall
12/23 Robert Lebel
12/24 Linda McAleer
12/26 Tom Welch, Sunny Kainth
12/27 Melissa Jones
12/28 Jennifer Nead

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