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Volume 19, No. 8, August, 2016

The New Peds ED

You've probably been hearing about it for the past several months but the dream will become a reality when the new Peds ED will open on August 9th on the 4th floor of UH. Some will remember 4A as the Pediatric Inpatient Floor, with the PICU unit added later. Others will remember it as the heme/onc clinic which moved there from 5C after the GCH opened. The space will be filled with children once again when the Pediatric Emergency Room opens its doors.

Upstate Online reported that "the $3 million expansion doubles the size of the current unit and relocates emergency care for children to the hospital's fourth floor, making it separate from the adult emergency department." As Dr. Richie Cantor noted, that makes the Peds ED at Upstate, "the nicest one in New York state."

Dr. Cantor shared a list of eleven Improvements/Enhancements that the new PED will be able to offer with the Crier:

  1. There will no longer be any child placed in the general waiting room
  2. All children will present, as usual, to the front of the ED – they will then be escorted upstairs to the 4th floor by specified personnel – using dedicated elevators across from the cafeteria
  3. Upon arrival to the new PED, if rooms are open, they will be directly placed in an exam room – registration and triage will take place at the bedside
  4. If (3) is not possible, they will register at the registration desk and be triaged in one of 3 available areas – and then palced in our own PEDS ED Waiting Area
  5. We will have over 20 exam spaces (as opposed to 13 as present)
  6. Each exam room is single, with windows and a private bathroom
  7. All wall treatments are kid friendly in design and color schemes
  8. Each room has enhanced TV/Game systems built in
  9. There will be 2 nurses stations along the hallway
  10. We have dedicated plain radiography as well as our own sonography/C arm
  11. CT scanning will still take place on the 2nd floor

The New ED Faculty – Welcome, Dr. Asalim Thabet

Hello All. I feel honored to be asked to write a paragraph for the Crier. Patty asked that I introduce myself and give a brief background then talk about what I enjoy doing. I don't know how much of an intro is needed because I feel like everyone already knows me. My name is Asalim Thabet and I am a Syracuse lifer. I was born and raised here in Syracuse. I went to college locally (LeMoyne - Go Dolphins!) and medical school right here at Upstate. I stayed at Upstate for residency and then had the privilege of staying on for a Pediatric Emergency Medicine (PEM) fellowship in our ED. So after all this time, I am (finally) done with my training and was awarded a great opportunity to stay on to join the great faculty in the Pediatric Emergency Department.

I am excited to be joining the PEM faculty at this time because we are going to be opening the new Pediatric ED soon (Aug 9th - come check us out). I feel very privileged and blessed to have had the fortune to stay at Upstate for as long as I could and to now be able to give back to the Syracuse community by being an attending in the new Pediatric Emergency Department. I enjoy spending my time outside of work with my family (my husband, siblings, nieces, nephews, and 2 active boys) and being outdoors.

Asalim's "Syracuse Lifers": Malik and Hamza

The picture is of my sons (Malik and Hamza) at our recent Eid Celebration.

One in a Million!

Upstate Online announced a million dollar grant that was given to Upstate for a new program called “Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Services for General and HIV Primary Care.” It is available through Upstate’s Immune Health Services and our Pediatric Infectious Disease/Young Adult Specialized Care Center. Upstate was named a Designated Pediatric Designated AIDS Center by the State Health Department in 1990. Our very own Peds ID team, directed by Dr. Leonard Weiner is running the program for the adolescent population.

When asked for an exclusive interview about the grant, Nuala Wheat, who is actively involved with Dr. Weiner in the program told the Crier:

"Wendy Holz and Kristen Fluno are also integral to the provision of grant based services. Wendy provides medical services for patients who are on PrEP and Kristen is our data manager. We will be working closely with Immune Health Services and the Onondaga County STD Center to collect real-time regional data on PrEP use as it relates to HIV prevention. Nicky Jennings is the outreach specialist mentioned in the article. She has been providing Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) outreach and education for the Peds ID Adolescent & Young Adult Specialized HIV Care Center since March, 2015. She will now be collaborating with Immune Health Services to expand her services to include the adult population.

Nicky's education efforts include meeting with residents, students and faculty to provide information about PrEP as HIV prevention, including tips on how to educate patients on PrEP and refer them for treatment.

If anyone would like more information about PrEP or would like to set up an education session, they can call 315-571-0013".

IDWeek Trainee Award

Congratulations to our Peds ID Fellow, Hassan El Chebib, who just learned he has been selected to receive the IDWeek2016 Trainee Travel Grant to the IDWeek Conference in New Orleans in October. Hassan received this award based on the “excellence of his abstract submission” to IDWeek. We are all very proud of Hassan and hope he will give us a full report of the conference in October.

President Schafer

If neither of the top two political candidates suite your fancy, maybe you will be excited to know that our very own Dr. Melissa Schafer is preparing for her position as President of the NYS SPS (Solutions for Patient Safety) Group in 2018. In preparation for this leadership role she will be the VP in 2017. In a rare interview with the press, Dr. Schafer describes her new role:

"Hi there Pediatricians, and welcome to another academic year. Patty asked me to write a little something about what is going on in the world of quality and safety, so here I am playing intrepid reporter, to tell you the scoop.

To start off, the new news is the same as the old news. We continue to participate in Solutions for Patient Safety ( Together with them we have helped save 3,700 children from harm and prevented an estimated $79 million in healthcare costs since the collaboration started in 2009. The network was selected as a Round 2 Hospital Engagement Network by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Partnership for Patients Initiative this fall and that designation will provide further support for the work of SPS.

Locally, we have achieved >90% reliability to the recommended care bundles for CLABSI, Falls, Readmissions, and VAP. Despite these successes we continue to experience serious safety events. Our current Patient Harm Index is 13, meaning 13 children experienced moderate to severe harm in our facility in the past 12 months.
This is too much. Too many. We are working to improve our overall culture of safety to address this. All of the Children’s Hospital Staff went through Error Prevention training this spring, which taught us simple day to day techniques which will help prevent medical errors. In addition, our leaders also went through a Leadership Methods training session to help reinforce those concepts and their real time use.

SPS has two new groups starting up this summer to try to address hospital acquired harm for children, and those are Peripheral IV Infiltrates led by Dr. Andrake and Becky Mesmer, and Unplanned Extubations lead by Dr. Seidberg and Dee Kwaczala. And one more thing; Michelle Jeski joined our safety team this spring as an APRN - Advanced Practice Resource Nurse. Welcome, Michelle!

In New York State we have our own Regional Subgroup of SPS, where we get together with other Children’s Hospitals across the state and share secrets and techniques to improve patient safety. For those who recall Dr. Fiona Levy’s visiting professorship in 2014, she was a major force in making the NY Regional group a meaningful collaboration. The NY Region gets together for an in-person conference 1-2 times per year with all the participating hospitals (9 now). We had a group of 9 staff from Upstate GCH who travelled down to Mt. Sinai in NY City last month to attend that conference. It was inspiring. We heard from patient teen advocates, and parent advocates who work with other hospitals to give input on what is best for patients and families. We heard some strategies that other hospitals are using to implement their bundle elements. One I liked was a hospital that uses an app to track adherence to the foley catheter maintenance bundle for preventing urinary tract infections. Our own Bonnie Miner and Sharon Bauer presented some of the work we have done here to improve our central line care and reduce central line associated bloodstream infections.

Regional SPS is coming to Syracuse

And last but not least, the NY Regional SPS group has a rotating presidency every year. I have been tapped to be the president in 2018, which means being the VP in 2017. It also means bringing the NY Regional SPS Conference to Syracuse in 2018, which I am pretty excited about. It is far off still, but I am sure you will hear more about it when the time draws nearer. Until then, stay safe!

In the News: The NIH ASD Grant

Upstate Online also reported that former resident Steve Hicks and co-investigator Frank Middleton have received an NIH grant for their work in developing a way to diagnose autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in children as young as two years of age. Steve is now Asst Prof of Peds at Penn State but continues to work on the ASD project with Dr. Middleton who remains on the faculty as Assoc Prof at Upstate.

In an exclusive interview, Steve tells the Crier, "I miss everybody in Syracuse, but I'm having a lot of fun down here in Hershey PA. It's been an amazing experience to see research like this go from a basic science concept to the doorstep of clinical application. Looking forward to continued collaboration with Frank Middleton and SUNY Upstate. Hope all is well with you and the residency program."

Co-Investigators Hicks and Middleton

Congratulations to Drs. Hicks and Middleton both for this groundbreaking work.

Rewards for Richie

In addition to celebrating the opening of the new ED, Dr. Cantor also shared a few special awards and honors he has personally received over the past year:

1. He was a Keynote Speaker at the AAP/ACEP Pediatric Emergency Medicine Assembly in March at Disney

2. He was a Conference Planner and Keynote at the Annual Essentials of Emergency Medicine Conference in May 2016

3. He was chosen to be the EM Physician of the Year by New York ACEP

4. He was selected by the AOA Chapter of this year's graduating class to be their keynote speaker at their annual dinner

5. He was selected by this year's graduating class to serve as Faculty Marshall

Congratulations, Richie, on all these special honors!

Fry Baby, the Sequel

Congratulations to former resident Katie Fry on the birth of baby boy Samuel Oliver Wohlford on July 3rd. Katie tells the Crier, "We are all doing well and Benjamin is an awesome big brother so far. We are all heading to the Peds hospitalist medicine conference next weekend and looking forward to seeing my people! I promise some pictures!" (The Crier will be holding Katie to this promise).

Mayo's Newest Fellow

Dr. Mirza Beg sent the Crier the following Facebook link he discovered, picturing one of the Mayo Clinic’s newest GI fellows.

New Job; Old Picture

This prompted the Crier to see if we could locate any of our other 2016 graduates. The only other one we could find at the time of printing, was a new critical care fellow in Utah (and the photo looks distinctly familiar to the photo used at the time she applied for her Peds Residency:

8/1 Eric Keil
8/9 Caitlin Deluca, Tara Wilhoit
8/10 Mark Claus, Jody Sima
8/15 Melissa Schafer
8/16 Kim Wells
8/17 Craig Byrum
8/22 Beth Nelsen

The Dog Days of Summer

Hot Dog on a Roll

Thanks to Regina McConnell for sharing this little bathing beauty with the Crier.

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