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Volume 19, No. 10, October, 2016

New Faculty: Pediatrics Welcomes Dr. Saurabh Gupta

Pediatrics welcomes our new Pediatric Radiologist, Dr. Saurabh Gupta, who is trained in both neuroradiology and pediatric radiology, the latter with a fellowship at CHOP. Dr. Gupta shares the following intro with us:

"Warm greetings. With great pleasure, I take this opportunity to introduce myself to the Pediatric family at Upstate. It is a great privilege to be a part of the pediatric team committed to provide comprehensive and innovative patient care.

I completed my medical school, radiology residency\short tenure of private practice in India. I came to United States of America and pursued fellowship in Neuroradiology,Body imaging and Nuclear Medicine at Medical College of Wisconsin Milwaukee. Subsequently, I pursued fellowship in Pediatric Radiology at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia which was a dream come true. Working with children has always provided me the immense satisfaction and joy. I grabbed this opportunity to be part of the great pediatric team at Upstate. Pediatric radiology allows me to interact and connect with the patients at a greater level, as well as provide highest quality and advanced care. Its humbling to be able to positively impact the life of every child.

My father, who is a physician too, is a great role model in shaping my career pathway. I live with my wife (who is a physician too) and two beautiful daughters. We all enjoy exploring different places, community and attractions.

Through the platform of the Crier, I would like to extend my thanks to the health care team at upstate for the warm welcome and wonderful start of my tenure. I look forward to collaborating with you all to serve community,minimize suffering and help them enjoy this beautiful world.
Warm regards,
Saurabh Gupta"

The Gupta Family

(Note: The simulators are from "Please Touch Museum” in Philly. I think every place should have them to help make kids accustomed to the surrounding, as well a good learning tool for kids.)

"Doing the Most Good"

Congratulations to Drs. Domachowske and Suryadevara, and Cindy Bonville, who were honored at the Salvation Army's 45th Annual Civic Celebration Sept. 14. Manika and Joseph received the Other’s Award, the organization's highest civic honor, for their work in giving free vaccines to children and families in CNY who come to the Christmas Bureau giveaway, which they have done now for the past five years. The award was set up to honor those who are "doing the most good" in our community. Cindy Bonville, senior research support specialist, received a Certificate of Appreciate for her work with the Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital team.

Pediatric Honorees

The key note speaker was Actor Richard Gere who came back home to Syracuse "to help honor two doctors who have been donating their time every year to provide free medical care to children." The Dept of Pediatrics hosted a table at the event so several members of the department were able to attend the event to show their support of Joe, Manika and Cindy. Richard Gere, of course, is well known, not only as an actor and producer, but also as a humanitarian. He also recently played the role of a homeless man in the highly acclaimed film, "Time Out of Mind". Congratulations, again, Manika, Joe, and Cindy for this well-deserved honor.
For more on this event visit:

Gere'd up to honor our pediatricians

Fall Faculty Convocation Awards

Congratulations to Dr. Leonard Weiner and Dr. Manika Suryadevera who both received special awards at the Fall Faculty Convocation on September 14th (a very busy day for Manika).

The 2016 Intern Retreat

Crier Reporter, Samara Appelstein
On September 22, the interns escaped from the hospital! No, they didn't run away, they had their intern retreat! The interns spent the night at VanderKamp on Oneida Lake. They had a blast! They had the night to themselves, so they got to know each other a whole lot better. They played some games, had major laughs, and even built a campfire and made s'mores! And boy, were they delicious. After an evening of fun, the program directors came by in the morning, with a special appearance made by the ever fabulous Melissa Jones. They did some team building and then tried to save a raw egg from the wrath of gravity. Of course, the two teams that had parents in the group won the Triwizard cup, but there have been rumors that there will be a rematch within the upcoming years. Surprisingly, not many photos were taken by the residents, but the program directors took care of that. They snapped photos of us getting mighty close while standing on a blanket and trying to flip it at the same time.

Scenes from the 2016 Intern Retreat

The Class of 2019 had an amazing time and now they're ready to face the upcoming years as the best class ever!

The Advocacy Bus

Reporter Appelstein
August 31st was the best day yet for the Class of 2019. In the last leg of the advocacy series that Dr. Hobart flawlessly put together, the residents went on their long awaited advocacy bus tour! Not only did they get to reunite for a whole hour, they got delicious baked goods from Biscotti's, courtesy of Dr. Blatt! Oh, and they also got a tour of Syracuse! It was a great learning experience for the residents since many are not from the Syracuse area. They got a first-hand look into the important places that impact their patients' lives. The residents saw the neighborhoods they live in, the pharmacies they go to (that's actually really important), the schools they attend, and significant locations to where they refer their sweet kiddies. Fun fact, Dr. Weinberger has a lot of insight to the hospital and the medical school from back in the day. Did you know that where he lived while he was in medical school was where the Treehouse entrance is now?! Hard to imagine our beloved Golisano not existing! In conclusion, we learned a lot, ate a little, and took a photo in classic Class of 2019 style. It was a great success!

The Intern Advocacy Bus Tour

Celiac Tyme at Natur-Tyme

In case you missed it, Dr. Mirza Beg gave a talk on Celiac Disease at the CNY Celiac Support Group meeting on September 18th which was held at the Natur-Tyme Health store on Erie Blvd. Mirza was accompanied by Sana Din (a medical student) and Dr. Louai Aho (who was a GI observer at the time). Both participated in the talk with Dr. Beg, who shared the picture below.

Celiac Speakers

In the News:

The New Peds Trauma Medical Director

Congratulations to our Peds Surgeon, Dr. Kim Wallenstein who was recently named as our new Pediatric Trauma Medical Director. You can read the full article at Upstate Online:

Dr. Kim Wallenstein


Our very own Dr. Ann Botash did an Upstate “EdTalk” entitled, “Don’t Go Viral: Keeping a Professional Digital Footprint” that is now available online at:

As described in the Upstate Announcements, “In the video, Botash delves into how to maintain professionalism online and how to help our students do the same. She describes consequences of unprofessional online behavior, especially boundary breaches and cyber-bullying. Viewers may need to install Silverlight. Follow the prompts, or, if it is already installed, right click on the puzzle piece in the center and run plug-in. Archives of additional EdTalks@Upstate are available at

Radiothon, 2016

The 14th Annual Radiothon for Kids benefiting Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital was another huge success thanks to everyone who donated time, money, and energy to raise money for our GCH kids. It was once again broadcast live from the first floor lobby of University Hospital on Thursday and Friday, Sept. 22 and 23. The early reports indicate that Radiothon for Kids raised well over $160,000 for the GCH. Thanks to all the staff, volunteers, and of course the generous donors whose support will help kids from all over Central New York.

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