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Volume 17, No. 7, July 2014

Housestaff Appreciation Dinner

The class of 2014 along with the rest of the residents and faculty enjoyed a lovely "Harry Potter-themed" evening at the Wellington House on June 11th. As always, there were a host of special awards and honors given:

  • Faculty Award – Anne Sveen
  • Special Appreciation Award – Pediatric Pharmacy Team
    - Sarabeth Wojnowicz, PharmD, BCPS
    - Jeni L. Burgess, PharmD, BCPS
    - Kelly E. Steidl, PharmD
    - Meghan Anderson, RPh
    - Jessica Ehnot, PharmD
  • Nursing Award – Sharon Luke
  • ED Rookie of the Year Award – Hilliary Sismondo

The Incoming Chief Gift: Ibraheem (Bob) Al Shareef received his incoming chief gift which, this year, was a globe (see Dr. Nelsen for details). Bob seemed much more interested in putting the globe to use than the diamond-studded tiara that the current chiefs passed on to him.

The 2014 Pediatric Teaching Awards:

PL1: 1st-Christopher DeLaney, 2nd- Sarah Morse/Ryan Kwong, 3rd -Hilliary Sismondo
PL2: 1st- Steve Hicks, 2nd - Angela Pericozzi, 3rd - Vanessa Orrego
PL3 – 1st- Nandita Singh, 2nd - Carla Overton, 3rd- Lina Hajar

The ceremony ended with each of our graduating PL3s and chiefs receiving their certificates and sharing a few (except in Brian's case) words.

Pediatric Class of 2014

Congratulations to all our winners and all our soon-to-be pediatricians!

Two New Child Life Specialists:

Introducing Jon Crowder

The Department is excited to welcome our new Child Life Specialist, Jon Crowder. Jon joined the child life team on June 19th and is working on 11G as the inpatient Hem/Onc child life specialist and will be covering hem/onc clinic. Jon has a Bachelor's degree in Secondary Education and is a certified child life specialist. He has worked at Inova Children's hospital in Virginia and at Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas. Jon tells the Crier:

"Hello! My name is Jon Crowder. I am a Certified Child Life Specialist, and will primarily be working in the Hematology/Oncology unit. I graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in education. I was born and raised in Kansas City, but have spent time living in Memphis, TN, as well as Washington D.C. I moved here with my dog Claire. She is a Jack Russell Terrier, and awesome. I adopted her from a shelter a few years ago. We are avid Chiefs, Royals, and Kansas State Wildcat fans. In my free time, I enjoy walking my dog, playing my guitar, and staying active. I’m looking forward to becoming a part of the team at Upstate Golisano Children's Hospital!"

Welcome to the Department, Jon!

Introducing Brielle Swerdlin

Brielle is our new Peds ED Child Life Specialist. She tells the Crier:

"My name is Brielle Swerdlin and I am the newest CCLS to join the Pediatric Emergency Department team. I went to Utica College for a degree in Psychology- Child Life and completed my internship at the Goryeb Children's Hospital in New Jersey. I recently moved from Texas where I was working as a one person program at a small children's hospital for the past 3 years. I am excited to move back to this area and join such a great team. In my free time I enjoy reading, playing volleyball, playing with my puppy and being outdoors. I am excited about the opportunities to explore the area and enjoy the seasons.

My picture attached is of my puppy Tick, my 2 year old dachshund/miniature pincher mix and myself at the beach in Texas."

Welcome, Brielle

The Adventures of Dr. D in Hong Kong

Dr. Domachowske
In June, I was invited by the Hong Kong Pediatric Infectious Disease Society to present lectures on CNS infections. Their local Pediatric Society and general pediatric groups caught wind of my visit and asked for a few lectures too, so it was a busy week. I learned lots about dengue and Japanese encephalitis and had the opportunity to present the global data on reductions in bacterial meningitis specifically related to vaccine introduction for pneumococcus, meningococcus and HIB. I was not surprised to find that provider vaccine hesitancy exists in Asia simialr to what we see here-- even for influenza vaccine!

Visting the Hong Kong Pediatric Infectious Disease Society

They tried to wear me out, but by Saturday I was eager to explore so I took the short trip to Lantau Island to visit the 'Big Buddah'. The visual impact was stunning, and the religious presence both at Buddah and the nearby temple was profound.

I also very much enjoyed the local cuisine. Peking duck is amazing. Jellyfish and 'shark balls' new to me, and desserts outstanding. There was a Starbucks near the hotel to keep me caffeinated after some long hot humid runs along the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade running the length of the Victoria Harbour. Fantastic view, but the hot humid weather kept the runs a bit shorter than usual for me.

The Victoria Harbor

Looks like the meeting next year will be in Singapore. I hope to get back to Asia and learn more about the people and cultures there.

My Cantonese did not improve at all during the trip. Back to Rosetta Stone...

Pratts Peds Picnic

On May 31st, about 30 residents, peds faculty, and families got together for a picnic at Pratt's Falls. It was a beautiful day and a lovely time was had by all but especially by some of the departmental babies (pictured are William and Evie, Benjamin and Sarah).

William,Evie, Benjamin and Sarah

2014 PL3 Retreat

On Friday, June 6th, the PL3s (and their kids) escaped for the day (some call it "senior skip day") and got to spend one last day enjoying some uninterrupted time together at Taughannock State Park.

The 2014 PL3 Retreat

New Intern Soggy Scavengers

Despite it being a rainy day, the new interns and their four fearless leaders (Caitlin, Jeremy, Angela, and Christopher), all headed out into the great unknown on a highly competitive scavenger hunt which ended at Jamesville Beach for a picnic with the rest of the housestaff and faculty. After all of the scores were tabulated, bribes received, and runoff votes made, it was Team 2 led by Caitlin Stiglmeier that claimed the victory (though the results were highly contested by several of the other teams).

The Winning Pediatric Scavengers

Survivor Safari

On June 1st, in celebration of National Cancer Survivors’ Day over 450 people got together at the Holiday Inn in Liverpool including four rather savage looking members of the department. Pictured below are Gloria Kennedy, MD, Andrea Dvorak, MD, Karol Kerr, MD, and Barbara Niedziolka, NP.

This year′s celebration chose a safari theme and those who attended were able to mark milestones and recognize those who have helped them in their recovery (though one has to wonder if any of this particular foursome was recognizable).

It's a jungle out there

Child Life Corner

Lobbying for a Great Cause

In case you haven't gotten to see it yet, Margaret Nellis and Sarah Irish have been working on updating our GCH lobby and outdoor gardens. They have made it more child friendly and have incorporated the tree house theme. Ally Walker of Ally Walker Inks did the painting. They plan to also have the floor replaced this summer in the GCH lobby as well and install a ball sculpture there too by the end of August. A new welcome sign was installed as you walk in to GCH! Some of the funds for this project came through Spirit Halloween which works with the child life program in October.

Ally putting the finishing touches on the new GCH lobby

An X-Ray of Sunshine

Margaret Nellis
Pediatric Radiology has their first taste of what the role of the child life specialist can do for children who undergo radiology procedures such as VCUGs etc. Marsha Kernan, child life specialist for UPAC, is now splitting her time between radiology and UPAC. This went in to effect May 8th. Marsha is doing great work in an area where child life was so needed. In an exclusive interview, Marsha tells the Crier:

"Beginning in May, I have been sharing my time between Pediatric Radiology and the Pediatric and Adolescent Center. There has been a need for Child Life Services in Radiology. I have been covering Fluoroscopy, Ultrasound and have ventured over to CT as well. Most of my time is spent prepping patient for the procedure they are going to experience and using distraction and coping techniques during the procedures. Having the Child Life Services available allows for more time to teach the family about the procedures which can be very involved, practice coping techniques before the procedure begins and encouraging the patients throughout the procedures. A little education and distraction can go a long way to make a procedure less scary for the patient and the parents.

"We have also been working on new patient education materials as well as contacting referring offices to let them know of the services that are now available.

"It has been an exciting experience learning the procedures and working with the families in radiology. Many families have commented that the procedure went more smoothly than they had expected. Taking the mystery out of the procedure and clearing up many misconceptions for the young patients can make most of the procedures much less stress provoking for the patient and the families.

"The staff at UPAC has been wonderful sharing my time. They have assisted with some extra duties to help cover and have been very supportive of this new shared role! – Marsha"

Pediatric Star-of-the-Month

Lisa Blystone
This month's Pediatric Star goes to Christopher Delaney. On a day when the NPs and PL-3s were both out of clinic, he stayed at clinic in the afternoon after seeing his continuity patients in the morning to help out. He was beyond helpful - yet another display of how conscientious he is! Christopher, please see Lisa or Patty for your Stars prize.

Paige's Butterfly Run

Thanks to all who participated in the 18th annual Paige's Butterfly Run on Saturday, June 7. More than 2,400 people turned out to run (5K, 3K and a caterpillar fun crawl) and to support the pediatric oncology programs at the GCH.

Chancellor's Award for Excellence

Congratulations to our very own Mary Lou Lake, RN who was one of only six recipients of the 2013-2014 Chancellor's Award for Excellence. Mary Lou works at UPAC, and is a certified pediatric nurse and certified lactation consultant. She also coordinates the Vaccine for Children’s (VFC) program at Upstate. Congrats, Mary Lou!

Help Marcus Stomp the Monster

GI attending, Dr. Marcus Rivera will be participating in a 70.3 Ironman challenge to raise money for cancer patients. If anyone would like to support him, you can do so online at: Select his name from the list of competitors and then follow instructions for donation. Receipt for tax purposes will be sent to email.

7/6 Robin Jodoin
7/9 Liz Quigley
7/14 Karen Teelin
7/17 Evelyn Khoriaty
7/20 Jana Shaw
7/23 Chris Kuehnle

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