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Volume 17, No. 4, April 2014

The Kunal Sawale Award

On Thursday, March 16th, Dr. Kennedy presented Kunal Sawale, M.D. with his pediatric residency certificate of completion at the monthly housestaff meeting as friends and family looked on and cheered. Kunal’s father was able to attend and shared some tender thoughts, and appreciation to the department.

At the end of the presentation Dr. Welch got up and announced the creation of a new award that will be given out each year to one pediatric resident in Kunal’s honor. As he wrote in his weekly newsletter, “Although Kunal came to Syracuse to learn pediatrics from us, we all learned a lot about courage and perseverance from him over the past year. For that reason, I am establishing the Kunal Sawale Prize as an annual recognition for the graduating resident who best exemplifies Kunal's courage and perseverance in the face of adversity, as well as his dedication to family and patients.” The Crier will be announcing this year’s recipient in the July issue. In the mean time Kunal remains in our thoughts and prayers as he continues to deal with some medical issues.

Kunal Sawale receiving his Pediatric Residency Certification


As reported by Dr. Allison Martin
On March 10th and 11th 2014 several members of our department (Travis Hobart, Ellen McHugh, Melissa Schafer, Allison Martin, and Steven Hicks) attended the second annual New York State Pediatric Advocacy Coalition (NYSPAC) Conference at Albany Medical Center. This year's theme was "The Intersection of Pediatrics and Public Health" and speakers and attendees included physicians and trainees, educators, and representatives from community based organizations across New York State. NYSPAC is a partnership among pediatric residency programs dedicated to improving the health and well-being of children in New York and beyond focusing on three strategies: supporting child health advocacy training among allied health professionals and community partners, developing and supporting successful programs that address disparities in children’s health and achievement, and collaborating on statewide policy and legislative issues.

Funded by the Leonard P. Rome CATCH Visiting Professorship grant, featured speakers at this year's conference included Dr. Christopher Kus, Associate Medical Director of the Division of Family Health within the NYS DOH, Dr. Jeff Kaczorowski, Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Rochester and the Director of the AAP National Community Pediatrics Training Initiative, and Elie Ward, Director of Policy and Advocacy for AAP District II NYS, among many others.

One of the highlights of the conference was Dr. Steven Hicks' poster presentation regarding his 2013 CATCH grant funded project "SyraYouth Exercise and Nutrition Program." In her presentation on trainee advocacy and community health, Dr. Casey Rosen-Carole, NYS Chapter 1 CATCH Facilitator, described Dr. Hicks' project as the "most brilliantly written grant [she'd] ever read."

Steve Hicks presenting his poster at NYSPAC

The conference wrapped up with a visit to the State Capitol to petition our local legislators. Overall, the experience provided an opportunity to connect with other physicians and residency programs advocating for children in NYS and inspired us to be more proactive in our own community.

Pure Gold

Congratulations to Dr. Vicki Meguid and Dr. Howard Weinberger both of whom were among only eight faculty members chosen hospital-wide for the 2014 Gold Standard award. Both were also honored at the Celebration of Faculty on March 20th. In addition, Dr. Steve Blatt was promoted to Full Professor, and Drs. Louis Pellegrino, Jana Shaw, and Larry Shoemaker were all promoted to Associate Professor. Congratulations, again, to all of our pediatric faculty who were honored!

Celebration of the (Pediatric) Faculty

A Successful Match

Match Day 2014 (March 21st) was another great success for Pediatrics. In case you hadn’t heard, here are our 13 new interns – the Class of 2017:

Emy Abraham - St. George's University
Dalia Eid - University of Balamand/American University of Beirut
Megan Eyunni - University of Missouri-Kansas
Khalia Grant - SUNY Upstate Medical Universtiy
Melissa Jones - Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine
Kuldip Sunny Kainth - St. George's University
Katherine Lewinter - St. George's University
Sarah Marsh - University of Vermont
Iman Naimi - St. George's University
Elizabeth Oaks - Ross University
Danyal Thaver - Aga Khan University
Yorgo Zahlanie - American University of Beirut
Karen White - St. George's University/SUNY Upstate Pathology

Meanwhile, while our new interns were finding out they will be coming to Syracuse, UPAC was throwing them a welcome-to-Syracuse potluck lunch (in their honor since obviously none of them were able to be there). It’s going to be a great year!

Celebration of the New Interns

A Successful Upstate Student

One of the members of the Class of 2017 made the news on Match Day. Our very own Khalia Grant was featured in the Upstate student blog, With Distinction, and we are certainly excited that she (and her whole lovely family) matched with us!

Upstate Student Khalia Grant matches in Pediatrics

For additional Upstate Match Day facts and interesting tidbits (and a very fun match day video put together by the medical students) check out the article in Upstate Online.

A Successful Certification

Dr. Kennedy was notified by the ACGME last week that the Pediatric Residency Program has received the status of continuing accreditation as a result of their annual review. Congratulations to Drs. Kennedy, Nelsen, Olson and everyone who helped out with the review process. We did it!

Dr. Ran Anbar honored by Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation honored our very own Ran Anbar at its second annual 65 Roses Dinner Dance on March 15. Dr. Anbar is the director of Pediatric Pulmonary Medicine at Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital and was honored for his work with cystic fibrosis patients and his many research contributions. Dr. Anbar was the first person ever to be honored at this event. See more at Upstate Online.

Back in the News

In case you missed it, our very own Dr. Nienke Dosa appeared on the cover of the latest issue of the Upstate Health Magazine.

Speaking of Dr. Dosa, Dr. Welch included the following update in a recent newsletter: "Since Nienke's recent engagement with the BBI at Syracuse University, a lot has happened. She recently learned that her proposal for a demonstration project utilizing some of her and her colleagues' work in inclusive fitness has been funded for a three-year period. This project also brings together a group of colleagues she has assembled from SUNY Cortland and the Syracuse City School District. At about the same time, she learned that a project on which she worked with the department of orthopaedics at Columbia University was funded. This will help develop a group visit model for transitioning children with physicial disabilities to adult care. Congratulations, Nienke!"

Doctors' Day, March 30th

Doctors' Day is a big day (or week) here in Pediatrics. On March 26 and 27, Upstate Foundation staff hand delivered grateful patient notes to 25 Upstate Peds doctors.

Peds was well represented at Doctor's Day

Several also received plaques and personal notes of recognition from former residents.

More Doctor's Day docs (and future docs)

As for the current residents, they were treated with chocolate bars and vaccine-shaped pens by their program director. We appreciate all of our pediatric doctors!

The Maple Syrup Brunch

The 6th Annual Maple Syrup Brunch was hosted once again by Dr. Katharine Chang on Sunday, March 30th for all Peds residents and their families. Dr. Chang explains the background to this now highly acclaimed annual event: "Several years back, one of the chief residents and I (both from Montreal, land of smoked meat, the best bagels in the world, and sugar maples???) found out that one of our senior residents (from New Jersey, land of...never mind..) had never tasted real maple syrup. We decided to rectify this situation by hosting a brunch where we could serve pancakes and real maple syrup. I had a house, he did not; I stayed in Syracuse, he graduated; and thus, a tradition was born."

The 6th Annual Maple Syrup Brunch

Fathers/Daughters Dance for the GCH

More than 650 people danced the night away at this year’s Father/Daughter Valentine Ball on February 11th at the Empire Room at the New York State Fairgrounds. The event, presented by the Foundation for Upstate in partnership with Eastside Vineyard Church, featured DJs, acrobats, local mascots and balloon art. A raffle and silent auction were also held. All proceeds will benefit services at Upstate Golisano Children's Hospital.

Fathers and daughters dance for the GCH

Win a Miracle Ride!

Anyone want to win a motorcycle and support the GCH at the same time? At this year's Miracle Ride and BBQ on May 18 someone will be winning a Harley Davidson Motorcycle. If you are interested in purchasing any raffle tickets, they are $5 each or six for $20. Tickets can be purchased from Sherri Clarry in the Peds Offices.

Welcome Baby Alwan

Congratulations to Muaz on the arrival (finally!) of baby boy Bisher! We received the following note from Muaz: “My wife delivered a healthy baby Bisher Alwan on 3/15/14 weighing in at 8 lbs 2 Oz. Everybody is doing great”. We are so happy for Muaz and his growing family!

Welcome, beautiful baby boy, Bisher Alwan!

4/1 Brittney Whitford
4/7 Lina Hajar
4/10 Sara Tarolli
4/11 Carrie Brindisi Greene
4/19 Katie Fry
4/20 Mide Ajagbe
4/21 Carol Plumley
4/24 Jenica Harmon

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