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Volume 20, No. 1, January 2017

New Faculty – Dr. Aisha Baig

We are excited to introduce our newest member of the pulmonary division. Dr. Aisha Baig shares the following:

I finished my peds residency from UMDNJ-Newark and spent several years in practice. I was interested in further pursuing fellowship in pulmonary because of many respiratory related diseases in my inner city patient population. So, therefore, I moved to Omaha,NE for pediatric pulmonary fellowship at UNMC/Children's hospital of Omaha. I have recently graduated in October 2016.

I have two kids: 10 year old daughter and 15 months old son. Both are fun ages! It's fun to see my daughter interact like a mini mom with her baby brother.

Dr. Baig's two beautiful children

Syracuse is a beautiful city with lots of activities to offer. I am looking forward to all seasons. I like my department and look forward to many years of fruitful work. I like to learn and teach. It helps me grow at an intellectual level. I welcome any learner with thoughts and ideas. Remember, I was once in your shoes! Good luck with this upcoming year and happy holidays.

More New Faculty – Dr. Andrea Shaw

We also welcome back Dr. Andrea Shaw who shares the following:

It's great to be home! Born and raised here in Syracuse, I have come full circle and convinced my family to join me as we transition from sunny SoCal to the Cuse! For those of you whom I did not cross paths with in medical school or have arrived at Upstate since I graduated, I look forward to meeting you. I graduated with the SUNY Upstate class of 2009 after 4 years in Syracuse and 1 year in Moshi, Tanzania doing clinical research. I migrated south for residency and enjoyed time at Duke where I completed my Med-Peds training. The warm weather adventure continued as I took a Med-Peds primary care position with UCLA for a few years. As my husband and I settled into life in California, our family grew and we both wanted to be closer to family in Syracuse & South Sudan.

I had a unique opportunity late 2015 to return to Syracuse in a role I am passionate about-- refugee care & global health. I split a position with Dr. Peter Cronkright at Syracuse Community Health Center where we shared an internal medicine practice, creating a primary care home for refugees in Syracuse. We split the position in Syracuse so I was able to spend half of my year at Juba Teaching Hospital in South Sudan. By late summer of 2016, instability in South Sudan did not allow me to continue in this capacity. Fortunately, new opportunities arose at Upstate and the pediatric department granted me a position where I can dedicate my time here to the global refugee family in our backyard as well as global health initiatives for pediatric residents. Next month, I will join a future CGHATS (Center for Global Health and Translational Sciences) colleague stationed in western Kenya, where I plan to develop a long term, sustainable, mutually beneficial collaboration for our pediatric residency program starting with rotations this fall!

My husband, Jok, and I enjoy balancing life and work between Upstate NY and East Africa. Like any healthy partnership, it takes patience, dedication, and creativity-- our little 18 month old Angeth is a joyous reminder of this and we look forward to welcoming her little brother into the adventure this summer!

Dr. Shaw with her husband and daughter

Holiday Contest Winners

The annual housestaff/faculty party was held on December 22nd. This year’s holiday contest to try to identify the 32 baby pictures that various residents and faculty submitted.

The competition was unusually fierce this year, with several excellent entries vying for the Grand Prize. But the entry that had the most correct answers submitted by an individual goes to Janice Verbosky. Janice, you can come and pick up your fabulous prize package at Crier headquarters (a.k.a. Patty’s desk). We are also pleased to announce that once again this year we have a recipient for the prestigious Nancy Roizen, MD, “I Couldn’t Possibly Have Cheated” Award. This is the award given out to the one with the least answers correct (hence, the one least likely to have not played fair). The competition was equally steep for this year’s Roizen award with as many as four or five people inching their way toward the bottom. But, the undisputed winner is Dr. Gloria Kenney. Dr. Kennedy you can also stop by the office for your prize.

Now, the answers everyone has been waiting for. We introduce each of our beautiful babies to you! Click here for the answer key. (

Jolly Good Fellows!

Congratulations to our five third year residents who got outstanding fellowships in the 2016 Fall Match!

—Dalia Eid - Peds ID, Long Island Jewish Medical Center, New York, NY
—Katie Lewinter - Peds Pulm, Children's Hospital, Los Angeles, CA
—Sunny Kainth - Peds ED, SUNY Upstate, Syracuse, NY
—Danyal Thaver - Peds Critical Care - UT Southwestern, Dallas, TX
—Yorgo Zahlanie - Peds ID, UT Southwestern, Dallas, TX

They joined Beth Krieger (Peds Heme/Onc, Virginia Commonwealth, VA) and Iman Naimi (Peds Cardiology, Seattle Children's Hospital, WA) who matched in the spring. We are very proud of each of them for their outstanding matches!

Celebrating Future Fellows

Pictured are several residents, former residents, and faculty who all got together after work help celebrate our amazing 3rd years and their matches! – Thanks to Anuja for the picture.

Ecuador, 2016

In December, Dr. Domachowske, joined by Dr. Steve Blatt and Chief Resident Dr. Ayesha Phillip went on a medical mission to Ecuador. Unfortunately, Upstate Online beat the Crier to the reporting the event. However, now that they are back, our embedded reporter, Ayesha Phillip saved the day with an exclusive onsite report:

"In April 2016, a 7.8 earthquake devastated Bahia de Caraquez and surrounding communities. In under a minute, a place that was known as a tourist destination for Ecuadorians and international visitors was destroyed. Along with others from Upstate (Ambika Enraki MD, Joseph Domachowske MD , Steven Blatt MD, Elizabeth Domachowske and Marleny Acosta MS2) , I had the opportunity to be a part of the rebuilding process in Bahia de Caraquez. Immediately on arrival it was clear that the earthquake destroyed much, with homes completely gone, hotels with visible cracks and gaping holes, and roads abruptly disappearing. It was difficult to see it all up close and difficult to see many people still living in tents or makeshift temporary homes. Based on our welcome to Bahia you would not have known that all of this happened – I’m not sure if I have ever met such friendly people and I’m from Canada!

During our time there, we were able to visit and provide medical care for the community that we were staying in as well as surrounding communities affected by the earthquake. I had the pleasure of seeing all of the little kiddos and had a great time with them and their families! They (and their parents) had conditions and concerns that were often similar to what you might expect in Upstate New York but these families also had the added weight of the recent earthquake. It was clear that, as a community, they were supporting each other in this common tragedy in any way possible.

In addition to working with the wonderful people of Ecuador, we also had the opportunity to work with those who were instrumental in the distribution of care throughout areas affected by the earthquake. The organization on the ground and working with Upstate was Walking Palms Global Initiative (WPGI). Two people in particular were a tremendous help in organizing our stay and daily visits to the different communities. David Madden and Avirel Diaz, of WPGI, facilitated transportation, meals, translators when needed and so much more. They were also great at providing some insight into the needs of the community since the earthquake, and how we can be most helpful. I couldn’t have asked for better people to have worked with during our time there.

With all the work that we did, we also had some time to play! We had the opportunity to relax and enjoy our tropical location with a trip to Punta Gorda, a beach near our accommodations. It was a great way to break up the busy and sometimes emotional daily visits throughout the community. And the food... yum! La comida era muy sabrosa! Thanks to our amazing chef Rosa who cooked dinners for us. When we weren’t eating her great cooking, we had mangos, passion fruits and tons of plantains!

Overall, I had an incredible experience in Bahia and would recommend it to you all if you ever have the opportunity! But if going is something that is not feasible then consider contributing money or supplies if possible.

WPGI has a GoFundMe page where you can donate .
You can also check out the following links: Walking Palms Global Initiative or the Center for Global Health website:

Ecuador, 2016

For more information about future trips contact either Joseph Domachowske MD ( or Christina Lupone MPH ("

Outstanding Service Recognition

The Annual Pediatric Departmental Holiday Party was held on December 7th. As has become a department tradition, Dr. Welch presented the annual Pediatric Outstanding Service Recognition Award. This year's award recipient was Molly McCoy from Respiratory Care Services. As Dr. Welch explained, this award is given to someone who exemplifies what we are all about. Molly received a certificate, a plaque, and a gift card as her award. Congratulations, Molly, for this well-deserved honor.

Thanks from the ED

Drs. Welch and Kennedy received a letter from the Peds ED thanking our pediatric residents for their hard work and excellent service that they provide on a daily basis in the ED. You can read Dr. Richie Cantor’s full letter of appreciation at the link below:

OttoTHON followup

Lorie Riedl followed up on last month's exciting report of OttoTHON by providing the names of staff who participated in the 2016 event. Thanks to Dr. McCabe, Sue Stred, Linda McAleer, Liz Sapio, Dr. Welch and Dr. Comito. OttoTHON, which was held Nov. 6, ended up raising more than $111,000 for the GCH.

GCH Guest Appearances at OttoTHON

PEA Awards Follow-up

Upstate Online wrote a great article describing this year’s PEA Award ceremony and those who were honored.

Pictured is Rockin' Resident of the Year, Khalia Grant

Pediatric Stars-of-the-Month

December was a busy month for Pediatric Stars. First, third-year resident Janice Verbosky was nominated for a star after all of her technology failed her right as she was starting her Grand Rounds PL3 talk to a room full of people. When the computer decided, independently, that was time to update, Janice went on to give an outstanding presentation without use of any technology. Everyone was extremely impressed with how she handled this so professionally and graciously.

Two other residents, Dalia Eid, and Anuja Khettry were nominated for stars after helping out on an interview day when one of the interviewers had to call in sick. They each gave up some elective time on extremely short notice (count back from 10) to help out with applicant tours.

Janice, Dalia, and Anuja, please stop by UH 5803 to pick a prize from Lisa Blystone’s Star prize cabinet!

Snowflakes and Thanks!

Maggie Zick
The Child Life Team would like to say a big thank you to all of the staff and volunteers that helped make this year's Snowflake Central another giant success. Snowflake Central is the Child Life Team's way of spreading holiday cheer to our patients and families during the month of December. We all know that a child's hospitalization is a huge stressor for our families. Now imagine trying to get your holiday shopping done while you have a sick child in the hospital. Our hope for Snowflake Central is to alleviate some of the added stress the holidays might bring to our hospitalized families. With the unbelievable amount of donations we receive from the community for our pediatric patients during the month of December, we open the doors to Snowflake Central for one week - a store that doesn't cost a penny. The caregivers of our patients are able to shop for their hospitalized child and any other children they may have at home, completely free of charge. They can use the items they "buy" to celebrate the holidays in whatever way they think is best for their family. No more guessing what a child likes or what holiday a family celebrates; we put all of the power into the hands of our families. It is truly a wonderful time of the year!

Snowflake Central - photo by Kathleen Paice Froio

Welcome Melissa Al Shareef

Our former chief resident, Ibraheem (a.k.a. Bob) Al Shareef shared a picture of the newest addition to the family. Melissa arrived on 9/26/16 and joined her big sister, Asma. Ibraheem and his family are living in California and are all doing very well there (we are pretty sure he does not miss the snow). Congratulations, Bob, on this beautiful new member of the family!

Melissa Al Sharreef

1/4 Bob Hingre
1/8 Danyal Thaver
1/11 Timothy Bright
1/13 John Andrake
1/16 Danice Kuruvilla
1/20 John Friedman, Iman Naimi
1/25 Nienke Dosa
1/29 Matt Pittelli

Late Breaking News: Here Comes the Bride (and Groom)

The Crier delayed publication by a few days so we could be the first major media outlet to report on the New Year’s Eve wedding which joined two of our Pediatric Faculty in marriage! Congratulations to Drs. Tamer Ahmed and Jody Sima (and their seven kids)!

Congratluations, Tamer and Jody

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