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Volume 18, No. 4, April, 2015

Beyond the Doctorate

On March 11th, two pediatric residents represented the department well at the annual "Beyond the Doctorate" research presentation day. Steve Hicks and Marie Jose Moubarak both had posters on display. Congratulations, Steve and Marie Jose!

Marie Jose Moubarak, her program director, and her "Beyond the Doctorate" poster

Best of the Best!

On March 13th, Steve received notification from the GME office that his poster was selected as the most outstanding poster presentation at the 2015 Beyond the Doctorate Research Day. Dr. Grant wrote, "This selection was not an easy decision as there were a number of excellent posters. Your poster scored highly in organization/clarity, originality, methodology and overall conclusion. Your study also had a well-formulated hypothesis, received grant funding and had real clinical applications. We would like to showcase your poster starting on Monday, March 16, 2015 along with the post-doctoral winner poster in the Cancer Center Hallway."

Steve Hicks and the "Most Outstanding Poster Presentation"

We are so proud of both of our pediatric researchers!

Match Day Celebrations

As almost everyone now knows, we were delighted to fill all of our spots in this year's match, with 13 excellent candidates! As they did last year, UPAC decided to celebrate match day with a potluck party in honor of all of our new incoming interns (who obviously couldn’t be at the party, but at least they got a photo of the event and the food eaten on their behalf).

UPAC welcomes the intern class of 2015

We are looking forward to a great year!

New Faculty Reception

The Pediatric Faculty took time out of their busy schedules, and drove across town on a blustery night in March, to honor several of our new 2014 faculty. The reception was held at Eve's Carriage Barn and the new faculty who were recognized included Drs. Amy Caruso Brown, KinKee Henry Chung, Nicole DeRosa, Katie Fry, Deborah Goldman, Dongmei Huang, Federico Nievas, Joseph Resti, and Jennfer Stanger.

Pediatric Gold

Congratulations, again, to Dr. Brad Olson who received the 2015 "Gold Standard Award" at the Celebration of the Faculty on Thursday, March 12 at 5:00 PM in the IHP.

Brad Olson accepting his Gold Standard Award

Khalia's Grant

Congratulations to Khalia Grant! The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Committee of Federal Government Affairs awarded her a scholarship to the 2015 Legislative Conference on Capitol Hill on April 12-14.

Camels, Goats, and Pediatricians

Our third year resident Caitlin Stiglmeier spent four weeks in India on an international career path rotation. We are hoping for more pictures and details but we received a note from her on March 17th shortly after arriving: "Just wanted to drop you a line to say I'm alive and doing well in India - seeing lots of newborns and kids with malnutrition admitted to our malnutrition center, as well as starting to get my field work started. I'm visiting migrant communities in the area and collecting data on their health as well as their migration patterns. Today they invited me up on their carts (laden with everything in life that they own- including all their family members, 3 goats, and 5 bed frames) that was being pulled by a camel. A CAMEL! And it was incredible. I'll try to send more updates but my days are pretty busy and internet connection is only available in one little office in the hospital ,which isn't always available. But I'm safe and loving it!"

First picture from Caitlin's rotation in India

Update: On March 30th, Caitlin sent the following, "We've been pretty busy here at the hospital- we held a free clinic for women and children for International Women's Day- saw about 50 kids on Saturday morning! It was incredible." Stay tuned for more of Caitlin's adventures next month.

Mid-Winter Peds Resident Party

As reported last month, the pediatric housestaff and faculty enjoyed a night of fun, food, dancing at the Dinosaur BBQ on 2/27 thanks to the generosity of a number our faculty. The faculty not only sponsored the residents financially but several also covered the floors so everyone who wanted to attend could be there.

Mid-Winter Memories

Let Them All Eat Cake

Everyone ate cake at the retirement party held for Dr. Richie Sills at the Cancer Center on March 16th. The theme was (of course) NYC. In attendance was staff from the Center for Children's Cancer and Blood Disorders outpatient clinic as well Golisano Children's Hospital 11G, pharmacy, retired Hem/Onc staff and Pediatric Administration. Keynote speaker was Dr. Gloria Kennedy who gave a wonderful speech full of great details regarding his time here.

A New York City Retirement Party

And, yes, the "champagne bucket" pictured below is an entirely edible cake. It reportedly tasted as good as it looked (after long debate about cutting this masterpiece)! It was provided by Ivy League Confections' cake artist Ayana Kimi. The party also included a piñata that Dr. Sills took all his parting frustrations out on (and got candy for his efforts). Meanwhile, we were told that Irene Sills was hard at work seeing patients. We wonder if she at least got a leftover piece of cake.

Richie Sills' Retirement Cake

In the News: ran a fantastic article on Winter Wonderland last month. Winter Wonderland was the CATCH grant awarded to Ryan Kwong and Vanessa Orrego. Then on Sunday, March 15th, the Syracuse Post Standard also featured one of the pictures. Note that neither Ryan nor Vanessa are available for autographs at this time.

GCH Goes Orange

On 3/25, SU's basketball coach Jim Boeheim, his wife Juli and the team visited pediatric patients and staff at the Upstate Cancer Center and GCH. They signed posters and T-shirts and spent some time just hanging out with the kids. Our very own Barb Delaney was there to get pictures (and autographs). Thanks to the SU team for bringing some cheer and some orange to the GCH!

The SU Basketball Team visits the GCH

Child Life Month

The month of March was Child Life month and it was filled with all kinds of exciting special events including Irish Dancers, Disney Day, a visit from the MOST, Double H Ranch, magic, face painting and much more. March 4th was Superhero Day during Child Life month. One superhero was spotted in clinic (those are superman pants, by the way). The GCH is fortunate to have such a world class team of Child Life Specialists who we appreciate year-round.

The GCH child life team celebrates Child Life Month

The GCH child life specialists are, from left, Sue Karl, Margaret Nellis, Rachel Hannon, Marsha Kernan, Gina Lozito, Brielle Swerdlin, Eliizabeth Kinsley, Jon Crowder, Jamie Cary, Margaret Zick and Clare Arezina For more about Child Life month visit Upstate Online.

Manipulating Students

Our very own Melissa Jones (PL1) was contacted by her medical school, Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine and asked to speak at an event at SUNY Oswego on March 11th for undergrad students who are interested in medicine. She was asked to speak about osteopathic medicine and do some demonstrations of osteopathic manipulative therapy (OMT). Melissa tells the Crier: "I'm excited about it! A nice melding of LECOM and SUNY, two places I'm proud to be attached to.” After the event, Melissa reported that she had a wonderful time in Oswego and the students seemed to enjoy it too!

Melissa Jones giving an osteopathic demonstration at SUNY Oswego

Welcome Baby O'Malley

Congratulations to Jenica on the birth of John Francis O'Malley - 8lbs 12oz at 8:48am on March 24th. Note that the Crier received the birth announcement before Noon of the same day! Mom and baby are doing great! (picture coming soon)

Welcome, Natalie Czarina Hanna

Congratulations to former resident Christian Hanna who is the proud father of baby girl Natalie Czarina Hanna born on 3/11/15. Christian tells the Crier, “We are so blessed and pleased to have Natalie in our life. I will share photos with you soon”. (We’ll hold him to it!).

OttoThon Followup

Drs. Beth Nelsen and Prateek Wali represented the department at the SU dance marathon which benefited the GCH. Dr. Nelsen received the following stats: “Many, many thanks for taking the time on your Saturday evening to join us at OttoTHON. The comments you shared resonated with the dancers and our families. As you probably heard, it was a huge success, raising over $84,000- here are a couple of stats that as Syracuse alumni, you will be happy to know OttoTHON raised the highest amount of any first-year marathon in the Northeast (National average is $18,000 - $22,000. Go Orange!). OttoTHON broke the record of the largest number of participants in a first-year marathon. Nationally, it raised the third highest total amount for a first time marathon. And, we beat Duke on the total raised for their first year.

Heartwalk, 2015

Congratulations to all of the teams who got out there and participated in the Heartwalk on March 28th but special kudos to the UPAC team pictured below who raised over $600. Way to go, ladies!

Team UPAC: Lisa Winker, Laurie Clouston,
Terry Morse, Diandra Cano, Joyce baker and Sue Black

Gael of the Year

In case you missed it in person, Frank Smith seemed to enjoy his role as Gael of the year at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade on March 14th. He was joined by several friends, faculty and residents, and pretty much anyone else wearing green. Crouse Hospital also recognized their very own Gael on their float.

gch gch
Gael Pictures from the St. Patrick's Day Parade

Peds to Parents

Don't miss the latest Peds to Parents blog written by Rhonda Butler and Arielle Spears.

Carried Away!

Congratulations to Carrie Brindisi-Greene who will be leaving us after 22 years of service to our department. She will officially be retiring on May 1, 2015 and we wish her the very best!

April Events:

  • 4/15 - Pediatric Research Day (Platforms at 8 AM and Posters from 8 to 10:30 AM)
  • 4/25-28 – PAS meetings – San Diego

4/1 Brittney Whitford
4/10 Sara Tarolli
4/11 Carrie Brindisi Greene
4/19 Katie Fry
4/20 Mide Ajagbe
4/21 Carol Plumley
4/24 Jenica O’Malley

And to all a good night.

Clifford Atticus Clarry (aka Grandchild #5)

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