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Volume 20, No. 3, March 2017

New Faculty: Welcome Dr. Rothman

crierPediatric Neurology welcomes its newest faculty member, Dr. Steven Rothman, The Crier is pleased to share this exclusive interview with Dr. Rothman:

I am excited to be back in Syracuse and part of the Upstate Pediatric Neurology Division. I grew up in Syracuse, graduating from Nottingham High (1966) and Upstate (1973). After internship and residency in pediatrics at the University of Minnesota, I moved to St Louis in 1975 for residency in pediatric neurology at Washington University. I was unfortunately detained there until 2007. Much of my time at Washington University was focused on laboratory research on the biology of neuronal death and more recently on the pathophysiology of epilepsy. Our observations on the effect of cooling on epilepsy may reach a clinical trial in the next two years. I taught and did epilepsy research at the University of Minnesota from 2007 – 2011. In 2011 I returned to St Louis and joined two other pediatric neurologists who provided care in a large multispecialty hospital system. I was happy to be invited back to Syracuse to attend and teach part time on the pediatric neurology service.

My wife Lynne just took a "sabbatical" after 30 years in clinical psychology practice. My daughter Kate is in her first year of graduate school in clinical psychology and my son Jonathan works in the admissions office of his college alma mater. All of us, plus a pack of three large dogs, are still based in St Louis, where our fortunes wax and wane with the Cardinals. — Steve Rothman

The GCH Child Abuse Fellowship

Congratulations to Drs. Ann Botash and Alicia Pekarsky on having their application for a child abuse pediatrics fellowship approved by the ACGME. The GCH, in collaboration with the McMahon Ryan Child Advocacy Center, will now be able to offer an ACGME-accredited 3-year fellowship in child abuse pediatrics. That is huge and exciting news so the Crier asked Dr. Botash for a little more information about the fellowship. Dr. Botash wrote, “The child abuse fellowship program is among only four other programs in the Northeastern United States. I was encouraged to apply by Dr. Laraque- Arena. She started the first accredited fellowship in New York State and had given me guidance in our steps toward the accreditation.

There are up to 20 calls per day to the Onondaga County Child Abuse Hotline. Medical care for abused children is complex and consultation by medical, investigative, and law enforcement colleagues are best met by child abuse sub-specialists. Yet, there are only 350 American Board of Pediatrics certified child abuse pediatricians in the United States. This newly accredited program will train one pediatrician per year.

We are in the process of looking for grant funding for our first position in July 2018. Alicia and I are really excited to offer this program and anticipate getting some great applicants. One of the interesting and compelling things about our fellowship is that we are going to have the ability to collaborate with researchers across the institution, work on advocacy issues right here in our region and train pediatrician leaders who can become hospitalists or pediatric generalists as well as child abuse pediatricians. We can craft the curriculum based on the applicant's interests. The program is 50 percent clinical, 50% research/advocacy and will prepare physicians for a rich career in child abuse pediatrics as a leader in clinical care, as an educator to colleagues and the community, and as a researcher in prevention and treatment."

The GHC Child Life Internship Program

The Crier learned that the GCH Child Life Internship Program recently earned full accreditation! Gina Lozito shared the following details of just how impressive this accomplishment was:

"The Child Life Council Clinical Internship Accreditation assures that an internship program meets the standards and requirements established for clinical preparation programs in child life. Accreditation is a voluntary two-step process of self-study and external review intended to evaluate, enhance, and publicly recognize quality child life clinical internship programs, promoting the interests of students and the child life profession as a whole through continuous quality improvement of learning and professional practice.

An accredited internship improves standards and quality of care by providing the highest caliber of clinical training. We improve our program's credibility by demonstrating our specialized knowledge and expertise to peers, management, and interdisciplinary colleagues. Our internship program currently is the only program in upstate New York that has been accredited!"

President DeRosa

crierThe Crier recently learned that our very own Dr. Nicole DeRosa, who is a faculty member in child development and works in our Family Behavior Analysis clinic has just been named President Elect of the New York State Association for Behavior Analysis (NYSABA). NYSABA. is the state chapter of the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI), which is an organization focused on the philosophy, science, and teaching of behavior analysis. NYSABA seeks to promote the analytical science of behavior and its associated technologies, as well as the professional practice of behavior analysis in NY State. Dr. DeRosa was elected to the position of President-Elect for the organization following a two-year term as Secretary. The President-Elect position is part of the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors for NYSABA. In this role, Dr. DeRosa will become further oriented with the roles and responsibilities of the position of President and to the priorities and goals of the Board. Following a two-year term as President-Elect, Dr. DeRosa will then succeed to the office of President, followed by the office of Past President, each of which are also two-year terms. In addition to her role as President Elect for NYSABA, Dr. DeRosa also serves as the Compliance Committee chair, which aims to ensure the organization stays up-to-date and in line with rules and regulations for non-profit organizations in NY State. Congratulations, Nicole!

Annual Mid-Winter Party

Thanks, once again, to the generosity of our Pediatric Faculty, the residents and several faculty members were able to enjoy a lovely night of food, friendship, dancing, and Dinosaur BBQ, on February 3rd. There are too many faculty members to name individually but we thank you all so much for helping to make this possible. Thanks to Melissa Jones who took charge of the music, the playlist, and in getting people up to join her on the dance floor. And finally, a very big thanks, too, to Jennifer Morrison, our chief resident who made it all happen! We couldn’t have done it without her.

The 2017 Mid-Winter Party at the Dinosaur

Poster Girl!

Dr. Karjoo made an interesting discovery while surfing the Upstate website. He discovered that the poster created by former resident Helena Gutierrez is being used as the poster layout guideline used by the Upstate Medical Illustration team. We are proud of Helena but also share the link as a helpful sample and guideline to making a great poster. -

Two-Fer Iman

Speaking of Posters, congratulations to Iman Naimi who started some cardiology research in his first year, and was just notified last month that two separate abstracts were accepted as platform presentations. He will be presenting "Long Term (25 years) Efficacy of Percutaneous Balloon Pulmonary Valvuloplasty in Pediatric Patients: A Multi-Center Study” at the PAS meeting in San Francisco, and “Increased incidence of severe pulmonary valve insufficiency up to 25 years after balloon pulmonary valvuloplasty: A multicenter study” at - The Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions in New Orleans. Both conferences are in May. Congratulations, Iman!

Child Life SU Theme Day

As March will be Child Life Month, the Child Life team would like to invite all the pediatric staff to participate in an SU theme day. During the week of March 7th (date TBA), all inpatient and outpatient units may partake. The unit with the highest percentage of staff wearing orange will received a “snack attack” prize. There will a prize for both large and small groups. The exact date will be decided based on when SU will be playing in the NCAA tournament. Check with your Child Life Specialist or Nurse Manager to be counted! Grab your group, take a picture, and email it to Patty Mondore along with the percentage of staff participating. That is how the prizes will be awarded. If there is a tie, they will pick randomly. Winners will announced in next month's Crier.

Another GCH Winning Photo

Last month we reported how the GCH had a winning entry in the annual Children's Hospital Association photo contest. Dr. Welch announced that we actually have a second winner this year. The picture below was taken by Bob Meacava. It, too, will become part of a traveling exhibit of winning photos from hospitals all over the US.

Bob Meacava's winning photo

Congratulations, Bob! What a beautiful picture! For more on the traveling photo exhibit, see Upstate Online.

Endangered Species?

One of our geneticists, Dr. Joan Pellegrino recently learned the following about her profession:

"According to the American Board of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ABMGG), there are currently 316 biochemical geneticists of which 255 are clinical biochemical geneticists and only 61 are medical biochemical geneticists. It would not be a far stretch to think that about half of them will be physicians actually currently seeing patients with inherited metabolic diseases (or 1 physician per 2,000.000 population). That prevalence of physicians seeing metabolic patients compares only slightly positively to the Florida Panther, an animal listed as 'critically endangered' with less than 180 animals currently alive. The growth rate of the number of Florida Panthers is fortunately on the rise, but it is not certain that this is true for the biochemical geneticists."

Two endangered species?

March Dates to Remember:

  • Beyond the Doctorate Research Day - March 1st. Our very own Hassan El Chebib will be doing a platform presentation at 1 PM. Jasmin Moradi and Beth Krieger will each have a poster at the poster session starting at 4:30 (with snacks!). For more info visit Upstate Online.
  • Match Day –March 17th

In the News

Dr. Welch was recently interviewed by WSTM NBC3 to talk about Caffeine and the danger of Energy drinks. You can view the interview at:

Thanks to Kathleen Paice Froio for capturing the interview in this photo

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