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Volume 18, No. 7, July, 2015

Housestaff Appreciation

On June 10th the residents gathered together one last time as a group for the Annual Housestaff Appreciation Dinner at the Crowne Plaza. The guests-of-honor (Class of 2015) were easily identified by their purple and white Hawaiian leis (compliments of Caitlin's mom). As always, the evening started off with the award presentations and there were many this year:

Special Awards:

  • Outstanding Pediatric Office Teaching Award – Jennifer Sacks, M.D.
  • Rookie of the Year Award – Beth Krieger
  • Special Appreciation Award – Mary MacBlane, NP
  • Pediatric Faculty Award – Ellen McHugh, M.D.
  • Pediatric Nursing Award – Mark Watson, RN
  • Kunal Sawale Award – Erin Donahue
  • The Golden Syringe Award – Angela Pericozzi

Housestaff Teaching Awards

The annual resident teaching awards are determined by the clerkship students. This year's winners are as follows:


  • 1st - Katie Lewinter
  • 2nd - Sunny Kainth
  • 3rd - Megan Pinnamaneni


  • 1st - Christopher DeLaney
  • 2nd - Joyce Saliba
  • 3rd - Sarah Morse


  • 1st - Josh McBride
  • 2nd - Evelyne Khoriaty
  • 3rd - Vanessa Orrego

And of course the best awards of all were the Certificates of Completion for our 13 third (and 4th) year residents who are now official Pediatricans.

Class of 2015

Since Mark Watson was not able to be at the dinner, the Pediatric Residents took it upon themselves to track him down on the floor and present him with his award (thanks to Dalia for the pictorial evidence of this event).

Mark's own private award ceremony

In with the New!

Class of 2018

Even as we were saying our goodbyes to our seniors, the Pediatric Residency Class of 2018 arrived and spent a week getting oriented to life in Syracuse. The new intern picnic in Jamesville was an opportunity for residents and faculty to get to meet them. It was also where the winning team of the annual intern scavenger hunt was announced. After a third tie-breaking game of charades, it was Team Keil-Rashed-Beg-Rohlfing- Luyt that pressed on ahead to victory. Thankfully, they did not it go to their heads…. much.

Intern Scavenger Hunt and Charade Winners! (Don't mess with them!)

Retirement Reception

Several beloved faculty members said their goodbyes after many years of being part of the peds family. They were honored at a reception on June 2nd at the Century Club. Those honored included Drs. Vicki Meguid, Richie and Irene Sills, Ran Anbar, and Kevin Ragosta. Professional photographer, Dr. Manny Karjoo added the following:
“Five Outstanding Pediatricians are retiring from July 1, 2015. Dr. Welch, Chair of Pediatrics arraigned a retirement dinner meeting on June 1st at the Century Club for all. In the picture from left to right are Drs. Victoria Meguid, Ran Anbar, Kevin Ragosta, Richie Sills and Irene Sills. Good luck to them in their retirement! - Manny Karjoo”

Best wishes Drs. Meguid, Anbar, Ragosta, Sills and Sills

We wish them all the very best!

Retirement Party

There was more than one celebration on June 10th. Earlier in the day, UPAC had a Retirement party for Dr. Vicki Meguid. Drs. Welch, Blatt and Weinberger shared some lovely thoughts and Dr. Botash read the poem she wrote. And of course everyone had plenty to eat in Dr. Meguid’s honor.

Vicki's UPAC send-off


Last month, the Crier reported on the AOA Award that Christopher DeLaney received from the Medical Students. This month we have the photographic evidence of Christopher accepting his award at the Annual AOA Banquet and Induction Ceremony on 5/15 which was presented by AOA student Erica Brenner. The awardees are voted on by the AOA students. Election is based on continued academic achievement, leadership, professionalism, service, teaching, and research, with special emphasis on commitment and excellence in teaching of medical students. Congratulations, again, Christopher.

Our AOA Winner!

Meet-and-Greet with Jennifer

The GCH welcoms Jennifer Speicher, the new GCH Administrator who will be officially starting on July 9th. Jennifer is a graduate of Maxwell School at Syracuse University where she obtained a master's degree in Public Administration with Advanced Certificate in Health Systems Management and Policy. Jennifer comes to us from the Advisory Board Company where she was the Director of Revenue Cycle. She has also been employed by Medtronics and Pfizer Labs. You can come and welcome Jennifer in person on Tuesday, July 14th in 11405AB from 9:00 AM to 9:45 AM. Please stop by to introduce yourself and enjoy some snacks!

Most Promising!

Former resident Rana El Feghaly (Class of 2010) shared a picture of a plaque she received from her institution where she is a Peds ID faculty member. We are not surprised but so proud of her! Congratulations, Rana!

Rana's "Most Promising Junior Faculty" Award


Drs. Kennedy and Nelsen as guest speakers at the SAS

Drs. Kennedy and Nelsen made a special visit on May 15th to the Syracuse Academy of Science to speak with 8th graders about what it takes to be a pediatrician. They answered their questions about how much school is involved, and how much you make when you're done. Dr. Kennedy also showed the students some pictures of MRI brains that showed brain tumors, and also explained more about what it's like to take care of kids with cancer. Dr. Nelsen tells the Crier, "The kids were quite receptive to what we had to say to them. Afterwards we were lucky enough to get a tour of the school from the principal. They place a heavy emphasis on STEM education and getting kids into college. I was impressed that they get fewer dollars per student than other kids in the Syracuse City School District, yet they are able to do so much more with it. There's also a big waiting list to get in, and entry is determined by lottery. Overall it was a unique experience - for both us and the students."

SAS Students enjoyed learning about careers in pediatrics

Tying the Knot

Andrea Clarry (nurse on 11G and daughter of Sherri Clarry) and Sam Chavarria were married on Saturday, June 6, 2015 at the Geneva Events Center in Geneva, New York. It was a perfect day for a wedding and a beautiful venue and no one fell in the lake! Mother of the bride was a little worried with all the grandchildren running around. Pictured are Andrea, Elias and Sam. We wish the three of them the very best!

Congratulations Andrea and Sam

Osteopathy for Peds Residents

The following is a picture taken of Melissa Jone’'s PL1 talk. In reality, this probably isn’t quite what a typical intern lecture looks like. But the residents seemed to really get into it.

A Typical PL1 Conference Talk

Best Wishes

As we say our final goodbyes to our graduating third years and the faculty who are leaving, we close with this picture of Dr. Ragosta and Asma Al Shareef who were finding their own way to enjoy the housestaff appreciation dinner. We wish you all the very best! Stay in touch!

Asma showing Dr. Ragosta the ropes

7/6 Robin Jodoin
7/9 Liz Quigley
7/14 Karen Teelin
7/20 Robyn Borzuk, Jana Shaw
7/23 Chris Kuehnle
7/29 Kendall Luyt

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