Pediatric Clerkship

Student On-line Evaluation of Pediatric Clerkship

  • Before the end of each clerkship, you will be emailed a survey link and asked to complete the Student Evaluation of Pediatric Clerkship. It is your opportunity to give us necessary feedback about the Pediatric Clerkship. We value your observations. Among other things, we give prizes for teaching to our residents based entirely on your evaluations. The data you enter is saved with no identification, and no one will be able to determine who you are from your information.

Finding articles in the scholarly literature

  • Medline from Upstate (options include PubMed & Ovid) PubMed is accessible from anywhere. Ovid has some restrictions if you are off campus, but can give you full text for 86 journals, including Pediatrics and J. of Pediatrics. If you plan to access the library from off campus using a commercial Internet Service Provider, call the library for a LEAP password to access Ovid.

Pediatric Journals, Magazines, and Newspapers On Line

Other Teaching Materials

Other Lists of Links for Pediatrics

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