Division of Research and Academic Development

The Division of Research and Academic Development (RAD) in the Department of Family Medicine at SUNY Upstate Medical University covers several key areas, and takes a broad view of the concepts of research, academics, and development. The RAD conducts a number of research projects that are housed completely within the division, serves as a core with which other DFM faculty members may consult for research design and analysis questions, and is a collaborator with researchers from around the country.

  • Christopher P. Morley, PhD, MA, CAS, Vice Chair for Research

Faculty academic interests within the division and within the department include practice improvement and practice-based research networks, preventive interventions, medical ethics, medical education, integrative care, medical social sciences, health disparities, and health policy, and we pursue research in all of these areas. Research as we employ the term therefore spans beyond traditional concepts to include practice improvement and educational innovations on a localized scale.

Additionally, we view academic development to include not only the identification of funding for new or existing endeavors, but also to include the promotion of scholarship, publication and presentation, and to more broadly defined contributions to knowledge and practice of health, medicine and medical education.

The Division of Research and Academic Development is also committed to employing the skills contained within the division that are typically associated with "research" to aid and assist the missions of the other divisions within our department, such as:

  • Survey design and implementation
  • Data analysis
  • Focus group and in-depth interviewing
  • Grant writing


The following resources may be of assistance in defining the scope of research that has been and continues to be performed by Family Medicine faculty at SUNY Upstate:

Research resource pages

  • The Center for Evidence-Based Medicine web page has been taken down; we will replace it with a resource page for evidence-based practice in the near future;
  • Qualitative Method resources and links

Other Programs of Interest

Students interested in working with Family Medicine faculty may be interested in exploring the following programs:

  • SPARC - Scholarly Pairings for Academic and Research Collaboration
  • REEH- Research Experience in Ethics and Health