Prerequisites and Scheduling

Prior to beginning RMED, the student is required to complete the Medicine clerkship. Other required clerkships may be satisfied prior to beginning the program, at the rural site, at the discretion of the respective departments granting clerkship credit, or after completing the program.

The duration of RMED is 36 academic weeks spanning the third and fourth years. Depending on schedule arrangement, Syracuse campus students begin in period F or G of the third year and for 19-40 weeks depending on the student's chosen options (RMED Prime or taking an away elective during RMED, etc.). Binghamton Clinical Campus students follow a similar pattern starting period C1. An example of a RMED student's 3rd and 4th year schedule can be found on  Curriculum.

Regardless of the specific schedule adopted, in all cases, the student completes all required and elective courses in the appropriate time frame and graduates on time with their classmates.