FAMP1638 Applied Evidence Based Medicine


John Smucny, MD, (464-6960). 475 Irving Avenue, Suite 200, Syracuse, NY 13210
Contact Person
Successful Completion of the Family Medicine Clerkship
Maximum Number of Students
Periods Offered
5, 6, 11, 12
Weekly Activities
Outpatient contact, guided independent learning and brief projects.
Elective Description
The goals of this elective are to improve a student's knowledge and skills in Evidence Based Medicine. Students will spend a majority of their time in the Family Practice office in Suite 300, Madison-Irving Medical Center. They will begin each half-day by seeing patients under the supervision of Family Medicine Attending Physicians. As opportunities arise, students will perform the steps of EBM- 1) ask an answerable clinical question, 2) track down the best evidence to answer the question, 3) appraise the validity of the evidence, 4) translate the evidence into clinical practice recommendatiosn for that patient, and 5) evaluate the effectiveness of steps 1-4. Students will gain expertise in using both print material and electronic databases, and learn the advantages and disadvantages of various sources of information. Students will also improve their abilities to appraise journal articles and to rapidly understand and apply the statistics that are reported. They will be expected to write brief evidence reports that summarize the quality answers to clinical questions raised by other students or attendings in the office, the inpatient service, and the community.
A reading list will be available.
Criteria for Evaluation of Performance
Brief Reports
Is Performance Discussed With Student?
Yes, during the course and at the end of the course..