FAMP1632 Family Medicine Continuity of Care Preceptorship


To be arranged, added or dropped through John Smucny, MD (464-6990). 475 Irving Avenue, Suite 200, Syracuse, NY 13210
Contact Person
Completion of three years of medical school.
Maximum Number of Students
Periods Offered
1 - 12
Weekly Activities
Seminars and conferences, inpatient and outpatient contacts.
Elective Description
This elective is available on a one-half day per week basis for the entire senior year and can be taken concurrently with other courses. Students work under the direct supervision of Family Medicine faculty in the faculty practice. On-going care is provided to preceptor's patients, including infants and children, adolescents, adults and senior adults. Obstetrics may be included, depending on preceptor. Patients may be followed into the hospital and throughout their hospital stay. Students will develop skills in diagnosis and maangement of common ambulatory problems, ongoing relationship with families, and learn the role of the family in health maintenance and development and management of illness.
Suggested texts: Specific textbooks are not required. Students should read about the patients they encounter.
Criteria for Evaluation of Performance
Progress in development of clinical knowledge, skills and attitudes.
Is Performance Discussed With Student?
Yes, during and at the end of the course.