Login for your Family Medicine Clerkship Curriculum

This ambulatory-based clerkship provides training in the basic tenets of primary, family-based care. Clinical preventive medicine and the treatment of acute and chronic diseases are emphasized in both clinical and didactic aspects of the clerkship.

What are the goals of the clerkship?

The goals of the clerkship are for every medical student to:

  • have point-of-care training in a family doctor's office
  • demonstrate competence in the core knowledge and skills of family medicine
  • understand the role of the family physician
  • understand the difference between an acute care office visit, a chronic care office visit and a preventive care office visit

Additionally, students will recognize that high quality information, balanced with patient preferences and clinical judgement, is the basis for intelligent decision making. Developing an understanding of the intellectual process and acquiring the skills for life-long learning will assist students in achieving the goals of the Family Medicine Clerkship.