Executive Committee Membership Roster 2016-2017

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Academic Affairs

  • Cleary, Lynn, MD

Basic Science Departments

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

  1. Vacant

Cell and Developmental Biology

  1. Vilburn, Matthew, PhD

Microbiology and Immunology

  1. Shillitoe, Edward, PhD

Neuroscience and Physiology

  1. Hu, Huaiyu, PhD


  1. Stein, Joseph, PhD

Binghamton Campus

  1. Boris, Lenore
  2. Dave, Rajesh, MD
  3. Prato, Dominick, MD
  4. Ryan, Christopher, MD
  5. Swoboda, Thomas, MD

Center for Bioethics & Humanities

  • Garden, Rebecca, PhD

Clinical Departments


  1. Sopchak, Andrew, MD

Emergency Medicine

  1. Cooney, Derek, MD
  2. Shaw, Eric, MD
  3. Wojcik, Susan, PhD ATC

Family Medicine

  1. Nanavati, Kaushal, MD

Internal Medicine

  1. Savici, Dana, MD


  1. Young, Eufrosina, PhD


  1. Gould, Grahame, MD

Obstetrics & Gynecology

  1. Agarwal, Rinki, MD


  1. Andrews, Anthony, MD

Orthopedic Surgery

  1. Vacant

Otolaryngology and Communication Sciences

  1. Nicholas, Brian, MD


  1. Landas, Steve, MD


  1. Teelin, Karen, MD

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

  1. Ward, Claudine, MD

Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

  1. O'Neill, Richard, PhD

Radiation Oncology

  1. Shapiro, Anna, MD


  1. Clark, Kimball, MD
  2. Adhikary, Ravi, MD
  3. Jawed, Mohammed, MD
  4. Krol, Andrzej, PhD


  1. Meier, Andreas, MD


  1. Bourboulia, Dimitra, PhD

College of Medicine

  • Trief, Paula, MD

Curriculum Office

  • Ko, Paul, MD, FACEP


  1. College of Medicine - Dewan, Mantosh, MD (interim)
  2. Student Affairs - White, Julie, PhD

Faculty Council Rep

  • Brenner, Jay, MD
  • Dosa, Nienke, MD, MPH
  • Garden, Rebecca, PhD

Faculty Senate Rep

  • Wojcik, Susan, PhD, ATC

Graduate Medical Education

  • Grant, William, EdD


  • Kindon, Rebecca

Office of the President

  • Laraque-Arena, Danielle, MD

Public Health and Preventive Medicine

  • Formica, Margaret, PhD

Student Rep

  • Klek, Michal


  • Lyon, Michael, PhD