Articles I - IV

Article I: Name

The name of the organization representing all Faculty members shall be Upstate Faculty.

Article II: Responsibility 2,3,4

The members of the Upstate Faculty have the obligation to participate significantly in the initiation, development and implementation of the educational programs of Upstate and be responsible for the conduct of Upstate's education, research and service programs.2(X:4) The Upstate Faculty members also vote on bylaw amendments, faculty senators and for members of standing committees.

Article III: Members

Membership of Upstate Faculty shall include: 2 (X:1)

  1. With Vote:2 (X:3)
    1. SUNY Chancellor and Upstate President
    2. Upstate Faculty with academic rank
    3. Upstate Faculty with qualified rank
    4. Research Foundation Faculty 2 (X:3a)
    5. Administrative officers with faculty appointments
  2. Without Vote:
    1. Voluntary Faculty who are not Research Foundation Faculty
    2. Administrative Officers in the classified service

Article IV: Officers

  1. Chair
    The President of Upstate Medical University shall serve as the chair of the Upstate Faculty in accordance with the SUNY Board of Trustees Bylaws 2 (X:2).
  2. Vice-Chair and Presiding Officer
    The Chairperson of the Upstate Faculty Council, the elected body of the Upstate Faculty, shall serve as the Vice-Chair and presiding officer of the Upstate Faculty.
    2 (X:3)
  3. Secretary
    The Secretary of the Upstate Faculty Council shall serve as the Secretary of the Upstate Faculty.