Councilor Roster

Membership Roster



Each College shall have equal representation

Voting Members of the Upstate Faculty Council shall be comprised of the 3 elected officers and 12 members called Councilors. Terms are 3 years.

      a.  4 SUNY University Faculty Senators
           i.  Make Faculty Senators a link to the Faculty Senator web page
      b.  2 members from the College of Medicine
      c.  2 members from the College of Health Professions
      d.  2 members from the College of Graduate Studies
      e.  2 members from the College of Nursing

Councilors shall be elected from the College of their primary appointment. Alternate Councilors are elected simultaneously with the Councilor for the same terms.

Officers – Voting

Term of office shall be one year.  An Officer may serve two consecutive terms, after which he/she shall not be eligible to serve in the same office until one year has elapsed, with the exception of the Secretary who may serve three consecutive terms.