Information for Medical Professionals

Contact: Dr. Anthony Andrews
Phone: 315 464-5252

The Center for Retina Care welcomes retina referrals.

Dr. Andrews has a long and proud history of working closely with other medical professionals.

At all times, except when Dr. Andrews is involved in a surgery, he is available for immediate consultation.

Dr. Andrews makes time in his schedule every day to handle urgent add-ons and is happy to see same-day referrals. He will call with the results of the exam and will keep in close contact with phone calls and letters.

Dr. Andrews works to make the people you refer to him comfortable. He talks directly with people at all times to make sure they understand the situation and feel confident in the course of action. He invites questions and always answers them to the person's satisfaction.

Dr. Andrews respects each of his referring doctors. He works as part of the team assembled by the medical provider. Although a retina specialist, Dr. Andrews can arrange all levels of specialty eye care, but will not do so until he consults with the primary medical professional.

For more information or to speak with Dr. Andrews please contact us at 315 464-5252.