Information Technology Steering Committee—
Electronic Communications Implementation Team

  • Joseph Smith, Educational Communications, Co-Chair
  • Darryl Geddes, Marketing and Communications, Co-Chair
  • Chuck Simpson, Student Affairs
  • Joan O'Brien, College of Health Professions
  • Richard Kilburg, Ambulatory Services Administration
  • Shelley White, Patient Access Services
  • Linda Glow, College of Nursing
  • Wendi Ackerman, Health Sciences Library
  • Leah Caldwell, Marketing and Communications
  • Carol Ceraldi, Educational Communications
  • Larry Polly, Educational Communications
  • Leola Roders, Hospital Administration
  • Barbara Guzik, Foundation Office
  • Vince Kuss, Medical Alumn
  • Frank Middleton, PhD, Neuroscience & Physiology
  • Joseph Sanger, PhD, Chair, Cell & Developmental Biology
  • Lorraine Manzella, University Medical Associate at Syracuse
  • Bridget Flanagan, University Medical Associate at Syracuse
  • Melanie Rich, Marketing and Communications
  • Mike Caselle, Decision Support System
  • Shannon Hayes, Information Management & Technology

Team Achievements

Terry Wagner