Employer of Choice Steering Committee

Team Sponsors:

  • Wanda Thompson, PhD
    Associate Senior Vice President of Operations,
    Office of the President


  • Eric Frost, Human Resources, Chair
  • Patty Brecht, Human Resources, Co-Chair
  • Paul Seale, Hospital Administration
  • Elvira Szigeti, PhD, Dean, College of Nursing
  • Greg Threatte, MD, Chairmen, Department of Pathology
  • Hugh Bonner, PhD, Dean, College of Health Professions
  • Kim Utter, Hospital Administration
  • Joni Hinds, Student Affairs
  • Lynn Cleary, MD, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Senior Associate Dean for Education, Curriculum Office
  • Eric Smith, Hospital Administration
  • Kate Mooney, Hospital Administration
  • Ad hoc:  Deb Stehle, Office of the President
  • Ad hoc:  Wanda Thompson, PhD