Clinical Enterprise Steering Committee

Team Sponsor

  • Phillip Schaengold, JD, MBA,
    Senior VP for Hospital Affairs/CEO University Hospital


  • Paul Seale, FACHE Chief Operating Officer, Chair
  • Katie Mooney, RN, MS, CNAA, Chief Nursing Officer, Chair
  • Robert Marzella, Hospital Administration
  • Lorraine Manzella, UMAS
  • Colleen O'Leary, MD, Strategic Planning Committee
  • John McCabe, MD, Inpatient Services Committee
  • Peter Cronkright, MD, Ambulatory Services Committee
  • Stephen Albanese, MD, Operative Services Committee/UMAS Chair
  • Gregory Threatte, MD, Finance Committee
  • Leonard Weiner, MD, Quality Council & Patient Safety
  • Andrea Manyon, MD, Chair, Family Medicine
  • Paul Cunningham, MD, Chair, Surgery
  • Richard Kilburg, Hospital Administration
  • Joyce Mackessy, Hospital Administration
  • Leola Rodgers, Hospital Administration
  • Lisa Hoyle, College of Nursing
  • Shelley White, Nursing
  • Ad hoc: Deb Stehle, Office of the President
  • Ad hoc: Terry Wagner, CIO, Information Management and Technology


  • Bi-monthly