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2012 Newsletter

December 2012

Issue 1

Upstate University Hospital


University Hospital

Emergency Management's mission is to give hospital personnel the support system they need to continue exemplary care to our patients, even during a disaster situation.

A newsletter for University Hospital Staff from the Department of Emergency Management

Upstate University Hospital

In this issue:

  • Current events in the Department of Emergency Management
  • Key accomplishments in 2012 and objectives for 2013 in Emergency Management

Current Events in the Department of Emergency Management

2012 has been a busy year for emergency management throughout the world. We continue to see events that affect a large amount of people such as Hurricanes, active shooters, drought, and wild fires. In addition to preparing for large scale emergencies we have to prepare for events that may effect fewer people but still have an impact to our facility. Events such as snow storms, power outage, water failure, and data systems interruptions have the potential to have a large effect if not prepared to respond. Upstate understands that Emergency Management requires attention to all hazards and continues to increase preparedness for any type of undesirable event.

Key Accomplishments of the Emergency Management program in 2012

  • Enhanced our decontamination education by providing staff with a more hands on approach.

Upstate University Hospital Decontamination Tent

  • Revision and facility wide distribution of the hospital's Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan. (CEMP) Changes to policies are made from recomendations out of exercises and real events.
  • Integration of emergency plans between the Downtown Campus and the Community Campus
  • Evacuation equipment training for all incoming staff and a refresher for current staff. Recent events such as Hurricane Sandy highlights the need to be prepared.


Objectives for the Emergency Management program in 2013

  • Enhance our Incident Command education.
  • Maintain continuous compliance with Emergency Management standards from DNV.
  • Enhance response to mass casualty and surge events.
  • Review and revise our business continuity plan.