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Research Highlight
Marvin Heyboer III, MD, FACEP

Marvin Heyboer III, MD, FACEP, FACCWS, UHM
Medical Director
Hyperbaric Medicine and
Wound Care Center

Vasculogenic Stem Cell Mobilization from Bone Marrow in Patients with Late Effect Radiation Injury Undergoing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: 2 ATA vs 2.5 ATA

Hyperoxic stimulation of Autologous Vasculogenic Stem Cell Mobilization (or stem/progenitor cells) from a patient’s bone marrow has been shown to play a pivotal role in resulting angiogenesis and wound healing. This study aims to quantitatively measure these vasculogenic stem cells released from the patient’s own bone marrow into the blood at 2 ATA versus 2.5 ATA in order to determine if there is any measurable benefit in hyperbaric oxygen treatment at 2.5 ATA over 2 ATA.