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Poison Emergency,
800 222-1222
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Medical Toxicology

Located at Upstate’s Downtown Campus, Upstate University Hospital is the first and only healthcare facility in the region to offer a Medical Toxicology Consultation service.

The service allows physicians and pharmacists with advanced training to be available for emergent cases immediately, upon request, to help in the diagnosis and evaluation of poisoned and toxic patients.

Additionally, the Medical Toxicology Consultation service sees outpatients in a clinic, by request of the primary physician.

In-Patient/Emergency Department

We see patients in the Emergency Department and in the hospital.

The Medical Toxicology Consultation service aims to improve poisoned and overdose patients overall care and medical efficiency in management by seeking to see these patients at their bedside in real-time. Studies suggest that this type of service results in decreased ICU stays and decrease overall length of stay for the patient. It is also cost efficient in that the patient needs fewer healthcare resources.

Most importantly, a medical Toxicology Service increases and enhances the level of specialty care needed for poisoned and overdosed patients.

Out-Patient Clinic

The medical Toxicology Consultation service also sees patients in a Upstate Downtown Campus clinic. This clinic provides a way to continue evaluation of both patients who have been discharged from the hospital and patients from the community.

The Out-Patient Toxicology sees patients who may have been or are being exposed to household chemicals, workplace chemicals, environmental exposures, drug reactions, metal joint replacements, or any other type of toxic exposure.

Appointments are made only after primary physician referral.

Contact us

Phone: 315-464-4910
Fax referrals to: 315-464-1538

Who are we?

Ross Sullivan MD
Ross Sullivan MD
Director, Medical Toxicology
Michael Hodgeman MD
Michael Hodgman MD
Medical Toxicologist
Michael Holland MD
Michael Holland MD
Medical Toxicologist
Christine Stork-Medicis PharmD
Christine Stork-Medicis PharmD
Clinical Toxicologist
Jeanna Marraffa PharmD
Jeanna Marraffa PharmD
Clinical Toxicologist
Brett Cherrington MD
Brett Cherington MD
Medical Toxicology Fellow
Robert Seabury PharmD
William Eggleston PharmD
Clinical Toxicologist