DNA Double Helix
DNA in Pipette
Cell with DNA
ABI 3100 Genetic Analyzer
Contact: Vicki Lyle
SUNY Upstate Medical University,
University Hospital
Room 4840,
750 East Adams Street, Syracuse, New York 13210
Phone: 315 464-6544
Email: lylev@upstate.edu
Hours: Monday–Friday,
9:00 am–5:00 pm

Handling the Results

Receiving Sequencing Files by Email

All customers will receive their results by email. You will receive two files for each reaction run: a simple text file (.seq) which can be opened in Microsoft Word and also the electropherogram file (.ab1) which requires special software to open. Once received, the electropherogram files can be opened using a sequence analysis software program such as Chromas or Sequencing Scanner 2 (for PC's) or 4Peaks (for Macs).

Opening Electropherograms


A free version of Chromas (for PC's) can be downloaded from the Chromas website:

Sequence Scanner 2 (for PC's) can be downloaded from the Lifetchnologies website:

4Peaks (for Macs) can be downloaded from this website: