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Contact: Vicki Lyle
SUNY Upstate Medical University,
University Hospital
Room 4840,
750 East Adams Street, Syracuse, New York 13210
Phone: 315 464-6544
Email: lylev@upstate.edu
Hours: Monday–Friday,
9:00 am–5:00 pm

Rates & Billing


The fee for DNA Sequencing is currently $10.00 / reaction run for SUNY Upstate Medical University customers, and $11.00 / reaction run for all outside customers. One reaction consists of one DNA template (customer supplied plasmid DNA or PCR product) being sequenced with one primer (customer supplied primer or M13 forward, M13 reverse, T3, T7 or T7T, SP6 Promoter, or SP6 Upstream, which we supply). Typical turn-around time is 1 working day after receipt of the samples. We also offer a discounted rate of $9.00 / sequencing reaction for in-house SUNY UMC customers and $10.00 / reaction for outside customers when one principal investigator brings 50 or more samples as a single batch to be sequenced. One days advance notice would be appreciated before sample drop-off to obtain this discount.


Billing will be sent out on a monthly basis.

For in-house customers:

Payment can be made by simply sending a blue Research Foundation or blue/yellow State "charge card" to Vicki Lyle, Department of Clinical Pathology, University Hospital Room 4840 upon receipt of your bill. If you do not already have charge cards for your research grant, they can be obtained by calling IMT at x4-4108. Fill out the charge card as follows:

Catalogue No.66976
Item Description"Charge for DNA Sequencing for months of _____," you can also write in the dollar amount you are paying.
QuantityWrite in the number of runs you are paying for. (Do not include the runs you were not charged for.) (Do not put dollar amount here.)
Unit of IssueRun. (Do not put dollar amount here!)

For outside customers:

Payment can be made by submitting a check for the amount due made payable to: Research Foundation of SUNY, Account 1049520-64849-1. Send payment to:

Vicki Lyle
Core Facility for DNA Sequencing
Department of Clinical Pathology
SUNY Upstate Medical University
750 East Adams Street
Syracuse, NY 13210