Contact Us

The Office of the Dean of the College of Medicine is located in Room 1256 in the historic Weiskotten Hall. Contacts for the Office's main organizational areas are as follows:

Paula Trief, PhD
Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
Assistant: Michele Henderson
Phone: 315 464-1681

MaryGrace VanNortwick
Chief of Staff
Assistant: Chris Liberty
Phone: 315 464-1682 or 315 464-9720

Rick Gardner
Senior Associate Dean for Finance
College of Medicine
Assistant: Chris Liberty
Phone: 315 464-1682 or 315 464-9720

Julio Licinio, MD, PhD
Dean, College of Medicine
Assistant: Mary Arseneau
Phone: 315 464-9720
Executive Searches: Chris Liberty
Phone: 315 464-1682

Rajesh Dave, MD
Dean, Clinical Campus
Assistant: Jennifer Cogswell
Phone: 607 763-6690
Fax: 607 798-1629


P. Sebastian Thomas, MD
4143 University Hospital
Kim Hare, 315-464-4891

Kathy Faber-Langendoen, MD
Bioethics & Humanities
618 Irving Avenue
Jessica DeJohn Barbuto, 315-464-8464

Gary Johnson, MD
Emergency Medicine
550 E. Genesee STE 103
Anne Peer, 315-464-6224

John Epling, MD, MSEd
Family Medicine
200 Madison Irving Ctr (MIMC)
Judy Smith, 315-464-7010

Sriram Narsipur, MD, FASN, FACP (Interim)
5142 University Hospital
Patrice Palmieri, 315-464-4505

Luis J. Mejico, MD
813 Jacobsen Hall
Carolyn Hilleges, 315-464-5302

Lawrence S. Chin, MD
611 Jacobsen Hall
Deborah Karam, 315-464-5513

Robert Silverman, MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology
3rd Fl Crouse, West Tower
Sunny Falcone, 315-470-7575

Robert Fechtner, MD
550 Harrison Ctr, Suite L
Monica Tubolino, 315-464-8111

Stephen Albanese, MD
Orthopedic Surgery
6620 Fly Road
Marilyn Higgins, 315-464-8641


Robert M. Kellman, MD
242 Campus West Bldg (CWB)
Robin Brozak , 315-464-7281

Robert Corona, DO, MBA, FACAP, FASCP
3330 University Hospital
Christine McGivney, 315-464-6780

Thomas Welch, MD
5400 University Hospital
Barbara Delaney, 315-464-7526

Robert Weber, MD
Physical Medicine & Rehab
308 Jacobsen Hall
Mary Baker (MiMi), 315-464-8672

Thomas Schwartz, MD (Interim)
713 Harrison St., Room 335
Jean M. Pollock, 315-464-3105

Christopher Morley, PhD (Interim)
Public Health & Preventive Medicine
2262 Weiskotten Hall
Laura Schad, 315-464-1520

Jeffrey Bogart, MD
Radiation Oncology
628 University Hospital
Robin Townsend, 315-464-5929

David Feiglin, MD
3523 University Hospital
Gina Romero, 315-464-7433

Robert Cooney, MD
8141 University Hospital
Kim Hanifin, 315-464-5549

Gennady Bratslavsky, MD
234 Campus West Bldg (CWB)
Diane Mantooth, 315-464-4473


Patricia Kane, PhD
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
4265 Weiskotten Hall
Penny McPhilmy, 315-464-8705

Joseph W. Sanger, PhD
Cell & Developmental Biology
1135 Weiskotten Hall
Marcia Reesh
Phone: 315-464-5120

Timothy Endy, MD, MPH
Microbiology & Immunology
2204 Weiskotten Hall
Carol Montalto, 315-464-7675

Barry Knox, PhD
Neuroscience & Physiology
3223 Weiskotten Hall
Wendi Burnette, 315-464-7752

Richard Wojcikiewicz, PhD
Pharmacology (Interim)
6293 Weiskotten Hall Addition
Kay Magnarelli 315-464-7949