Rental Payments

Rental payments are made in two parts due on or before Fall registration (if paid, subtract the Advance Housing Payment from this payment); due on or before Spring registration.

All payments are to be made at the Bursar's Office, Room 200, Campus Activities Building.

Monthly: Students with special financial concerns may apply to pay monthly by contacting the Bursar's Office. Students approved for monthly payments are not billed each month for their rental payment. Monthly rental payments are due on or before the first of each month. Failure to make monthly payments on time may result in the loss of the privilege of paying rent on a monthly basis.

Advance Housing Payment

An advance housing payment of $200.00 is required of all students in order to secure housing. The payment is not required until room assignment is received. Advance housing payment is non-refundable.

For further details regarding the housing contract, consult your residence tower license, general terms and conditions of occupancy.

Termination/Rent Refund Policy

Upstate Students: After a student has registered for college courses and once occupied a room, there shall be no refund, except as described below. 

  1. Students withdrawing or taking a leave of absence from the college are granted permission to terminate their license. The refund will be on a pro-rated basis.

NOTE: Students must initiate all requests for refunds. The request for refunds must include the reason for the amount to be refunded.