SC HOPE Clinic

The Salt City Homeless Outreach Program (SC HOPE) is aimed at helping the underserved populated of Syracuse. The biggest component of the program is a part-time ambulatory care clinic, primarily run by medical students. It has served as a free clinic for the homeless since January 1989. Other aspects of the program include a shelter and migrant outreach components. SC HOPE is committed to providing a nurturing atmosphere in which medical students work with various members of the medical delivery team and community to provide care for indigent or uninsured patients of the greater Syracuse community. Students will enrich their education by gaining clinical experience early on in their careers while learning the complexities of ambulatory office management. Participation in SC HOPE will introduce students to various people in our medical and business community that are dedicated to helping the homeless and uninsured. Hopefully, such a collaborative effort will also better serve a population in need.

Any students interested in activities such as these should contact the Office of Civic Engagement.