Physician Assistant Student Society (PASS)

The PA Student Society is formed to discuss PA issues on a local, state and federal level. Our organization will be actively involved within the community and dedicated to community service.

Contact: Kristyna Hnizda,


President: Kristyna Hnizda
Vice President: Allison Ferris
Secretary: Allison DiMeo
Treasurer: Alicia Holtz
NYSSPA Rep: Caitlin Wright
Diversity Chair: Mercy Upke
AAPA AOR: Jacqueline Malay
AAPA AOR Alternate: Marisa Vespa
AAPA HOD: Patrick Shannon
Green Chair: Amber Contrastan
External Affairs Rep: Jonathan Ortega

Advisor: Brandon Wolfenden

Information regarding student organization meetings and activities may be found posted on the Upstate Campus Activities web calendar.