Internal Medicine Interest Group

The Internal Medicine Interest Group is a student-run organization dedicated to promoting awareness of careers in internal medicine. Through various functions including student-faculty gatherings, guest lecturers, and holiday events, we aim to promote communication among students and medical professionals and to promote the many diverse paths that comprise internal medicine. It is our goal to reveal both the challenges and the rewards of internal medicine's various subspecialties and to offer service to our medical school community. Through our publication, The Pulse, we aim to inspire the minds of aspiring internists, to keep faculty and students alike informed on major developments in the field, and to give exposure to the great work that students and faculty perform in the way of research and clinical activities at our institution.



Co-Presidents: Tai Truong and Brian Cuzzo
Vice President: Matthew Fanous
Secretary: Emily Malavenda
Treasurer: Katy Zuchowski

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Stephen Knohl, Department of Medicine