Community Outreach Preventive Education (COPE)

COPE is dedicated to bringing relevant public health information to two special populations in the Syracuse Community: *Booth House* - a temporary placement center for runaway and homeless youth, ages 12-17, whose lives may be complicated by abuse and the *After School Program* a nurturing place for children ages 5-12 to go after school and during summers and holidays to
receive help with homework and participate in other enriching activities.

COPE sends small groups of Upstate students to these locations to discuss health topics intimately related to the lives of the residents. At both locations the focus is on engaging the kids in a meaningful discussion that helps them think differently about these important health issues. Students working with COPE will gain self confidence as they learn to discuss health information with community members as well as hone their interpersonal and communication skills as they learn to relate to the youth populations of the two houses.

Any students interested in these activities should contact the Office of Civic Engagement.



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