College of Medicine Class Officers

2016 - 2017

Class of 2021 (MS I)

Vice President:
Curriculum Commitee Rep:
Technology Committee Rep:

Class of 2020 (MS II)

President: Mary Beth Gadarowski
Vice President: Mike DePasquale
Secretary: Michelle Gorbonosov
Treasurer: Kendal Glynn
Curriculum Commitee Rep: Leanne Grafmuller
Technology Committee Rep: <currently vacant>

Class of 2019 (MS II)

Syracuse Campus:
President: Katie Rong
Vice President: Disi Chen
Secretary: Corey Chase
Treasurer: Joe DeRaddo

Binghamton Campus:
President: Dan Kaufman
Vice President: Lauren MacNeill
Secretary: Katie Farry
Treasurer: Matthew Witte

Representing Both Campuses:
Curriculum Commitee Rep: Duc Nguyen
Technology Committee Rep: Daniela Marshall

Class of 2018 (MS IV)

Syracuse Campus:
President: Gabrielle Ritaccio
Vice President: Laura Nicolais
Secretary: Victoria Fairchild
Treasurer: Syed Hassan

Binghamton Campus:
President: McKinzie Neggers
Vice President: Alex Trolenberg
Secretary: Hannah Charland
Treasurer: Alex Ronis

Representing Both Campuses:
Curriculum Commitee Rep: John Lofrese
Technology Committee Rep: Tom Kania

Information regarding student organization meetings and activities may be found posted on the Upstate Campus Activities web calendar.