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RN Staff
Julie Francey, Nursing Station
Michelle Taylor, CRU Physician Assistant
Linda Spillett, CRU CRA
Erin Dwyer, Certified Laboratory Technician
Suzan Bzdick and Lynn Agostini, CRA
10 Private Patient Rooms


The Clinical Research Unit is dedicated to improving the human condition through a variety of research methods including Phase I-IV clinical trials, device studies, and investigator-initiated studies. The interdisciplinary research teams provide patient care to promote patient, investigator, and sponsor satisfaction.

Any member of the Upstate Medical University faculty may utilize the resources available at CRU for implementation of research, as approved by the Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects (IRB) and the CRU Director, Nurse Manager, and staff.

Administrative Office

Dr Weinstock
Ruth S. Weinstock, MD, PhD
Medical Director, Clinical Research Unit
Phone: 315 464-5740
Fax: 315 464-9002
Teresa Koulouris
Teresa Koulouris, MS, CNS, RN, CCRP
Nursing Manager, Clinical Research Unit
Phone: 315 464-5721
Fax: 315 464-9002

Nursing Staff

Sandra Compton, RN, CCRP
Julianne Francey, BA, RN
Kimberly Hope, BS, RN
Melissa McNamara, BS, RN, CCRP
Amy King, BS, RN
Katherine McPhee, MS, RN
Rebekah Wheeler, RN

Nurse's Station

Phone: 315 464-9003 or 464-9004
Fax: 315 464-9002

Lab Technician

Erin K. Dwyer, CLT
Phone: 315 464-9015 or 315 464-9004

Physician Assistant

Michelle Taylor, RPA-C, MS, MT (ASCP)

Clinical Research Associates

Linda Spillet, CRA, CCRP