Join Us in the Fight
Against Cancer

Our growing team of investigators is leading the organization and team effort of Upstate's basic and clinical cancer researchers in the unceasing fight against cancer.

Join Us

The Upstate Cancer Research Institute was formed and is being staffed to fulfill the strategic vision of Upstate Medical University that has focused on cancer as a primary, disease-centric research pillar. Upstate's already strong and substantial base in cancer research extends across many basic science and clinical departments. Approximately 50 laboratories and 200 scientists are consumed with cancer research powered by investigative minds and varying degrees of funding support-from the National Institutes of Health to the Carol Baldwin Cancer Research Fund.

The synergistic power of these and future researchers, as organized under the Upstate Cancer Research Institute, will have enormous impact as it fuels the search for better detection and treatment methods, and, most importantly, cures.

Join us in the fight against cancer-