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Upstate Medical university Molecular & Cellular Principles

The following is a sample schedule from MFM Fall 2004. There may be some changes in order, times, and lecturers, but the lecture topics will be essentially the same from year to year.

Lecture/ Session #
M Oct 4 8:30 AM C1 Introduction to Segment C; Introduction to Lipids and Lipid Digestion D. Turner (75 min.)
    9:55 AM Clinical Correlation Lipids and Medicine Roizen (50 min)
    11:00 AM C2 Fatty Acid Storage, Mobilization, beta-Oxidation, and Ketoacids D. Turner
    1:00 PM C3 Fatty Acid Biosynthesis. Knox
    2:15 PM C4 Reactive Oxygen Species, Intro to CP3 D. Turner
 T Oct 5 8:30 AM C5

Cholesterol Metaboism 1: Synthesis and Cholesterol Derivatives ------------ ---

    9:45 AM C6 Lipoproteins: Structure and Metabolism    Knox
    11:00 AM C7 Atherosclerosis Schmitt
 W Oct 6 8:30 AM C8 Cholesterol Metabolism 2: Regulation, Drug Targets; Lipid Disorders (Intro to CP4) Schmitt
    9:45 AM CP3 Reactive Oxygen Species and Disease 2 hrs.
 Th Oct 7 1:00 PM C9 Amino Acid Metabolism 1: Protein Turnover and Amino Acid Degradation Schmitt
    2:15 PM CP4 Lipid Disorders.. 2 hrs.
 F Oct 8 8:30 AM C10 Amino Acid Metabolism 2: Urea and Ammonia Toxicity Schmitt
    9:40 AM C11 One Carbon Metabolism Schmitt
    10:50 AM C12 Introduction to Nutrition: Macronutrients, Engergy Intake and Expenditure D. Turner
    12:00 Noon Optional review Reactive oxygen species, CP3, Lipids, CP4 D. Turner, Knox
M Oct 11   No Classes Columbus Day  
Oct 12 8:30 AM C13 Purine and Pyrimidine Metabolism Schmitt
    9:45 AM C14 Heme and Iron Metabolism Schmitt
    11:00 AM C15 Vitamins and Cofactors.


 W Oct 13 8:30 AM C16 Metabolic Integration Lucas
    9:45 AM CP5 Disorders of Nitrogen Metabolism

2 hrs.

Th Oct 14 11:00AM C17 Alcohol: Metabolism, Clinical Aspects D. Turner, Fuller.
    1:00 PM C18 Integration of Genomics and Metabolism Knox
    2:10 PM C19 Biochemical Diversity; Intro to CP6 Knox
    3:15 PM Optional Review Nitrogen Metabolism, CP5 Schmitt
F Oct 15 8:30 AM C20 Obesity 1: Introduction, Clinical Aspects D. Turner/ Woodall-Ruff
    9:40 AM C21 Obesity 2: Biochemistry, Genetics D. Turner
    10:50 AM CP6 Human Biochemical Variants

2 hrs.

 M Oct 18 8:30 AM C22 Minerals and Metabolism: Mineral Deficiency and Toxicity Lucas, Shen, Schurman
    10:45 AM Optional Review Genomics and Metabolism, Biochemical Diversity, CP6 Knox
 T Oct 19 9:00 AM Optional Review Metaboic Integration, Nutrition, Alcohol,Obesity,Vitamins and Minerals   2 hrs. [Lucas, Turner, Shen]
W Oct 20   No Classes Free  
 Th Oct 21   No Classes Free  
F Oct 22 8:30 AM   Exam 3 (jointly with POM) 3.5 hrs