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Upstate Medical university Molecular & Cellular Principles

The following is a sample schedule for Segment B from MFM Fall 2004. There may be some changes in the order, times, and lecturers, but the lecture topics will be essentially the same from year to year.

Lecture/ Session #
M Sep 13 8:30 AM  B1 Membrane Structure. Kane
    9:45 AM B2 Membrane Transport. Kane
    11:00 AM B3 Cytoskeleton 1: Microtubles and Intermediate Filaments Mitchell
    1:00 PM B4 Cytoskeleton 2: Microfilaments Mitchell
 T Sep 14 8:30 AM B5 Tissue Organization: Cell Junctions and Extracellular Matrix Mitchell
    9:45 AM B6 Enzymes 1 Kane
    11:00 AM B7 ATP; Cellular Energetics. Duncan
 W Sep 15 8:30 AM B8 Signaling 1:: Ligands and Receptors; Signal Transduction Mitchell
    9:45 AM B9 Enzymes 2 Kane
    11:00 AM B10 Carbohydrates: Chemistry and Metabolism Lucas
Th Sep 16   No Classes Rosh Hashanah  
F Sep 17 8:30 AM B11 Signaling 2:: G Proteins and Protein Kinases Mitchell
    9:45 AM B12 Enzymes 3. Kane
    11:00 AM B13 Glycolysis and Glycogen. Lucas
    1:00 PM B14 Citric Acid Cycle. Lucas
    2:15 PM Optional Review Membranes, Cytoskeleton, Tissues 1 hr. [Kane, Mitchell]
 M Sep 20 8:30 AM B15 Cell Division Cycle Mitchell
    9:45 AM B16 Enzymes 4. Kane
    11:00 AM B17 Organelles 1: Compartments, ER Maimone
    1:00 PM Conference 2 DMD and serpins 2.5 hrs.
T Sep 21 8:30AM B18 Growth Control Mitchell
    9:45 AM B19 Pentose Phosphate Shunt and Gluconeogenesis. Lucas
    11:00 AM B20 Organelles 2 : Secretion and Endocytosis. Maimone
W Sep 22 8:30AM B21 Electron Transport Duncan
    9:45 AM CP2 HIV Protease Inhibitors 2 hrs.
Th Sep 23 8:30 AM B22 Regulation of Carbohydrate Metabolism. Lucas
    1:00 PM B23 Oxidative Phosphorylation Duncan
    2:15 PM B24 Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Development 1


    3:30 PM Optional review Signaling, Cell Cycle, Growth Control

1 hr. [Mitchell]

F Sep 24 8:30 AM B25 Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Development 2 Poole
    9:45 AM B26 Organelles 3: Mitochondira and Peroxisomes Maimone
    11:00 AM B27 Diabetes 1.5 hrs. [Lucas/Dube]
    1:30 PM Optional Review Enzymes, CP2 1 hrs. [Kane]
 M Sep 27 8:30 AM B28 Glycoproteins 1: Structure and Function Lucas
    9:45 AM B29 Metabolic Poisons 1.5 hrs. [Duncan/Souid]
    1:00 PM Conference 3 Cancer (CML and Breast Cancer)-- 2.5 hrs.
T Sep 28 8:30 AM B30 Glycoproteins 2: Trafficking, Biosynthesis/Degradation Lucas
    9:45 AM B31 Thermodynamics Duncan
    11:00 AM Optional Review Development, Organelles, Conferences 1 hr. [Poole, Maimone]
W Sep 29 8:30 AM Optional Review Carbohydrates, Diabetes 2 hrs. [Lucas]
    10:45 AM Optional Review Thermodynamics, ATP, Electron transport, Oxidative Phosphorylation 1 hr. [Duncan]
Th Sep 30 1:00 PM No Classes FREE  
F Oct 1 8:30 AM   Exam 2 3 hrs.