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Upstate Medical university Molecular & Cellular Principles


The following shows a sample schedule from MFM Fall 2004. There may be some changes in order, times, and lecturers, but the lecture topics will be essentially the same from year to year.

Lecture/ Session #
M Aug 23 8:30AM   Introduction D. Turner, Grethlein
    9:15 AM A1 Nucleic Acids; Intro. to 'Central Dogma' West
    11:00 AM A2 Medical Genetics: Stein
    1:00 PM A3 Protein Building Blocks. Loh
    2:15 PM A4 Mendelian Patterns of Inheritance. Shrimpton
    3:30 PM Optional Course Organization, Study Hints, Q & A D. Turner
    4:00 PM Optional Review Overview of Mendelian Genetics Stein
T Aug 24 8:30 AM A5 Forces and Simple Structures in Proteins Loh
    9:45 AM A6 Complex Gene Interactions. Shrimpton
    11:00 AM Optional Review Review of College Chemistry D. Turner
W Aug 25 8:30 AM A7 Properties of Folded Proteins. Loh
    9:45 AM A8 Nuclear Structure & Function Amberg
    11:00 AM A9 DNA Repair and Replication. West
Th Aug 26 1:00 PM A10 Protein Misfolding and Disease Loh
    2:15 PM A11 Dynamic Genomes, Creation of Genetic Diversity Amberg
    3:30 PM A12 Transcription, RNA Splicing and Gene Regulation West
F Aug 27 8:30 AM A13 Linkage and Recombination (Clinical Applications) Shrimpton
    9:45 AM A15 Human Transcription and Gene Regulation West
    11:00 AM A16 Chromosomes and Cytogenetics Stein
    1:00 PM A17 DNA Technology. Amberg
    2:00 PM Optional Review. Proteins, Nucleic Acids, Transcription, Intro Genetics (incl. Some Problems)

2 hrs. [Loh, West, Amberg, Shrimpton]

M Aug 30 8:30 AM A17 DNA Technology and Molecular Diagnostics 1. Amberg
    9:45 AM A18 DNA Technology and Molecular Diagnostics 2. Shrimpton
    11:00 AM A19 Chromosome Abnormalities and Clinical Diagnosis Stein
    1:00 PM A20 Protein Synthesis and Translation 1 Shen
    2:15 PM Conference Introduction to Conferences 1 hr.
 T Aug 31 8:30AM A21 Protein Synthesis and Translation 2 Shen
    9:45 AM A22 Clinical Applications of Molecular Diagnostics Shrimpton
    11:00 AM A23 New Concepts and Technologies in Cytogenetic Analysis Stein
W Sep 1 8:30AM A24 Population Genetics 1 Shrimpton
    9:45 AM A25 Prenatal Genetics and Genetic Screening Stein
    11:00 AM Videotape Gene Therapy 1 hr.
Th Sep 2 11:00 AM A26 Population Genetics 2/Human Genome Project Shrimpton
    1:00 PM A27 Cancer Genetics: Oncogenes Stein
    2:15 PM A28 Cancer Genetics: Tumor Suppressors Stein
    3:30 PM A29 Hemoglobin D. Turner
F Sep 3 8:30AM CP1 Clinical Problems: Hemoglobin and Molecular Diagnostics 3 hrs
    1:00 PM Optional Review Translation, DNA Technology

1 hr. [Amberg, Shen]

    2:15 PM Optional Review. Genetics (incl. problems) 2 hrs [Shrimpton]
M Sep 6   No Classes Labor Day  
T Sep 7 8:30 AM A30 Mitochondrial Genetics and Forensic DNA Analysis Stein
    9:45 AM Optional Review Genetics (incl. Problems), CP1 2 hrs [Stein, D. Turner]
W Sep 8 8:30 AM Optional Review General Review of Segment A 3 hrs [Loh, Shen, Amberg, West]
Th Sep 9 1:00 PM No Classes FREE  
F Sep 10 8:30 AM   Exam 1 (Jointly with POM) 3.5 hrs.