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Texts and Materials


The following textbooks cover the material presented in the MCP course. The first three are the recommended texts, though many students find the other books to be useful in providing additional information, a more thorough explanation of a topic, or a different approach to a particular topic.

• Alberts et al., Essential Cell Biology, 2nd ed., Garland (2004).
• Nussbaum, McInnes & Willard, Thompson & Thompson Genetics in Medicine, 7th ed., Saunders (2007).
• Devlin, Textbook of Biochemistry with Clinical Correlations , 6th ed. Wiley Liss (2006).

• Voet, Voet, and Pratt, Fundamentals of Biochemistry, Wiley (2006).
• Smith et al., Mark’s Basic Medical Biochemistry, 2nd ed. Lippincott (2005).
• Alberts et al., Molecular Biology of the Cell, 4th ed. Garland (2002).
• Turnpenny and Ellard, Emery’s Elements of Medical Genetics, 12th ed. Lippincott (2005).

• Read and Connai, New Clinical Genetics, Scion Press (2007).


The Syllabus will be distributed in six sections, corresponding to the six course units. Each syllabus package contains handouts for most of the lectures, as well as background reading and cases for some of the Clinical Problems sessions. In addition, all materials will be posted to Blackboard.

'Blackboard' course management software.

The Web-based Blackboard system will be used to facilitate course administration. Students will be expected to access the course website daily. The following will be posted on Blackboard: (a) announcements, such as group and room assignments for small-group sessions or any changes to the published course schedule; (b) links to access digital video recordings of lectures; (c) various study aids, including: the course syllabus, PowerPoint slides used by lecturers, supplementary reading materials, review questions (with answers) from past exams, and practice quizzes.

Video recording.

The Department of Educational Communications will make digital video recordings of all lectures. The videos will be posted by the staff of the Curriculum Office on a Blackboard site that will be used for all courses in Year 1.


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