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Special Cases

Illness or family emergency:

Students are required to take exams at the scheduled times. Exceptions may be made in extenuating circumstances, but all such exceptions require the approval of the Chair of the CCC-1 (Curriculum Coordinating Committee for Year 1). A signed letter explaining the reason for the request and documentation of the problem should be submittted by the student.

If a Conference or CP session is missed, information must be provided to one of the course co-directors. Failure to attend these mandatory sessions may result in forfeiture of points. The student must make up the missed work.

Deficient grades and their consequences:

Students who receive a deficient grade in MCP must make up that deficiency in order to pass the course. A common method to achieve this is to take the Summer MCP remedial course, though some students may be required to repeat the entire course the following year. The actual decision on remediating course deficiencies is made in June by the Academic Promotions Committee, and the student’s record for the entire year will taken into account. Thus, a remediation plan will be determined independently for each student.


Withdrawal and its consequences.

Withdrawal from a medical school course generally has grave consequences and should not be undertaken without thorough consultation. Any student who is contemplating withdrawing from MCP should consult with one of the MCP course co-directors and his/her advisory Dean. Students who withdraw from the course will most likely be required to take and pass the MFM course the following Fall, resulting in 5 years to complete medical school.

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