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Student learning will be evaluated by six exams. Each exam will cover material from the Lectures, Conferences and Clinical Problem sessions presented in that course unit. Questions will be in formats suitable for machine grading (multiple-choice, true-false, etc.).

Administration: Each MCP exam will be one part of a larger unit exam that includes questions from other courses that are given in the same unit. The total number of MCP questions per unit exam will be proportional to the number of lectures given in that unit. The length of each exam will vary. In general, there will be two questions per lecture/conference/CP, and two minutes will be allowed for each question.

MCP follows the exam procedures that have been adopted as standard by all courses in the first two years. These protocols are based on rules set forth by the National Board of Medical Examiners. See the course syllabus for specific information.

Sample exam schedule:

% of total MCP Score
Cumulative Total
Unit 1 Sept. 2008
Unit 2 Oct. 2008
Unit 3 Feb. 2009
Unit 4 Mar. 2009
Unit 5 Apr. 2009
Unit 6. May 2009


Scoring and Grade Reports: Exams in MCP will be scored by computer. Grades are not determined until the instructors have had a chance to evaluate a computer printout of student performance on each question and consider any written objections to the wording of questions. Grading is done as quickly as possible and results will be posted on Blackboard.

Excused Absences from Exams. All requests must be made to the Chair of the CCC-1 (Curriculum Coordinating Committee for Year 1). A signed letter explaining the reason for the request should be submittted by the student as far in advance of the exam as is possible.

Making up Missed Exams. Make-ups for the unit exams will be scheduled in July and August during the summer following the course. The make-up exams will cover the same material as the regular exams, but the questions will generally include short-answer and problem-solving questions. All of the course materials from the fall will be available on Blackboard, and teaching assistants will meet with students to review the course contents. In addition, the faculty may be available to answer questions regarding their lecture material. Summer MCP is coordinated by Dr. Robert West.

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