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Hints for Success in MCP


1.  Prior to arriving in August, you might want to review the most important elements of topics normally covered in biochemistry, genetics, cell biology, and immunology courses if you had difficulty with the biology section of the MCATs or weakness in the respective coursework as an undergraduate.

2 Be prepared to get down to work at the start of school.  Med school is demanding. You may have to work harder than ever before.  Try to get settled in promptly and ‘hit the ground running’.  Try to adopt a daily routine that allows plenty of time for effective studying.  (You can always add back other activities later.)

3.  Familiarize yourself on Day 1 with your schedule, the course organization, and faculty expectations.  Read the course syllabi that you receive.  Review the handouts before coming to class.  Budget your time wisely.

4.  Plan your weekends strategicallyTrips home can really eat into study time, so be sure you have allotted enough time for “work” while you grab some relaxation.

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