SACON Meeting Minutes, December 1, 2010

SACON Committee members present

  • Elijah Dut-Co-President
  • Kathleen McDonnell- Organizing secretary
  • Colleen Curtiss Bud- General Secretary
  • Shelly Peters- Treasurer
  • Valerie Khan- Vice President

Other SACON members in attendance

  • Laura Osika-Michales
  • Carlos Sanchez

Faculty in attendance

  • Cheri Allen
  • Nancy Lyon

1408 –Meeting begins
Elijah opened the meeting.
50th Anniversary CON Celebration:

Overview of Celebration by Cheri Allen

Saturday, March 26, 2011 at the Genesee Grand with Luncheon at the Institute of Human Performance (IHP).

  • The Alumni Association Board, Barbara Black, and Dean Szigeti are working in collaboration to plan the event.
  • Event Overview
    • Registration at Genesee Grand ~0930
    • Campus Tour (Library, Setnor, Skills Lab, old/proposed CON locations)
    • Golisano Children’s Hospital Tour
    • Lunch at IHP
    • Educational Programs (Institute of Medicine guest speaker, genetics & genomics by Carol Ann Kozic, poster presentation.
    • Dinner reception with awards ceremony and retrospective video

Request for SACON participation during celebration

  • Registration assistance
  • CON fundraiser
    • Suggestions included Chinese raffle, 50/50 raffle, raffle baskets, providing order forms at event
    • SACON members suggested that orders be placed event via computers.  SACON committee member would provide computers and do the ordering.

Need to contact the CON to find out more information about celebration planning the first week in January 2011.


2011-2012 Election

  • Scheduled for the 2nd week in February 2011.
  • Recruit for SACON Treasurer & Co-President position if co-presidency position remains.
  • Recruit USG positions
    Need 3 CON representatives and 1 USG Vice President position.


Gala Fundraiser

  • We will be participating in the coat check on December 11, 2010 from 6pm to midnight.
  • SACON committee members recruited include:
    • Colleen Drenckhahn
    • Laura Osika-Michales
    • Elijah Dut
    • Colleen Bud
    • Shelly Petersàfrom 9-10 PM
    • Nisha Andrews (unknown)
  • Katie McDonnell and Colleen Bud to send out an email regarding request for desired times to work the coat check.
  • Shelly Peters was provided will contact information from Nancy Lyon about receiving specific arrival times for members participating in coat check.

    SACON Fundraiser

  • Colleen Bud provided the SACON committee with an update on the status of the fundraiser.  All information has been submitted to Upstate Marketing for review.
  • Further T-shirt fundraiser promotion is placed on hold until approval from Upstate Marketing is obtained.

December Graduates Recognition

  • Invitation has been sent out by The Division of Student Affairs inviting all January graduates and their families to a reception in their honor.
    • Event is Tuesday, December 14, 2010 at 5-6:30 PM in the CAB, West Lounge.
    • RSVP by Wednesday, December 8, 2010.

CON Assessment Practice Room

  • Practice rooms in Setnor can be reserved each semester in order for Health Assessment and Advanced Health Assessment students to practice skills.
    • To reserve a room, contact the student communications office.

January Semester

  • Liberal Arts & Science courses begin January 3, 2011.
  • NUR prefix classes to begin on January 10, 2011.
  • CCFM prefix classes to begin on January 18, 2011.

1500- Meeting adjourned.

Patricia D Powers, DNP, MPA, RN, FNP-C, PMHNP
Patricia D. Powers
SACON Faculty Advisor
College of Nursing

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