SACON Meeting Minutes, November 3, 2010

SACON Committee members present

  • Elijah Dut-co-president
  • Colleen Drenckhahn- Activities Chairperson
  • Kathleen McDonnell- Organizing secretary
  • Colleen Curtiss Bud- General Secretary
  • Shelly Peters- Treasurer
  • Maria Wheelock- Faculty Advisor

1410 –Meeting begins
Elijah opened the meeting.

T-shirt Fundraiser

  • T-shirt fundraiser will be placed on hold until fundraiser proposal form is submitted.  Per Maria Wheelock, wait for feedback before moving forward with this fundraiser.

Meeting with Chuck Simpson

  • Chuck Simpson, the Director of College Union and Campus Activities, met with members of the SACON committee to discuss the purpose of SACON as an opportunity to foster student relationships, education, and professional development.  Maria Wheelock was provided with an overview of our meeting.


  • We were informed that last year’s budget was not submitted, although Elijah was under the impression that it had been submitted by the previous president.
  • Shelly Peters will attend the USG meeting tonight at 6pm and provide the SACON committee with updated budget reports.

SACON Information

  • Maria suggested that we compile a document folder with SACON information for the use of future SACON representatives.
  • Shelly Peters proposed that SACON committee members develop outlines of committee roles and responsibilities that can be passed on to future SACON committee members.


Gala Fundraiser
  • Maria received an email inquiring if SACON was going to participate in the coat check at the  Gala event this year. 
  • Elijah will contact Donna Bruch to inform her that we will be participating in the coat check on December 11, 2010 from 6pm to midnight. Elijah will also request that Donna provide us with informational brochures.
  • SACON committee members will try to recruit other CON students to assist at the event.


  • Further T-shirt fundraiser promotion will be placed on hold until approval from Student Activities and Marketing is obtained.
  • Once fully approved, SACON members will go to various classes to promote fundraiser.

December Graduates Recognition

The suggestion was made that SACON should organize an event to recognize December graduates.

  • Maria Wheelock informed us that in the past, an event has been held at the 9th floor Weiskotten Dining area. Due to the small number of students in attendance, there have been several years where no event was held. Maria informed us that there will be 37 BSN graduates this December, which is a much larger class than in the past
  • Maria suggested that the first contact in regards to hosting this event be to Dean Szigetti. Additionally, this process needs to be started as soon as possible.
  • Nancy Lyons informed the committee that last year Student Affairs organized the December Graduate Recognition event. She recommended that we contact Dean Szigeti to see if there have been any plans made for an event this year.

Student survey

  • Chuck Simpson suggested that we send out a survey, as a way to identify what CON students would be interested in participating. This idea was revisited, and it was suggested that a survey be developed and sent out regarding areas of nursing that students would like to know more about. Based on the feedback, SACON could look into hosting a panel of various speakers, in the near future.

1508- Meeting adjourned

Patricia D Powers, DNP, MPA, RN, FNP-C, PMHNP
Patricia D. Powers
SACON Faculty Advisor
College of Nursing

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