SACON Meeting, October 6, 2010 at College of Nursing

SACON Committee members present

  • Elijah Dut-co-president
  • Valerie Khan- vice president
  • Colleen Drenckhahn- Activities Chairperson
  • Kathleen McDonnell- Organizing secretary
  • Colleen Curtiss Bud- General Secretary
  • Shelly Peters- Treasurer
  • Charmaine Clarke-Davis – Vice Activity Chairperson
  • Maria Wheelock- Faculty Advisor

Other SACON members in attendance

  • Joy Ezomo

1407 – Meeting begins: Elijah opened the meeting.
Thank you to:  Colleen Drenckhahn for organizing the SACON Mixer on 9/30/2010 and Valerie Khan for drawing a SACON t-shirt design.

Follow up from September meeting

  • Minutes from September meeting have been posted on Black Board
  • Secretaries need to contact Sanju Johri regarding upcoming SACON events, and she will post on Black Board, as well as send out a group email. Furthermore, secretaries need to send completed minutes to Sanju for posting.


  • T-shirt Fundraiser
    • Colleen Bud reported that we are ready to move forward with the t-shirt fundraiser.  The design needs to be professionally developed. It has been decided that we will go through Peter Bud, particularly due to the online ordering option.
    • Timeframes were discussed. Colleen Bud will contact Peter Bud, to finalize design by October 20th, and have products ready for ordering on October 25th.
    • In order to publicize the t-shirt fundraiser, a link to the fundraiser website will be posted in Black Board.  SACON committee members will also publicize fundraiser by visiting various CON classes. 
    • In appreciation for Peter Bud’s generosity of donating proceeds to the fundraiser, it was suggested that his business’ website be noted on the Black Board announcement page as a means of advertising.
  • Gala Coat Check
    • On December 11, 2010, SACON has been invited to participate in the Coat Check fundraiser at the annual Gala event held at the Syracuse Hotel from 6pm-midnight. 
    • Donna Bruch contacted Elijah Dut regarding the need to have six volunteers to work the Coat Check. 
    • It was suggested that six people fill one hour time slots or have a few volunteers fill up two hour time slots. 
    • Elijah will inquire about more information by emailing Donna Bruch and speaking to Co-President, Nisha Andrews, who also volunteered at the event last year.
  • Parking Lot Raffle
    • SACON won one lot during the USG meeting raffle last month. 
      • Shelly Peters and Elijah Dut worked the booth and raised $300. 
    • Another parking lot raffle is being held tonight (10/6/2010) at the USG meeting.
      • Shelly Peters suggested that if we win tonight’s raffle, October 16, 2010 should be picked as it is Dome Donation Day for The Salvation Army.

Fall Community Projects

Food Drive

  • Suggested that we hold a food drive in preparation for The Salvation Army’s Christmas Bureau.
  • Further discussion led to a suggestion that we perform as donation drive instead of a food drive. 
  • Shelly Peters suggested that we use The Salvation Army’s Mini Red Kettle Campaign to collect donations. 
  • In addition, opportunities to participate were discussed as a group.  Options include:
    • Christmas Bureau Registrationà11/29/10 thru 12-15/10
    • Distribution Day Preparationsà12/16/10 thru 12/21/10
    • Christmas Bureau Distribution Dayà12/22/10
  • Shelly Peters is going to contact The Salvation Army to get more details how they would like as to participate. 
  • Shelly will send out an email to all CON students to see who is interested in participating. 
  • Maria Wheelock suggested that we check the Team Upstate website to see what fundraisers are taking place in the future.


  • SACON Mixer

    • Colleen Drenckhahn informed the committee that the SACON Mixer was a success with 20 attendants.  Phoebe’s restaurant was a great spot to host the event as they were accommodating and easy to work with.
    • Suggestions for next year included:
      • Selling tickets in advance to the event as a means of raising funds
      • Selling raffle tickets in advance on the condition that one must be present to win
      • Donation bucket
    • Joy Ezomo and Shelly Peters have both accepted the responsibility of becoming USG Representatives
  • Need to recruit a VP of USGàShelly Peters suggested that an email be sent out regarding the need to fill the position.  Elijah suggested that it would be of benefit if an undergrad student were interested in the USG VP position.
  • Maria Wheelock reported that there is a new student computer orientation program, specifically Black Board training.  Concern was raised at the last meeting that there are no training programs for Black Board available to students.  The training class is offered on Saturday during orientation.
  • Practice rooms for Advanced Health Assessment or OSCE practice are now available in Setnor, room 2508 on Fridays from 1:30-5:30.  As a CON student ambassador to the President, Valerie Khan contacted Dr. Smith regarding complaints from multiple nursing students who were frustrated about the lack of access to practice labs and equipment.  Dr. Smith was helpful in reserving the Setnor room for practice.
  • Additionally, Maria Wheelock attempted to gather information regarding what hours Setnor is open and available for student use.  Maria is awaiting a return call.
  • USG meeting tonight at 6pm in the CAB.

Next SACON meeting is Wednesday, November 3, 2010 at 2pm in the CON, room 301.
Meeting adjourned at 1450

Patricia D Powers, DNP, MPA, RN, FNP-C, PMHNP
Patricia D. Powers
SACON Faculty Advisor
College of Nursing

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