Post Master's Advanced Certificate Nurse Practitioner Curriculum

Family Nurse Practitioner & Family Psych Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (FNP & FPMHNP)

Year One Fall Semester Credits
NURS 621 Clinical Pathophysiology 3
NURS 607 Advanced Health Assessment 3
NURS 612 Family Nursing Theory 3
NURS 609 Family Psych Ment Hlth Theory (FPMHNP only) 3
Year One Spring Semester Credits
NURS 640 Pharmacology 3
NURS 641 Clin Mgmt/ PHC FNP I OR 5
NURS 627 Clinical Mgmt/FPMHNP I 5
  TOTAL 8 cr
Year Two Fall Semester Credits
NURS 642 Clinical Mgmt /PHC FNP II OR 6
NURS 628 Clinical Mgmt/FPMHNP II 6
Year Two Spring Semester Credits
NURS 643 Clinical Mgmt /PHC FNP III OR 6
NURS 629 Clinical Mgmt/FPMHNP III 6
TOTAL 6 cr


NURS 640 - NURS 621
NURS 641 - NURS 607
NURS 642 - NURS 641
NURS 643 - NURS -642
NURS 627 - NURS 607; NURS 609
NURS 628 - NURS 627
NURS 629 - NURS 628

Barbara A. Black, RN, ANP, MS, MA
Barbara A. Black, RN, ANP, MS, MA
Director of Post Master's Advanced Certificate Program

Scott Jessie
“The best advice I ever received was to go back to school. Benefits from working at Upstate University Hospital allowed me to earn my BS and MS in Nursing for free. An advanced Nursing education opens new doors, gives you a much more comprehensive skill set and dramatically improves your practice.”

— Scott Jessie RN, MS, CCNS, CCRN, BS (2003); MS (2007) RN Critical Care Nurse Manager Surgical/Trauma ICU