Board Meeting Minutes -September 14, 2010

Date: 09/14/2010
Time: 5:00PM
Place: College of Nursing, Rm 301

Attendance: Nancy Lyon (chapter assistant), Bonnie Miner (treasurer),  Janine Morris (leadership succession), Roberta Rolland, (president), Robin Wensel (secretary), Shawanda White (governance), Donna Parks (governance)

  1. Program meeting - September 22nd – International Outreach Experience. IHP, 5:00
    This is now advertised on facebook and Donna Parks from Crouse Hospital has put this event out to all nurses at Crouse Hospital and School of nursing.
    Refreshments will be offered and there is no charge for the event.
    We will need members to man the reception table.
    The event will be a program meeting so there will be a brief meeting prior to event start.
    Resource table – Robin and another member to have laptops open to facebook and the STTI website to show members how to navigate the site, renew membership, sign up for VIP, access research library, etc. Roberta will bring a laptop for a member to use to show members the site. It’s pretty easy to navigate. We just want to introduce and encourage. Please visit the site.
    We should be able to put out a request to membership with a one time job list.
  2. International Year of the Nurse – Anniversary of Florence Nightingale – Rho Gamma Chapter (Elmira College) is celebrating the International Year of the Nurse with a Gala Thursday October 28th from 7P to 10P. Guest speaker will be STTI President Karen Morin, RN, DSN. The board discussed Omicron Alpha supporting Rho Gamma Chapter by sponsoring the harpist for the event. Omicron Alpha will be recognized with a sponsor sign next to the harpist. The board members present unanimously agreed to give Rho Gamma Chapter 150.00 to pay for the harpist. 
    A student talk (nursing students) with Dr. Morin will take place on the day of the Gala from 11:30 to 1PM. There will be a charge of 6.00/student with box lunch to go after the talk. The board discussed sponsoring a few students to attend to pay their fee and travel expenses for the day (encouraging a car pool).
    All in attendance agreed that there should be more information obtained prior to offering sponsorship of any nursing students considering it is a long drive for a brief event. Roberta will obtain more info and get the details out to members to see if there was a consensus to send nursing students.  Omicron Alpha would pay the student fees and gas for travel considering a budget not to exceed 100.00.  Nancy suggested that if students were to be solicited that we start with the students who were being inducted into Omicron Alpha.  All in attendance agreed.
    It was also discussed and decided that if students wanted to attend the Gala and stay over night that it would be something that each student would have to pay for individually.  
  3. Alzheimer’s Memory Walk – October 2nd 9:30AM at Long Branch Park Liverpool. Patricia Stewart has offered to be team leader. She established a team online and an invitation was sent  out to membership to participate.
  4. Wine Tour / Meeting – A wine tour with a OA meeting while on the way to the tour is planned for Sunday Oct 10th. We will be using Quality Coach Lines 975.00 includes fees and gratuity. With 30 participants = 35.00/person – each person will be responsible for tasting costs (2.00 to 3.00 for 4 to 6 samples), purchases, and lunch. Buttonwood Grove Winery has a Columbus Day Weekend Celebration with food venders and live music (we can spend a little more time there and have lunch).
    First stop Hosmer Winery, Second stop - Thirsty Owl Wine Company, Third stop – Buttonwood Grove Winery, Fourth stop – Swedish Hill Vineyard
    Please contact Anne Selover ( or Roberta Rolland ( to reserve your seat on the bus.
  5. Induction: Omicron Alpha Induction is planned for Nov 5th at 5pm at the Maplewood INN  - 7th North St, Liverpool.
    One program discussed was – Omicron Alpha Past and Present. Roberta will check with Dean Szigeti if there is a program available to present.
    Need nominees for awards:  Virginia Byers Professional award, Community Mentor award and the research award.  Nancy Lyon will to put out an e-mail to solicit for nominees.
    Amaus – Sock Drive – fall foot care clinic – we need socks. If possible in your work area, please set up a box with a sign “Sock Drive for the Amaus Clinic, sponsored by the Omicron Alpha Chapter at Upstate Medical University College of Nursing.” We will need to get this information to membership. All members in attendance agreed that we should do sock drives at all of our events and put out reminders with each event reminder.  It was suggested that it also be placed on Facebook and the website.
  6. Leadership Training – Arlington, TX. Conference is October 15th, 16th and 17th. Robin plans to attend. Leadership training information and seminars are available through STTI headquarters
  7. Syracuse Chapters Collaborative Committee - September 23rd at St Joe’s - Representing OA are Maria Lumbrazo, Darcy DeFrusio, and Barb Fero. This collaborative committee is comprised of Lemoyne’s Nursing Honor Society, SUNY Upstate Omicron Alpha Chapter, and SU Omicron Chapter.  The group discussed the rules of having this be a collaborative only rather than a consortium.  Lemoyne is not an official chapter therefore the committee cannot be a consortium.  The group discussed that there should not be a budget formed for this collaborative as it does not fit the requirements of a consortium.  Omicron Alpha does budget for program planning. All agreed that this would be a good start for collaborating among our groups if this specific committee would do only a program together at this time and then evaluate. Some concerns expressed were due to past collaborative efforts without a good outcome. 
  8. Board member roles and responsibilities: We all discussed the need to review your individual role and responsibilities written in the bylaws and further explained on the main website This will help to ease some anxiety about roles within OA. The STTI website is a helpful resource. Headquarters offers leadership training sessions targeted towards various roles. The website has a new Tools and Resources Page: go to the main STTI page ( > Chapter Information>Tools and Resources
    It is necessary for everyone to uphold their own responsibilities for their individual role. Omicron Alpha has a lot to offer our members but we need all of us to work together to successfully grow and carry on its mission.
    TUESDAY OCTOBER 19th, 5:30PM
    At The College of Nursing, Room 301
    Respectfully Submitted: Robin M. Wensel, Secretary, Omicron Alpha STTI
Joyce Griffin-Sobel, PhD, RN

Joyce Griffin-Sobel, PhD, RN
Dean, College of Nursing
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