Board Meeting Minutes -June 4, 2010

Date: 06/04/2010
Time: 5:00PM
Place: College of Nursing, Rm 301

Attendance: Nancy Lyon, Bonnie Miner, Roberta Rolland, Peg Ryan, Sue Segreti, Marti Stoecker, Dean Szigeti

  1. Meeting was called to order shortly after 5:00PM.
  2. Members and guests were introduced and welcomed. Thank you to Bonnie Miner and Nancy Lyon for arranging the picnic and Dinosaur BBQ catering.
  3. Treasurer Report: Bonnie Miner reported the current financial status. Suggestions were discussed for the budget for the next fiscal year (July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011). The finance committee will meet to produce a budget that will be presented to the membership at a later date.
  4. Election results as follows:
    • President-Elect – Maria Lumbrazo
    • Secretary – Robin Wensel
    • Faculty Counselor: Joyce Scarpinato
    • Governance – Peg Ryan, Donna Parks
    • Leadership Succession – Janine Morris, Shawanda White, Bridget McCarthy
      * Note: Maria Lumbrazo will continue her term as Vice President ending July 1st 2011 where she will then assume the President-Elect position.
    • Shawanda White was a write-in for Leadership Succession on the ballot.  Shawanda consented to fill the position.
    • Bridget McCarthy was a write-in for Leadership Succession. Rosemary Gates recently resigned leaving a one year vacancy for Leadership Succession. Bridget consented to fill the one year position.
      There was one write–in for Governance. Since there is an open position for governance they were notified. We are waiting for their decision.
      ** Omicron Alpha Board of Directors July 1, 2010
    • President: Roberta Rolland
    • Vice-President / President-Elect: Maria Lumbrazo
    • Treasurer: Bonnie Miner
    • Secretary: Robin Wensel
    • Faculty Counselors: Dean Szigeti, Joyce Scapinato
    • Governance: Peg Ryan, Donna Parks
    • Leadership Succession: Janine Morris, Shawanda White, Bridget McCarthy
    • Chapter Assistant: Nancy Lyon
  5. Research Advisory Group – Melanie Kalman is the chair of the Research Advisory Group. Attendance has improved since using phone conferences for monthly meeting. The group has been actively planning a collaborative research event – next phone conference Wed June 9, 9:00AM. The group recently expressed interest in a multi-site research project. Anyone interested in joining the research advisory group may contact Melanie Kalman ( .
  6. 2010-2011 Goals and Objectives were discussed. A strategic planning meeting will be planned for early summer to discuss objectives and fill in a monthly calendar.
  7. Chapter Health Assessment – Barb Fero and Pat Knox have agreed to assist with assessing the chapter health status using the criteria for chapter key. Barb and Pat are past presidents and have been involved with chapter key applications in the past. Omicron Alpha has earned two chapter keys. Both Barb and Pat have offered their assistance however we need a member to chair the task force. Any one interested in taking the lead to assess the health status of the chapter please contact Roberta Rolland ( This task force will be strictly focused on assessment and advisement. Additional task forces will be formed separately to address areas of weakness.
  8. Syracuse Chapters Collaborative Committee – Discussions between Upstate, SU Alumni, and LeMoyne on collaborative efforts have taken place over the past year. Efforts are moving forward with the development of a collaborative committee with the purpose to organize a STTI program. The committee will consist of three members from each organization (the vice president and two other members). The meeting is scheduled for September 23rd. Maria Lumbrazo, Darcy DeFruscio, and Lorraine Falanga volunteered to represent Omicron Alpha.
    The efforts are aimed to trial the three organizations working together. Membership was reassured that this was an informal task force. No formal decisions would be made without discussion and vote of membership. 
  9. Socks were collected for Amaus Health Services and a collection was taken for Nurse’s House.
  10. Events:
    • Program Meeting - International Outreach Experience – El Salvador – Wednesday, September 22, 2010, 5:00PM at the Institute of Human Performance. More details to come.
    • Dinner with Regional coordinator and STTI VP Gwen Sherwood June 12th SU Sheraton.
    • Omicron Induction 6/13 2PM - STTI VP Gwen Sherwood guest speaker. Please refer to the email sent 5/27/2010 for details if you are interested in attending. 
    • Alzheimer’s Walk - October 2nd (Greater Syracuse Area – Long Branch Park) – Anyone interested in being a team leader please contact Roberta Rolland ( or Nancy Lyon (
    • Induction – November 5th at the Renaissance – member escorts will be needed.
  11. Meeting Schedule
    * Strategic Meeting (TBA)
    *September 22nd Program Meeting

Submitted by Roberta Rolland, MS, RN, FNP

Joyce Griffin-Sobel, PhD, RN

Joyce Griffin-Sobel, PhD, RN
Dean, College of Nursing
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