Board Meeting Minutes - October 6, 2011

Date: 10/06/2011
Time: 5:30-6:30 PM
Place: Rm 11405A Golisano Children’s Hospital

  1. Attendance:Nancy Lyon, Bridget McCarthy, Bonnie Miner, Donna Parks, Roberta Rolland, Peg Ryan
  2. Meeting was called to order at 5:30. Roberta welcomed all in attendance. Thank you to Bonnie for making the room arrangements.
  3. Treasurer Report: Bonnie Miner gave an updated financial report. The group discussed the option of direct deposit for STTI headquarter checks. It was decided to continue receiving checks by mail because it was easier for record keeping.  
  4.  Induction 2011 is the 15th Anniversary of Omicron Alpha - Friday November 4, 2011, Weiskotten Medical Auditorium - ceremony at 5:00 – escorts and board please arrive before 4:45. Script as last year with a few minor changes. Guest Speaker – Dr. Carol Gavan of the College of Nursing. 134 letters were sent to eligible candidates – Must be organized to keep the ceremony timely. Students will sit on the left side of the auditorium to avoid crossing in front of the platform.
      *Anyone interested in being an escort, please contact Roberta ( or Nancy ( OA members are encouraged to attend and welcome our new inductees.
      *Call for nominations was sent out to the email listserve for CommunityMentor,  Excellence in Research, and Virginia B. Byers Professional Organization Commitment Awards. Please access our website for award criteria and nomination form. Please contact Nancy Lyon for further details.

      Region 11 – report from President’s conference call October 5th. The regional coordinator discussed the bylaws and clarified unclear areas. She encouraged chapter health, updating chapter officer roster, encouraging  membership renewal, The Circle, and VIProfile.

  5. STTI Biennium Grapevine Texas The biennium is October 29th thru Nov 2nd in Grapevine Texas. Donna Parks and Roberta are the convention delegates (just for the conference) and Donna and Priscilla Worral are the electronic delegates (thru to the next biennium). The group had some questions about the bylaw changes and offered question to bring to the conference. Some candidates were discussed and guidance offered for voting. If you were no able to attend the board meeting, please send Roberta (  or Donna ( your input on the candidates or bylaw changes or questions you would like them to look into at the conference.
  6.  Research Advisory Group – Chair 2011-2013 Michael Allain – Phone conference meeting October 11, 2011. Please contact Mike at if you are interested in joining the meeting or would like to participate in the research advisory group activities.
  7.  Leadership Succession – two vacancies  - You may view a profile of the position online. Anyone interested in joining the board with a leadership succession position please contact Roberta.
  8. Alzheimer’s Memory Walk – Took place October 1, 2011 Long Branch Park, Liverpool –You can still donate under the OA team. Thank you to Patricia Stewart for leading the OA team once again. The OA team raised $415 with the last count.
  9. Amaus Sock Drive – Roberta will contact Dean Szigeti for an update.
  10. NYC Bus trip – Quality Coach Lines - Saturday December 10, 2011 Bus departs from Syracuse (exact place to be determined) at 5:30 AM 12/10/2011- Arrives at Bryant Park in NYC about 11:00am -  bus departs from Bryant Park at 8:00PM - Approximate arrival in Syracuse 1:30AM on 12/11/2011
    Cost: 50.00 -members  55.00 –non-members -  25.00 (cash or check) deposit to reserve a seat - Balance in full before November 1, 2011 -  Please make checks out to: Omicron Alpha & mail to Nancy Lyon, College of Nursing, SUNY Upstate,750 E. Adams St. Syracuse, NY 13210. We need to fill 42 seats to break even. We have about 26 people signed up thus far.
    Please contact Nancy Lyon to reserve your seat – or 315-464-3915.
  11. Syracuse Chapters Collaborative Committee  Barb Fero/Pat Knox have attended meetings. Report was deferred. Efforts ongoing.
  12. Collaborative Programming: Spring event – The group discussed topics to focus on leadership, public speaking, and cultural diversity. OA will plan to include LeMoyne and Omicron in upcoming events. Roberta will contact Karen on her plans for spring programming.
  13. OPEN HOUSE ORIENTATION – New inductees and seasoned members – Many members, new and old, are not aware of the benefits, education, and networking STTI has to offer, how to navigate the STTI website, or have knowledge of how STTI has impacted health care worldwide. This will be an opportunity for members to set up their profiles online and learn about STTI. The group discussed using WSC library or Setnor Hall for an Open House Orientation. A room with several computers is needed for members to set up their accounts and navigate STTI. Nancy is going to check with SACON to see what days and times work well for most students.
    • The Circle” Members may access the circle.
    • Leadership and board member training: Headquarters offers leadership training sessions targeted towards various roles. The website has a new Tools and Resources Page: > Chapter Information >Tools and Resources
    • Renewing Membership: Please contact STTI headquarters if you need your membership number or have questions. (888) 634-7575
  15. Next meeting: TBA

Respectfully Submitted 
Roberta Rolland

Joyce Griffin-Sobel, PhD, RN

Joyce Griffin-Sobel, PhD, RN
Dean, College of Nursing
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