Board Meeting Minutes - October 19, 2010

Date: 10/19/2010
Time: 5:00PM
Place: College of Nursing, Rm 301

Attendance: Roberta Rolland - president, Bonnie Miner - treasurer, Robin Wensel – secretary, Nancy Lyon – chapter assistant, Bridget McCarthy - governance, Peg Ryan - governance, Joyce Scarpinato – faculty counselor

1. Welcome and Review of Minutes

Minutes from 09/14/10 were reviewed and accepted.  Meeting minutes will be posted on the website and facebook

2. Officer Reports

  • President’s Report – see old business for details
  • Vice President’s Report – deferred
  • Treasurer’s Report
    Bonnie Minor reported that OA sponsored four new inductees this year. Criteria for sponsoring inductees were discussed. With the increasing number of requests for assistance, the chapter may continue to assist students with the induction fees and encourage them to apply for the Edith Anderson Membership Subsidy.  Community leaders and transferring members may apply for assistance from international with theEdith Anderson Membership Subsidy Fund but the chapter will only assist students with the balance of the induction fees. Nancy Lyon discussed the process in the past regarding sponsoring and transfer of membership. It was felt that community leaders are usually working so the cost of membership has not typically been a problem.  OA offers financial assistance for students. Some discussion surrounded asking students for partial payment of membership but no criterion has been developed to determine the difference between partial assistance and full assistance. Robin reported that at Leadership Summit several chapters were asking members to pay their own cost of induction in addition to their membership and some chapters was paying partial cost of induction and membership.  Bonnie reported that OA has always paid induction ceremony costs and pointed out that many inductees were having difficulty even paying for their membership. Therefore the chapter is not considering inductees to pay for the induction ceremony.

    Bonnie reported that the Finance Committee will meet on October 27th at 5:30pm. They will work on the budget and discuss financial assistance for inductees.
    Joan Payne gave many years of her time to the finance committee and is a past treasurer. Joan requests to step down from the finance committee at this time. Thank you Joan for your time and commitment; best wishes.

  • Secretary’s Report
    Letters were sent to congratulate Omicron Alpha members that were recipients of President’s Awards at Upstate Medical University’s faculty convocation.

    Robin attended the Leadership summit in Arlington Texas this past weekend. A meeting will be scheduled for Robin to report on the summit. All members are welcome to attend January 15th from 10:00 to noon at Golisano Children’s Hospital.

3. Committee Reports

a. Governance Report – Peg Ryan reported that the Governance Committee met to review and update the bylaws. Questions arose to whether we need to get approval from STTI for bylaw changes. Robin stated that all by-laws, according to leadership summit, need to be run past headquarters of STTI.  Roberta was to check if the updated bylaws needed to be submitted to headquarters for approval. UPDATE 11/15/2010: if the bylaw updates are consistent with the biennial changes then they do not need to be submitted to headquarters however, we are welcome to submit them to have them look over our bylaws to be sure they are in compliance. Since we had several updates we will submit the bylaws to confirm they are in compliance. A vote is not necessary for members to vote on changes in bylaws that were previously accepted at the biennium by the chapter delegates.       

Discussion ensued regarding the proper process if a member of leadership succession wishes to run for an office. A policy needs to written for the member of leadership succession to resign their position before the ballot is made. Once the policy is developed it will go to headquarters for approval of the language and then the membership may have a final vote

b. Leadership Succession Report - deferred
c. Faculty Counselor’s Report - deferred
d Research Advisory Group
The group holds monthly meetings via phone conference – anyone interested in attending the phone conferences please contact Melanie Kalman ( Currently, the  exploring a research project collaborating with area hospitals. We will have updates as they became available.

A joint research event involving Omicron, Keuka, Omicron Alpha, and Lemoyne is planned September 15th 2011. It will be held At St. Joseph’s Main floor conference room from 5:00 to 8:00. The event will include poster presentations, refreshments, and a speaker. Please watch for the call for abstracts. We will have updates as they became available.

Omicron Alpha and the College of Nursing have a poster presentation in April. Please watch for the call for abstracts. 

Melanie Kalman is chair of the Research Advisory Group. Her term will be up July 1st. This is an appointed two year position. Anyone interested in taking the chair position please contact Roberta ( Thank you Melanie for your time and commitment.

4. Regional Report

Dee Welk is the region 11 coordinator. She has been very helpful and visible. Dee is running for the International District Coordinator Chair at the 2011 biennium. Dee has demonstrated the organization and communication skills needed for this coordinating position. I hope you will agree to support Dee with this endeavor.

Priscilla Worral is on a regional committee -  the membership involvement committee.  Thank you Priscilla for your time and commitment. Based on the May chapter survey results, the committee’s agenda includes addressing the following topics:
1) Work with 12 chapters to increase access to and use of results of the VIProfile (Omicron Alpha is one of them)
2) Investigate or develop strategies for increasing inter-organization collaboration
3) Address new member orientation
4) Consider ways to support dissemination of upcoming chapter info
5) "Drill down" to get more specifics about time management support needed by chapter members
6) Disseminate STTI resources about time management to all chapters

Old Business

  1. International Year of the Nurse
    a. OA sent100.00 for the International Year of the Nurse Gala hosted by Rho Gamma, Elmira College to sponsor the harpist.
  2. Alzheimer’s Memory Walk – October 2nd - team consisted of five – raised approximately $375.00.
  3. Wine Tour / Meeting- Cancelled however Quality Coach Lines will hold the $195.00 initial registration fee to be used in the future if we have an event with Quality Coach Lines.
  4. Induction: Omicron Alpha Induction is planned for Nov 5th at 5pm at the Maplewood Inn,  7th North St, Liverpool.
    a. Program – Dean Szigeti will present on Health Care Reform: Innovations for Nursing
    b. Awards:  Virginia Byers Professional award, Community Mentor Award, Research Award Call for nomination was sent to membership. Please contact Nancy or Roberta with nominations.
  5. Amaus – Sock Drive – fall foot care clinic – we need socks, please bring any socks to the induction ceremony or any of the board meetings or committee meetings you attend.
  6. Leadership Training – Robin attended the Leadership Summit in Arlington, TX October 15th thru17th.  – A meeting is scheduled for Robin to share ideas and suggestions from the conference (open to all members). Saturday January 15th at the Golisano Children’s Hospital conference room from 10:00 AM to Noon.
  7. Syracuse Chapters Collaborative Committee– Report from September 23rd at St Joe’s - Representing OA are Maria Lumbrazo, Darcy DeFrusio, and Barb Fero. Report deferred.

New Business

  1. 10x10 Chapter Challenge – all are encouraged to complete the VI profile on line.  If you have done this in the past, please do it again as the profile has been recently updated
  2. Delegate Vote – Roberta will send out information to the board regarding chapter vote.
  3. 2011 Biennium Delegates – Two delegates are needed for the 2011 biennium convention being held in Grapevine, Texas October 29 thru November 2, 2011.
    The biennium is an amazing experience with a sea of networking - regional, national, and international, a wide variety of education focusing on clinical experiences, research, leadership, and scholarship, inspirational speakers, and truly enchanting award presentations.
  4. Plans for Election 2011 –
    Discussed open officer positions 2011:
    • Treasurer
    • Governance
    • Leadership Succession
    • Faculty Counselor

STTI Tools and Resources:

Headquarters offers leadership training sessions targeted towards various roles. The website has a new Tools and Resources Page: > Chapter Information >Tools and Resources

Saturday January 15th at the Golisano Children’s Hospital conference room from 10:00 AM to Noon.

Respectfully Submitted,
Robin Wensel, Secretary

Joyce Griffin-Sobel, PhD, RN

Joyce Griffin-Sobel, PhD, RN
Dean, College of Nursing
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