Agenda -– April 5, 2011

Date: April 5, 2011
Time: 5:00
Place: Golisano Children’s Hospital 12th floor conference room 12405


1. Welcome and Review of Minutes

2. Officer Reports

  • President’s Report
    1. Regional Leadership
    2. Collaborative Report
  • Vice President’s Report
    • Nursing Education in China Presentation
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Secretary’s Report

3. Committee Reports

  • Governance Report
  • Leadership Succession Report
    • Election update
  • Faculty Counselor’s Report
  • Research Advisory Group
    • Collaborative Research Event – Save the date: September 15, 2011

4. Regional Report

1. Regional Conference Report

Old Business

5. 41st Biennium October 29th – Nov 2nd Grapevine, Texas – Gaylord Texan

a. 2011 – 2013 Delegates – Donna Parks, Peg Ryan 

6. Annual Picnic June 2nd or 9th Dewitt

a. Suggestion meat tray and beverage supplied with Dish to Pass vs. Dinosaur BBQ

7. Syracuse Chapters Collaborative Committee

a. Report from March 22nd meeting
b. Task Force

8. Communications

a. Website

New Business

9. Fall Programming - Leadership Series

10. Transition/Strategic Meeting - end of June – to prepare for 2011/2012 fiscal year

11. Quality Coach lines held 195.00 initial registration fee to be used in the future if we have an event with Quality Coach Lines

12. Alzheimer’s Memory Walk

13. Amaus – Sock Drive – fall foot care clinic

14. Induction

15. Open Forum

NEXT MEETING – May 3rd – Open to all members

Renewing Membership

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Please contact STTI headquarters if you need your membership number or have questions. (888) 634-7575

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Joyce Griffin-Sobel, PhD, RN

Joyce Griffin-Sobel, PhD, RN
Dean, College of Nursing
Press Release

The faculty at the College of Nursing will prepare you for a fulfilling career in practice, education and research. We are at the forefront of new ventures in nursing education.