Non-matriculated Student Information

Process to Enroll

Enrollment for qualified non-matriculated students is on a space available basis, the first week of classes. Check classes available this semester.

You will need to bring an add/drop form PDF Icon to the first class. You can also obtain an Add/Drop form from the Office of the Registrar.

You will need to obtain the signatures of instructors for the courses in which you wish to enroll and show evidence of completion of all course prerequisites at the time of seeking the instructor's approval.

You will also need to obtain the signature of the department chair for coursework in all departments except Arts & Sciences.

Submit to the Office of the Registrar (155 Elizabeth Blackwell Street, Syracuse, NY 13210, phone: 315-464-4604) the completed add/drop form PDF Icon and the completed Registration form PDF Icon. All information on this form must be completed to be considered fully registered.

Payment to the Bursar's Office must be made at the time of enrollment and registration.' Fees, including college, activity, and technology will be included in your charges. (Please refer to tuition and fee information.)

Non-matriculated students may take no more than 2 courses totaling no more than 8 credit hours in any semester with a total of 9 credits earned as a non-matriculated student.

Please call the College of Nursing at 464-4276 if you have any questions.