Pledge Update

2014 Campaign Update

1,298 pledges totaling

as of 3/25/15

Thank You!

$100 ePledge Winners (9/29-10/10)


9/29 - Kathleen Deters Hayes
9/30 - Meraedith Lange
10/1 - Erin Peters
10/2 - Barbara Riggall
10/3 - Michele Berkery
10/4 - Sally Thompson
10/5 - Philip Ball
10/6 - Mary Usiatynski
10/7 - Antoinette Wood
10/8 - Tammy Blackburn
10/9 - Shelley Horak
10/10 - Tree Carter

Our staff

Won't you join me?

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Deb Stehle, co-chair of Upstate's community giving campaign

As a lifelong Syracusan, "giving back" to this community means a lot to me. Through Upstate's campaign, we can impact the lives of people right here.

Did you know that, for the price of a six-pack of soda, you can provide five local families with emergency food and clothing? The power of our donations is amazing, and it's so easy to give.

By making a one-time donation, or contributing a few dollars each pay period, you can help people in our community, or across the globe. Take a look at ALL the charities supported by Upstate's campaign and, please, support those that are most important to YOU.

Won't you join me in making a difference?