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As of 1/9/16 1,382 donors have pledged $528,291.
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  • Day 1 - Beth DeRousie, IMT, Hospital Info Systems
  • Day 2 - Tree Carter, Record Storage
  • Day 3 - Darcy DiBiase, Marketing & University Communications
  • Day 4 - Beth Rolland, PM&R - Rehab Therapies
  • Day 5 - Nancy Ondrejka, CG Radiology RN's
  • Day 6 - Liliya Yatsyuk, Nursing-5E-Pre/Post
  • Day 7 - Patricia Racculia, Orthopedic Surgery
  • Day 8 - Karin McMullen, Nursing-Administration
  • Day 9 - Erin Peters, Office Of The President
  • Day 10 - Amanda Walsh, Clin Path Immunology
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Cindy Cress supports AIDs Community Resources

I am Cindy Cress and I support AIDs Community Resources because the services offered by this local organization are crucial/literally life-saving to people infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS.

In the early '80s, I worked in a San Francisco hospital and saw many young people dying horrible deaths from a mysterious, incurable disease. In July of '83, a very good friend of mine died at age 26 of that disease--now known as AIDS. June 5, '11 marked 30 years since the first AIDS diagnosis in the United States.

We work in hospitals because we want to care for the sick and injured, and help them get better. The Community Giving Campaign gives us another way to help people. Won't you join me by donating to a charity that is as important to you as AIDs Community Resources is to me?