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$100 ePledge Winners


  • 9/28 - Linda Gribble
  • 9/29 - Mark Woodford
  • 9/30 - Linda Slater
  • 10/1 - Michelle Strom
  • 10/2 - Andrea Bleyle
  • 10/5 - Cathy Cadley
  • 10/6 - Chere Ware
  • 10/7 - Wendi Ackerman
  • 10/8 - Angelina Aicher
  • 10/9 - Elizabeth LaDuke

$100 a day Winners

  • Quinnika Ayers
  • Nicholas Greco
  • Kathy Maurillo
  • Erin Pieklik
  • Amy Tetrault

CAB Membership Winner

  • Anthony Darby

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Upstate Prize Winners

  • Jeannette Gilhooley won a $50 gift card to Vince's Gourmet Imports
  • Antoinett Dufort won a Zoo Family Pack
  • Robert H. Seabury won a Pastabilities $50.00 Gift Card
  • Jennifer Kozlowski, Starbucks gift basket valued at $50
  • Lataveis Bryant, $50 gift card from Vince Gourmet

Campaign Chairs and Committee

Campaign Committee

Zanette Howe,
Marketing & University Communications

Margaret Bourke,
Dean's Office, College of Medicine

Tammy Blackburn,
IMT-Hospital Information Systems
Widewaters Liaison

Catherine Cadley,
IMT-Educational Communications

Tree Carter,
Records Storage

Sharon Franceschi,
Financial Services Administration
Widewaters Liaison

Yvonne Goodman,
Central Distribution Services Incentives

Susan Graham,
CHP-Clinical Laboratory Science
Kick-Off Event

Nancy Prott
Office of the President
Kickoff Cookoff

Michelle Slade
Psychiatric Services Admin
Campaign Statistics

Anne Snowdon,
Assistant Director of Nursing
Nursing liaison

Lisa Vigliotti-Bane,
Business Manager, Upstate Sleep Center
Community Campus Liaison

2015 Campaign Chairs

Nancy Daoust
Nancy Daoust, MS FACHE
Chief Administrative Officer, Community Campus

Jeffrey Bogart, MD
Jeffrey Bogart, MD
Professor and Chair, Department of Radiation Oncology

Nancy Page, MS, RN

Nancy Page, MS, RN
Chief Nursing Officer,
Upstate University Hospital

Campaign Director

Zanette Howe
Assistant Director, Community Relations
Marketing & University Communications

Hamilton White Society Leadership Giving Director

Dan Hurley
Assistant Vice President,
Governmental & Community Relations