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FAQ—Recovery Phase

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What is the right amount of exercise after Gastric Bypass?

Many patients are hesitant about exercising after surgery but in reality exercise is an absolutely essential component of success after this surgery. Exercise actually begins on the afternoon of surgery the patient must be out of bed and walking. The goal is for the patient to walk further on the next day and progressively further every day after that, including the first few weeks at home.

We usually release the patients from medical restrictions and encourage them to begin exercising regularly after the first post operative office visit which normally occurs within one to two weeks after surgery. Patients are limited only by the level of incisional discomfort. Some patients who have severe knee problems may not be able to walk well but almost all can swim or bicycle. Many patients begin with low stress forms of exercise and we encourage them to progress to more vigorous activity when they are able. Sexual activity is okay from two weeks onward, again as dictated by comfort level.

Can I get pregnant after Gastric Bypass surgery?

Yes, but we strongly recommend you wait until at least one year after the surgery. At approximately one year your body will be fairly stable from a weight and nutrition standpoint and you should be able to carry a normally nourished fetus. You should be in contact with your surgeon as you plan for pregnancy. Please think about some reliable method of birth control for use in the first year after surgery to avoid the possibility of pregnancy.